“hold on tight, we’re all in for a very rough ride!”

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my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,



“does Canada have the foresight to prevent a flood of senior and elder abuse?”

Today’s posting is directed to all responsible adults who have the time to stop and think and it is directed to those who dare to care.

I read recently that Canada’s senior population will double in the next ten (10) years by 2021 and that more elders will live to the age of 100.

(“Team, find the best reference and insert the hyper link, quick, please!”)

Five observations.

I check my mirror first to see if there is adequate space to change into the left lane before I would signal and then change into the left lane. There are times when drivers will suddenly speed up to cut me off. People are in a hurry. It’s hurry, hurry, hurry and rush rush rush.

I answer the phone but I do not write shorthand and do not write fast, so when someone speaks quickly as they often do and say a lot, I’m still taking notes on the first point and they will have covered two more points and so I miss 2/3 of the content. People are in a hurry. It’s hurry, hurry, hurry and rush rush rush.

I went to Emergency with Sandra recently. I wished that I knew shorthand  or taken a dictaphone along, lots and lots of information about what to eat, what not to eat and what to watch for if another visit was in order. New words and unfamiliar detail.

From Strength Training on the Ball, Colleen Craig, Healing Arts Press, 2005, p108, it is noted that a nursing home group of frail participants who ranged from ages eighty-six to ninety six in eight weeks increased their strength by 175 percent. Some residents discarded their canes, and walking speed and balance rose by an average of 48 percent.

We short-change each other much too much and much too often.

What’s my point? My observation is that some of us are moving faster and faster, perhaps too fast, while others are going slower and slower, perhaps too slow and all of us need some help in one way or another if we want to communicate effectively and if we want to get along together.

For more insight into this problem and into part of the solution try the following link: www.lowcarb.ca/tips/tips007.htm and let me know your take.

It is my view that poor diets, a lack of adequate exercise together with enormous relationship and communication problems are at the root of many of our individual, family and community problems. Check out http://www.ehow.com/about_5050359_definition-emotionally-unavailable.html. Does this link work for you and what did  you learn?

What else must be recognized and understood and put into practice?

If Canada wants to and if Canadians want to reverse and prevent senior and elder abuse over the next decade, we must resolve first to recognize neglect and abuse in all it’s various forms and come to understand how it happens and why. We must also choose to work at working together (in God’s strength if we are smart) and not to work at odds with one another. Please add this to your vision screen.

So, will Canadians become a part of the “too soon ault and too late schmart!” crowd or will Canada have the foresight and the courage and the resourcefulness to choose to learn to work together to work this out?

If you want to add insightful comments or helpful suggestions, please do.

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


“no cheating for us this time!”

This post is intended for savvier Canadian Seniors in their 60s and 70s and for shrewd, well informed and perceptive Elder Canadians in their 80s and 90s and for younger Canadians who also choose to follow the examples of these older folks as they collectively learn what not to do any more and what to do instead in order to fully experience renewed and recharged physical health, true emotional wellness and best of all eternal spiritual “life”.

“Does the thought of health and wellness and life seem too daunting to you?”

This post will hopefully encourage you and has content which I believe can be useful to any and all who want to live right and even for those who choose to live “righteously” if and when the guidelines are fully understood and applied correctly down to the last detail. In fact a real easy task if and when  . . . . . ( ______________ )!!

Some time ago I asked for150 volunteers with the support of their family physician to explore what is possible for us. I invite you again.

I would like to personally pay for a copy of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr, M.D., Avery, 2007 for each of the volunteers. I want to do this not because this book has all of the answers broken down into a few simple easy to follow steps. It does that well enough to get us started right. But what is critically important if we do start is written up on page 68 where the doctor responds to what I see as a wrong attitude and an incorrect but common assumption that “This little bit can’t hurt” a mind set which stands in our way every day! It is wrong to assume that because “I do most things right.” so it’s OK.

Do you recall me asking you to drop a plumb line down the centre of your vision screen if you are visual or to draw a line down the middle of an 8 1/2 x 11 photocopy sheet of paper. On the left side write “don’t” and then on my right side looking at the screen or the paper on that side write what to do and how to do it including all steps in the correct order and all detail.

Today, if we, if you and I are on the same page, read page 68 and if you get it, write “No cheating for me this time!” on your vision screen if you have a good memory or I suggest in a daily diary you start to use because you now understand why it is important and because it is your intention and resolve not to cheat and this is a written reminder for you.

Today’s is my sixtieth (60th) post. One week from today, God willing,  I’ll be 76. The fourth quarter is well under way. Thank You Father for giving me and all Canadians this opportunity! Thank You Lord Jesus.

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


soon, believe, learn to be still, wait patiently . . . . . yes, I believe . . . . . !!

differences of opinion brings conflict and more offense, or

This post is for those who have been in the kitchen recently or in a shop where there was conflict, hostility and offenses. I meet people now and then and more recently (pressure) who are very territorial about their views and about their space.

Do you have any views which may be helpful here and which you are willing to share regarding what is right  for patriotic citizens and/or what is righteous” for devout Christians.

Do you care to comment on differences of opinion?

Who is a diplomat and who is the peacemaker?

I came across an interesting and in my opinion, a relevant posting this morning which I hope to share with you today by inserting a hyper link.

Please try this link.  Hopefully it is a hyper link which works.
It is from Newsvine.com   
By KYPIAKOC  Let me know if the link works for you and if you have any comment please, they are welcome too.
I believe that If we will work at this faithfully as individuals, couples, families and Communities and learn to work out our differences and cut to the chase, eventually, we will uncover the deeper truth and the right answers and the best solutions will follow.
“Is that close to the bottom line which many of us seek?”
“Am I saying this right or or am I saying it wrong for you?”
Do you have a different opinion, Sir?  Ma’am?
Thank You Father!, Thank You Lord Jesus! Thank You for the division, the friction, the darkness, the conflict and for the Big Shake-up and thank You for the insight and understanding and for Your power and Your strength to overcome.
my name is keith,
Donald Keith Hills,

ta-da!, my magnum opus! and Canada’s magnum opuses!

This post is for all Canadians of all ages but especially for seniors and particularly for elders with eyes to see in the physical and with a heart to embrace the deeper and more complicated emotional side of life and for those who seek the spiritual aspects of living and life and who will endure to the end in their genuine search for God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son.

Today, I will not make ten thousand (10,000) arguments, but simply cut to the chase!

If I have made an error in your view, please email me.

If   …later, I’ll be back later for a short additional comment.

I believe that Canadians who choose to make the right choices, learn to make the “righteous” choices and for those who follow through and endure to the end, the Great Work/the Canadian magnum opus is healthy hearts in the physical, in the emotional and in the spiritual!

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,



A New Horizon for Seniors & Elders from coast to coast!

This posting is for all Seniors in their 60s and 70s particularly and for all Elders in their 80s, 90s who are ready and willing to look at this aging process as a great challenge and as a beautiful God gifted opportunity for themselves, for their family and friends and for each and every community all across our beautiful land from sea to sea as long as we do not let the opportunity slip through our fingers.

Who seeks to know the truth and who hopes to follow the Son??

Who is interested and willing to tackling “ea” and “ed” themselves or with me?

I have a story for you today and later a tale to tell in many bits and pieces if you decide to follow and tag along.

Last night the conversation in the kitchen turned to a young senior volunteering to make supper for everyone.       …..what menu does he suggest?               ” …T-bone steaks of course!”  

I know his regular diet choices and I’m aware of how much time he spends watching TV.

Forgive me but I see the effect of tight upper trapezius and levator scapulae and tight pectorals along with weak deep neck flexors and weak lower trapezius and weak serratus anterior muscles. Do you? Too technical? Too much detail! What’s the answer then?

“How do I/we help this senior to see?”  “And millions of others?”

I hope that soon many will see the value of eating brown rice and black beans and will understand and will choose to make the right changes! (and will make the right changes in a correct way, which is a key part of achieving success without any complications.)

When that time comes, I hope some of us are fully prepared and battle ready!

“What can you and I do now to get ready and prepare?”

I don’t know how to adds hyper links yet, but I am hoping to soon learn how to include them correctly as Rebecca Blood would tell us. Perhaps, I just need to try and if I make a mistake, it can be corrected. Can you forgive me if I make an error now and then admit to it later?

I don’t know how to add pictures and video clips with sound yet, but I do believe this that the Lord will soon make the way. I can see in my minds eye how useful this will become.

Let’s try one! Who will try this one out and give me your feed back?     http://thebillericagreen.com/letters_to_the_editor

“Do you see how Canadians could save Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions of Dollars in health care costs over the next ten (10) years because much care was not needed because Canadians chose the right diet, the right exercise, managed stress and then over time dealt “righteously” with all of their interpersonal communication in spirit and in truth and sought God’s face as individuals, as families and as communities.

It seems to me that Canadian are seriously stuck! Canadian Society today is penny wise and pound foolish! I see the Youth, Adults of all ages, the Boomers, Seniors and Elders in serious trouble with their physical health, with their emotional wellness and with their spiritual life. Do you? Do you see the multiple problems and how they are inter connected? But more importantly do you see the opportunity? Do you see the solutions staring us in the face every day?

But . . . . . Canadian Seniors and Canadian Elders can be the role models Canada needs at this time and can “save the day” for all of Canadian society!!

Who is blind? and who can see?

“Who is blind?, who is just indifferent? and who sees and cares?”

If I’ve made an error or if you disagree with me, please feel free.

my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills.


“OK, What is ea and ed?”

In your understanding, what is elder abuse? and what is emotional distancing? Why do we build walls? Why do we shut doors? Why distort the truth? Why tell lies? Why play games? Why pretend? Who will allow these issues to come to the surface and then face them honestly?

What is in store for the old, the weak and the vulnerable in the near future? How will a cash strapped Canada treat the old, the weak and the vulnerable?

What is the cause of abuse and what is the cure??

What’s in store for adults of all ages?

What about the young?

What about you?



frequently, I am asked: “How are you today?” The answer is . . . . .

Today’s posting is for those who care for themselves and who want to care for others when circumstances allow and for those who what to be understood and who want to understand truth and who want to learn how to live life best.

Going back to the title of this post and my answer . . . . .

1. in a word “Great!”   “Wonderful!”   “Amazing!”  “Fantastic!” “Super!”

2. “Want to know more?”   “Want today’s details up to this moment?”

3. Do you have time to stop and chat about things on your mind?”  . . . . . about life’s challenges and opportunities for you, for me, for us and for others too in our local community and even in other communities scattered across this Great Land of ours?????

4. As something we could discuss briefly or at length is . . . . .

I received an email this morning from John McDougall MD with a notification that “Robert Rosati MD will be discussing the Kempner Rice Diet today at 12.51 am today.” I recommend it intuitively!

5. I’m working on a dream with a plan in faith with effort and I’m hoping to add enduring passion to my life and to the lives of others.

You know, I see many people listening to what I say and to these stories.  Fitting each piece of the puzzle in the right place where it belongs. check! Learning to do things right in the physical  check!, and emotional. check again!  Listening to each other and listening to the Holy Spirit and then willingly doing things in the spirit “righteously!” check!, CHECK!

and to those who stand by these same principles.

OK, I’m ready to post!  It is 6.37 am cst by my phone display!

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my name is keith,

Donald Keith Hills,


I’m an active senior and soon to be, God willing, an active elder with my  life’s mission accomplished! Thank you, Father! Thank you, Lord Jesus!