. . . . . anticipation!

anticipation!   more anticipation!    and great anticipation!

September will be the end of the third quarter of 2011. September will also end my third quarter as a senior. As of October 2nd, 2011, God willing, I’ll be 76 years of age and into my 4th quarter. I’m looking forward to a great adventure!

I feel that I’m just getting warmed up as a senior. I believe that God our Father in Heaven has some great plans for Canadian Seniors who learn to listen to his voice correctly and who willingly and instantly obey. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to lay this all out better for your careful consideration.

The real action is in the spiritual for sure, but one must get past the physical barriers and what seems to be the countless and endless emotional strings of attachment first. So, I’m trying to operate on all three levels. Do you see?

I’ll call your attention to Matthew 10.1 and Matthew 16.19 a.k.j.v. please. If you don’t have a copy or can’t find one, write or email me and I will send it to you. Also check out Joshua 1.6 which says “Be strong and of good courage:” What does that mean to you?   …..Sir?  …..Ma’am?

For a mature understanding, if you are interested in such, check out 2Chronicles 20.15 “for the battle is not yours, but Gods” Do you get the drift? Check out 2Chronicles 20.20 as well. Adds a nice touch for a better and a more complete understanding.

What if salt and sugar and animal fats are just as addictive and damaging to our physical body and spiritual life as is caffeine, cigarettes and cocaine or even more so? And, what if few of us know how to get in touch with our stray feelings or how to address our lost emotions? What then? What is your answer? Where is the correct solution for our dilemma to be found?

Hint!  Please forgive me if you will, but I for one, like the Old Testament too! May I suggest that we review Jeremiah 3.14-15, 3.22 and Jeremiah 29.13 today and look for a fit?

What are the objectives?

What is the goal?

I see physical health!, …..emotional wellness!! …..and spiritual life!!!

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


Today is Wednesday August 31st, 2011, 6.50 am cst.

Sandra just called me to the front deck to see a beautiful double rainbow in the sky over Blackstrap Lake. To me, this is a Glorious Confirmation of what I was given this morning!

So, may I suggest you copy and paste a copy of today’s post to Word and print it off. Review what is written and add your thoughts for or against. If, you agree with me, what will you do? Do you want to support what can certainly be done for Canadians of all ages? . . . . . for all seniors, all Boomers, all adults and for all of our youth too? Do you want to participate in some active way?


“so ya wanna be healthy do you and regain your health?”

“Regain our health?”

“Are you kidding me?”

Discover a healthy outlook on life?

“What was that . . . . . eh?”

How is that possible for us seniors at our age?

I’m well past 70 and in just over a month, in just 35 short days, I’ll be past 75.


We get set in our ways, don’t we? Besides, we’re just too old, are we not?

I could add to this list many many more reasons and excuses too as to why good to excellent health is out of the question for seniors and for Boomers and for adults of all ages and even include many of today’s youth and you can too if you wish to.

But, I want to look at another possibility for all of us today.

And, I invite everyone to join with me for a moment to consider . . . . .

What if a contingent of interested seniors were to take their time and with some direction and guidance were to apply the newest and the latest understanding and perhaps the “greatest” knowledge ever about diet and exercise to their various daily routines for a reasonable period of time and in a variety of circumstances?

What if both Dr. Esselstyn and Dr McDougall in nutrition and Mark D. Peterson in the area of exercise have in a combined way discovered how to prevent and/or reverse heart disease and many other serious “lifestyle” diseases?

“I see opportunity with enormous benefits and great blessings?”

Is now not the time to ‘check this out’ further?

“What if it is all true what these three gentlemen say . . . . . ?”

What if we are ready as a society to discover exactly how to stay functionally fit for an entire lifetime so that millions and millions and millions of people all around the world can now benefit, if and when they choose to?

“That easy?”

“That easy!”

I’m asking if we do we not owe this to ourselves and to our children and to our grandchildren and to each other? Do we not owe something to our friends and neighbors and to others in our community and all across the country . . . . . this is our land of the strong and free!

We can soon verify as fact through our support and by our actions if this is actual factual truth or not!

We can learn to know for sure if it is easily doable as this process is currently understood and presented and not linger in doubt about it! If there are stumbling blocks in our way, I say, identify them and overcome them.

Furthermore, we can learn something by reading Deuteronomy 34.7 which reads “And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”  Food for thought. So at my present age of 75 there could be another 45 years of healthy and fruitful living for me to enjoy.

And you?

What about you?

And yes, this means all Canadians!  All Canadians, big and small!

And yes, this means Americans too!

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


p.s. I just went into the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee (oops!) and the talk was that “Today is 50% Off Day”” and that means “50% off at Value Village  ” it was explained to me.     …. “Hhhuuuummmm.”      “Priorities?”

p.p.s. nevertheless, in the physical, I recognize a new medical paradigm quickly emerging and I see society standing at an open door to GREAT change which could be for much public good.  It is my hope and my prayer that many will see and will want to do what is right and will desire and choose to do what is “righteous” by Divine standards in the trying days ahead of us. Further, I believe that it is required of us to do our work whatever that might be in the strength of the Lord and in the power of his might and not in man’s strength.            . . . . . if you get my drift.

p.s.3 . . . . . if you want deeper understanding of health, wellness and life,

. . . . . you could just ask!

in my experience, it’s as easy as that!  if and when one asks in faith with nothing wavering.

Pick a day to read all of John Chapter 17 a few times during the day and then ask to reach out and touch the world where ever you are . . . . . try it! 

I’m now ready to begin, but here, or there, or where?

If God is willing and I do believe in my heart that He is and I get my very special request, Canada is about to be given a new health and wellness Centre extraordinaire. Think outstanding, remarkable and uncommon. I’m believing that it is ready to become a genuine reality. But where will it be located? and in which province?  In Saskatchewan, in Ontario or in another province? Just a minor detail of course. Next week, I begin the process of applying for possible get it up and running funding here in Saskatchewan. We’ll see how that goes.

“So,  what’s the big scoop for the final quarter of 2011?”

My daughter and granddaughters have invited me to Ottawa to celebrate my 76th birthday, October second 2011. I have accepted their invitation but do I purchase a one way ticket because I’m not coming back, ’cause I’ll be staying there or going elsewhere?

If you understand the whole picture or even a small part of it, do yourself a favor and do all Canadians a favor at the same time and help me and others interested to articulate, illustrate and demonstrate what happens inside of our bodies when an apparently healthy man or woman suddenly dies of a massive heart attack or suffers a massive debilitating stroke and instantly becomes a living vegetable for the next twenty years of their sorry life?? Please help to explain how this happens so everyone from coast to coast who wants to know can have a full understanding and is able to get the whole picture and as a result can choose to live the healthy life of a shrewd savvy senior or Boomer or adult or youth and not experience sudden tragedy or be forced to live with unnecessary illness and/or disease.

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn says that we can prevent heart disease before we get it or we can even reverse it after we’ve got it. “WOW!” Who can put this understanding into every day language so every one can get the message and is able to put the understanding to use in their life and in the life of their respective communities?

And, Folks, the bonus is that this very same strategy will prevent many if not most of the illness and diseases of our day and our age and could save Canadians Billions AND BILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS for other better uses. Who is interested at this point? May I suggest that you say it out loud three times slowly and let it sink in and stick!

Let us go on, shall we, and paint the whole picture for all to see. . . . .

I would like to quote briefly from page 3 of Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-up, John A. McDougall, Healthy Living Publications, 2006 (1), “It became clear to me that ____________ .     and (2), As I reflected upon my lifelong quest for relief from within the medical community, I wondered why no one had ever asked me the simple question, ______________ .” Who would like to know what this author is referring to? and/or how this applies to you and to me and to each and every Canadian from sea to sea?

The point I am wanting to make here is that there are serious gaps in our understanding of life and gaps in our honest communications with each other. In my view, there is also a serious lack of our showing mercy and compassion and in our expressions of love.  All in all, it and they block the needed flow and flows.  (insert a link here!, for more . . . . . )

There are two more trumps in the hand I’m holding today so please allow me to explain it this way. There is a new medical paradigm emerging which all of us may want to understand (insert a link here!, for more . . . . .) and Mark D. Peterson from the University of Michigan Health System has a handle on a key aspect of health and health care which will be of great benefit to society if and when we finally “get it” as the old saying goes.

“Ninety kilometers wide!”. . . . . is that a tap on the shoulder or what?

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


p.s./ the wise among us seek understanding, listen attentively to God’s Holy Spirit, and willingly obey!  whereas others . . . . . ???. . . . . Who sees and knows what others do???

a pivotal question for all readers of this posting

a pivotal question for readers today
Who among us is truthfully and spiritually interested in 
health, wellness and life???

I'm thinking to myself . . . . .
"I'm doing lots!"
"I'm doing much much more than most!"
. . . . . but is it sufficient . . . . . and is it enough?

Now, I'm asking you Sir and you Ma'am
"Are you doing enough?"
"Are you doing all of the right things?"

And then, "Is there anything ( "really" ) important that 
either you or I are overlooking and leaving out?"

In this last quarter of 2011, how many seniors, couples 
and communities are seriously interested in 
taking back their own physical health, emotional wellness
 and spiritual lives 
and in helping others do likewise?

I seek the support of a strong support team who will devote 
time and invest effort to articulate, 
illustrate and successfully
demonstrate for interested persons, couples and communities
 exactly what to do, which is to say . . . . . 

 1.  what to do and how to do whatever needs to be done 
every step and each stage along the way
 2.  how to start right and how to make steady/progressive
 3,  how to measure and monitor progress progressively
 4.  provide instruction and encouragement
 5.  provide correction
 6.  forgive
 7.  serve
 8.  give
 9.  live
and help make the right information and correct experiential 
understanding available to those who would endure the
 complete process to the end.

Even put this into a proper perspective with John 14.26, 
John 16.13, John 17 and Matthew 6.33,
and clarify fully the reasons why, values, benefits, payoff 
etc., etc.,
my name is keith 
Donald Keith Hills,

more pieces of this fascinating puzzle

This post is directed to community minded people everywhere!

If this is you, listen up, —–

“What are you looking for and what do you expect from your life?”

“Do you believe in the sovereignty of God or not?”

Much of life is a dark mystery and a puzzle to most it seems, but life is also filled with much light and can be so fascinating!

It seems to me, that you can choose to support your community and be an active part in the good that happens there, which is good for you and your family and good for your community.

In the end, a very good net result, in my view!

But, there is more to know about life and more to experience.

I want to thank WordPress for this delightful opportunity to open up and express my views of life which I hope and believe will help motivate and inspire many of my fellow Canadians to cut off and serve up for themselves and for many others in their community a big slice of a much better life and with all the trimmings.

I woke up early this morning with an excitement and this notion of taking 400 steps in the right direction….. one step a day for hundreds of days …one a week or one a month in some cases because some steps are big steps and are just too big to make in a short time. Learn to be patient but believe in the end result, get started for sure and endure to the end.  like choosing to replace drinking 16 cups of coffee a day with drinking 16 cups of hot water which by the way, is one of the steps I am working on for myself this month.

I recall that in years past, I became involved in community theater at Castle Theater in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and was involved in many ways with Gateway Players and Summer Players.  Volunteering in your community is another great opportunity to give and to forgive and to serve. Believe it or not but this is an essential part of our growing up. It’s not just about me/me/me.

I see physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual life as three areas of intense/immense community challenge and of great great community opportunity. My question is who wants to know the answers and to gain some or all of the many benefits now recognized and being talked more and more about by more and more people?

I will touch lightly here on one key piece of the master puzzle as to what our life here is all about with an overview of my view and with the intention that when the timing is right to insert a link here to a more in depth discussion of our progressions from birth to death and from rebirth, if it happens to eternal life. Topics to be covered include our seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, how to address the world and the things of the world, and what our subsequent responses are to the wilderness, the falling away, division, dying to self, faith, belief, trust, our willing obedience or not and our fear of and respect for God.

To put our life and times into focus let’s sit and chew the fat about key scripture. Let’s start with Jr 3.14-15 and 23, Jr 29.13 and II Chronicles 7.14.

My name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


what if in fact we can teach old dogs new tricks!

b12, check,.  D3, check.   ALA, check. multivitamin, check. diet changes, check.  ten thousand steps each and every day, check. 24 hour blood pressure readings now easing back down, down, down into the safe normal range even past 75, check. gradually less and less belly fat, check that! olive oil eliminated from my no salt 100% whole wheat bread made yesterday and it still taste yummy good, check. switched from coffee to hot water, check. heated up some brown rice for an early lunch, check.

I’ll say it simply this first time around and then hopefully return regularly with more though in my words: What wonderful and amazing opportunities there are for each of us at each and every age and every stage of life, if we equip ourselves with a better understanding of diet, exercise, romance, even past 75, relationships with family and friends, if we also include our all too obvious enemies and if we take time and make the effort to build ourselves a comprehensive upgraded checklist,  we open up a door to receive countless blessings from life. Like each of us has our very own spotter, trainer, coach and . . . . . we can start any time. It’s almost never too late, so don’t wait too long.

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


it was only a matter of time . . . . .

today’s post is directed to Saskatchewan Seniors and to those from among the population who are interested in physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual life for themselves and for others.

I want to blow the shofar or to hear one blown at this moment in time. If I could blow the shofar and if I had one, I would blow the shofar now.

so why blow the shofar today? Do you know why? Would you want to?

Think good!, think Better! and now think the very very BEST! Think health and wellness and believe in eternal life after that.

Caveat: I believe that all things are possible to him who believes fully and who listens and learns progressively from God’s Holy Spirit to do things right and “righteously”!

I propose to begin a series of case studies to help senior citizens like myself sort out priorities for our current health and wellness and for our future life and to demonstrate clearly for all of society, with reasonable input from our children, grandchildren and our very best friends of course, what is possible and desirable.

I’ve a whip in my hand.  . . . . . a whip to crack and it’s a bull whip at that! I’m riding this stage coach headed for Dodge City across enemy territory!

“Why the dramatics?”

“Are you speechless or do you see the analogy?”

Would you like the URL to a lively spot? (remind me to insert the link here)

So, who is aware of the new medical paradigm in the making? It is already in process and well along the way.

As one key point, I want to manage my own medical records. It’s here in some places. It’s coming to Dodge City and it’s coming to your town soon.

If there is a better way for treating this and for managing that at 50 or 60 or past 75, I for one, want to know about it in colorful detail and I want to understand my options while there is ample time on my side to make the better choices and get the best results. I think this is a reasonable request for seniors to make, so I’ll make the request now on their behalf.

I could write books about what I have learned in the past few months just prior to these final 37 count down days to my (God willing) 76th birthday.

What’s Stage Coach talk for “all aboard” and “we’re off and running?”

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


p.s. What’s Stage Coach talk for “Get moving my prancing team!,  we’re going to Dodge!”

p.p.s. managed to bring my own veterinarian along on this run. . . . . easy to do this time ’cause as a matter of fact, I am one.