A New Guest House for Saskatchewan!

I propose to establish a Guest House somewhere in Saskatchewan which caters to active seniors, active elders and active centenarians.

I think it is a wonderful idea and I believe it is needed by all Canadians.

What would such a guest house be like?

Why bother?


To tell the truth  to older people about health and about wellness and about life.

To articulate, illustrate and demonstrate what is possible if and when life is lived  right and what happens if and when life is lived “righteously”.

Last night, a young man suddenly blurted out: “Why was I so stupid!” He was expressing his regret for his inability to “ditch the itch” and the subsequent penalty he has yet to pay in full for his indiscretion.

So here I am in just a matter of days, rubbing shoulders with a four year old having bedtime temper tantrums, visiting with the parents of two vivacious and active preteens and now this young adult dealing with hard choices of “the good life” which offers “it all”.

Speak the truth and speak the truth in love.

Lies, deception, misinformation and missed information and I could go on and on.

How much is truth and how much is mostly or all wrong?

What is right and what is righteous?

What would we do in this new proposed guest house?

What could be done?

No more myths and no more lies!

No more myths and no more lies?

Aye or Nay?

I would like to assist seniors and elders and centenarians serve their country better.

I would like to facilitate a new and refreshing approach to helping seniors and elders and  centenarians serve Canadians of all ages in hundred of useful ways which would then contribute to a better life in all ten Provinces and three Territories . . . . . “a mari usque ad mare.”

  . . . . . and there is more to be said and done at a later date!!

I would like to assist seniors and elders and centenarians serve their country more.

Do you realize that Canada misses out and Canadians miss out every minute of the day because of the excuses, the myths, the misinformation and the lies?

How many examples are required before we get it and before Canada’s got it??

Saskatchewan seniors and elders and centenarians could become role models.

I see how easy it would be for Saskatchewan seniors and for  Saskatchewan elders and for Saskatchewan centenarians to establish new standards,  . . . . .newer and higher and much better.

What is the truth for you Sir?

And for you Ma’am?

What is our reality?

My name is Keith.DonaldKeithHills. Contact me at dkeithhills@gmail.com





I see 725 Saskatchewan Opportunities!

This is challenging.

I wrote today’s post in a Word Document which now won’t let me copy and paste to word press,  so here goes with typing it all over again. Patience, young man, patience.

A copy of Gray Matter, Volume 15, Issue 2, Fall, 2010 literally jumped out of my files and so I was able to use Google to check if it would be possible to share the rich content with today’s readers.

Yes it is. Enter Gray Matters Fall 2010 into the Google search space.

There are 16 organizations represented by the SSM Board and Gray Matters is reportedly read by 100,000 seniors.

Go to the Fall 2010 issue to page 4. Check out  Do you agree!!

Notice The mental skills of people over 70 are sharper than they think & certainly sharper than younger people think. (This is certainly no surprise to seniors, it is the typical reality.)

See Exercise appears to be the single most effective non-medical elixir to retard aging.

Observe the characteristics of centenarians …….continued on page 12.    -review by John Knight

On page 7, read about Sophia Hardman.

This is a point where one might say “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

 We can see from page 10 that updated physical activity guidelines are to be released in 2011. Some thing new for that “to do and follow through list”.

Check page 13 for a list of senior awards given out October 3, 2010 and note how active seniors are when and where they are given opportunity. Hint! Hint! Hint!

Again, it is a long standing hope of this 76 year old Saskatchewan senior to find a contingent of like minded Saskatchewan seniors in their 70s and Saskatchewan elders in their 80s and 90s who are ready and willing to stand up and overcome the many complex health and wellness and lifestyle challenges facing all of Canadian society at this time and who will choose to learn how to move more physically and functionally correct and who will readily get involved in becoming role models and in setting out the good, the Better and THE BEST examples of what to do and how to do it all exactly right, step by step and not with an indifferent hit or miss attitude and in the process establish a new set of standards for what is possible past 70, past 80, past 90 and yes even past 99 and these standards are not only for seniors and elders but also for Boomers and The Boomerang Generation and for today’s children and for today’s youth.

Exercise tends to work the same at 46 or 66 and 96. However there are variables and there are some key differences and so what works for me may not be right for you. The process and all factors do need to be thought through.  It is wise to be careful and cautious and work closely with a knowledgeable, skilled and sensitive person with good common sense until you know and understand that you are on the right track. At that point we know that we know and that is reassuring and comforting beyond all doubt.

I pulled out another resource from my personal library and dusted off my copy of David McLennan’s lavishly illustrated book Our Towns: Saskatchewan Communities from Abbey to Zeon Park. This book is an alphabetical tour of 725 Saskatchewan communities. It is said to be the result of many years of travel throughout the province. It is meticulously researched, and illustrated with more than 1,000 stunning, previously unpublished photographs (both historical and contemporary), Our Towns is further described as a truly unique reflection of the province’s history and people.

The URL I checked was       http://www.publications.gov.sk.ca/details.cfm?p=25017

If we want health and wellness we must learn what to do and we must learn how!!

If we want life we must learn how to choose LIFE “righteously”!

I leave each of us to draw our own conclusions.

My hope is we make all the correct choices.

Is it nay or aye Saskatchewan!

O’ Canada, is it nay or aye!

Do you see opportunity?

Is there agreement?

NO or Yes!

My name is Keith. Donald Keith Hills. Reach me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.







Yes, I see big problems, but I also recognize a HUGE-GIGANTIC opportunity!

Canadians have problems and could use many helping hands in regards to health and wellness issues and they need help with other important issues and many other things.

I would like to serveCanadaand I believe that I can and that I should do this.

I would like to help seniors serve other seniors and find ways to serve all of society.

What is the key to all of this?

What is my role to be for a short season or for 2012 and well beyond?

“Is Canada prepared at this time to address health and wellness and life?”

“Do Canadians support physical health and emotional wellness and spiritual life?”

Are you Sir, and are you Ma’am . . . . . ready to speak up?

 “Who has the spirit?”

 What about the will and the means?

 If this were done, how many role models might we find inSaskatchewan?

From Abbey toZenonPark, who would participate?

Who will help senior Canadians in their 70s find new ways first and then help elders in their 80s and 90 retain their health and stay well if and when it is realistically possible?

Countless examples of obvious benefits and impressive improvements are frequently only a few days to a few short weeks away. There is plenty of information, but a lack of clear understanding. There is a big difference. There is a huge gap which is correctable.

What do I hear: “Aye or Nay??”

I would like to invite a contingent of seniors and elders to investigate what has already been done by others but duplicated in only limited ways but which can easily be duplicated more widely in regards to improving diet and exercise, reducing stress and improving interpersonal communication and relationships as key steps to a better life and more…. to become role models!!!  ……not just talking about it, but actually doing it right and doing it “righteously”!

I hope a group of seniors in their 70s and elders in their 80s and 90s and their care givers along with family and physicians will choose to check out this idea more closely regarding how to decide if and when changes ought to be made, how to select the right changes to make and then get right down to choosing to make the carefully selected changes safely and effectively.

The entire process could be and should be uncomplicated!

“. . . . . the bottom line is . . . . . do you agree?”

This is an appeal for your interest and for your support and for your participation!!!

What about me?

I’m still an active senior born in 1935. I continue to work on the best overall lifestyle program for myself. I’m far enough along to realistically see the problems seniors and elders face.  I also recognize A GREAT opportunity to investigate further and to share with others of all ages many good, Better and BEST ways which can be more easily understood and more readily applied and put to use. Much of society would benefit immensely and greatly and widely from our four and five year old children to elders ninety-five all the way to one hundred and five years of age. (4 or 5 to 95 to 105)

My name is Keith. Donald Keith Hills. If in your view there are errors or omissions and you see a needed correction, I’m currently available at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

I have an action plan ready to present to sponsors and interested parties. My messenger pigeon is dispatched.  http://www.homeofheroes.com/wings/part1/3b_cherami.html

find strength and courage my friend, to “choose life, that . . . . .”

Today’s posting is written to encourage a very dear friend dealing with a “difficult” family situation.

Initially, these situations are hard for carnal Christians to deal with, yet, it is critical to grow up spiritually and to understand how to be strong in the Lord and to rely on the power of his might and then we can be taught to attend to the trials and tribulations and temptations    . . . . . perfectly!

I suggest reading Mt. 5.48, Joshua 9.14-15, 1Jn.2.27 and John 16.13-14 as a start.

A warning, caution and final caveat. Avoid the errors of Jeremiah 17.5

You understand the sequential progressions of our arduous walk.

Now, 1, Jesus says to us Be ye therefore perfect, -Mt.5.48.  2, We read that Jesus the Son of God was in all points tempted like as we are  -Heb 4.14-15. and 3, Whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. -James 2.10.  4, and More ……

Love not the world ….1Jn 2.15-17

Come out from among them…..2Cor. 6.17 – 7.1

except there come a falling away first….2 Th. 2.3-13

I am come to give ……division………..Luke 12.51-52

through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God…Acts 4.22

chastening and scouring…………..Heb. 12.6

the removing of those things that are shaken, ………Heb 12.27

So do not be sad dear friend.

rather, “be glad”

count it all joy…..James 1.2

Wherein ye greatly rejoice,…..2Pt.2.6-7 ….that the trial of your faith,

Finally, after all of the above, read Deuteronomy 30.19…………

“therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”

if i have a personal prompting to make a change or changes after this initial posting, I plan to enter the change or changes as an edit and date it.

My name is Keith. Donald Keith Hills. If anyone else would like to make a comment or a suggestions please email me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your promise of John 17.26 and Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Great Love for all.

.  .  .  .  .   for your love for your lambs and for your sheep, for the flock of God among us and for the other sheep you have which are not of this fold and for your great love for all men.

feed my lambs and feed my sheep and feed the flock of God which is among you.

If you read Matthew 22.14, 1 Timothy 2.3-4 and 2 Peter 3.9 you will note that

. . . . . few are chosen,

Yet I see. . . . .

a life long continuum of  compassion and loving care . . . . .

without neglect and without abuse.

I see mercy without criticism and without judgment

. . . . . becoming the love of John 17.26

Why are we armed to suffer and how are believers prepared to overcome??

If my understanding is correct, sure and certain signs of imminent spiritual breakthroughs and progress include interruptions, distractions, barriers, obstacles, opposition, discounting, criticism, judgment, verbal abuse, physical abuse. (And we could add the metabolic syndrome, our poor diets, lack of functional movement, illness and disease or physical injury,  neglect and emotional distancing to our list.)

Now, if we read John 4.24 we are told that God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

So, what is to be done, if first (1) we have little regard for the truth, secondly (2) we are stuck on this world and hooked on the things of this world and/or thirdly (3) we are lost in our very own emotional wilderness???

At exactly 6.04 am c.s.t., November 25th, 2011, it is shown to me

Feed my lambs.    – John 21.15

Feed my sheep.    – John 21.16

Feed the flock of God which is among you,  – 1Peter 5.2

Last month I got to see the real life temper tantrums of a four year old.

Yesterday, I was blessed with a real opportunity to visit and fellowship with both parents of two beautiful preteen age girls. We had time to discuss many spiritual things including bringing up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and this without provoking them to wrath.

Last month, I was given a most beautiful photograph of a flock of sheep. Today, I hope to take it to the City and arrange to have it framed. It’s time to begin. It is time to toss this pigeon into the air.

It will be six (6) long years in January 2012, since I first read Making Workouts Work in the January 2005 Consumer Reports and instantly wanted to help all seniors in some constructive and effective way and to enable seniors and elders who wanted to remain independent and who would choose to stay in their own homes if they could because they were content to age in this special place of their own choosing.

Each piece of the puzzle is falling into place.

It fits.

My name is Keith. Donald Keith Hills. I am interested in knowing who agrees with this particular proposal for helping seniors and elders in functional ways at this time in our history and who would support a new initiative and new action now. We can continue to talk about progress and great possibilities until we are all blue in the face and blue in our fingers and toes or we can begin and make a fresh new start. If you see errors or an omission and feel a correction or corrections should be made, please email me at dkeithhills@gmail.com

Look at this continuum for community life. Start with a look at the first seven years. Examine tantrums at four, child abuse and child neglect. Can we help teens and young adults, Boomers and the Boomerang Generation?  How many Canadians would help seniors in their 60s and 70s and elders in their 80s and 90s in constructive and functional ways if shown a need and shown how?

Role models and a new continuum of lifelong caring and loving care.

Lord, what do we say and what do we do, when “it’s handled!”

I was told “It’s handled!”

Yesterday, earlier in the day, a very best friend, said to me, face to face, in a disappointed sort of way, that people ask her for her godly advice and then turn right around and do it their own way anyway.

Her remark and a face to face confrontation later, got me to thinking and reflecting and to wondering, what is the right response for me and for us to give to someone with a physical or emotional challenge and Lord, what is the “righteous” response if that person is a serious Kingdom seeking believer?

Is this individual snagged and snarled in the world or lost in their own emotional wilderness? Lord, teach me and teach us to know and to understand and show us how to do this right when appropriate and how to do this righteously. Lord, I’m asking in prayer this morning and I’m believing . . . . .

May I ask today’s Reader. . . . . do you get it? . . . . . have you got it?

Are we, You and I on the same page and at the same paragraph?

Are there still differences for us to work out?

How far away is Ephesians 4.13?

How close is agreement?

Do we discuss this?

I’m reminded to review Jeremiah 3.13-15, Luke 13.3 and II Chronicles 7.14-22.

It is interesting how in many of these situations, “their way” is generally a wrong way and they know it” to some degree or at least sense that “it” is more than they can handle or they wouldn’t be asking for advice and seeking help and assistance from others, but what is their snag or what is the snare and how is “it” addressed?

Flash!  “be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might…..not in our own strength!”

What do people want?

What is each person after?

Answers?,  Solutions?,   Physical comfort?,  Emotional comfort?, Peace of mind?  .  .  .  .  .  not sure?  . . . . . need more time?

It seems to me that people are all too often double-minded.  Secretly, they want life both ways. They want results and solutions without effort on their part and without reliance on God. They want it their way even if it is an error and even if it is a lie. The truth to them is what they believe and what they want for themselves or what they let others tell them. It’s about defending “their territory” and fighting for “their turf”.

What is the bottom line? It’s all for me and it’s all mine. It’ not about how do we serve others and learn to love others with God’s divine love. People can’t make up their mind to return to  Egypt or to continue the struggle to enter the Kingdom.

Who has seen a four year old I don’t want to go to bed right now temper tantrum? The child is saying, as plain as day, “I want it all and I want it my way!” Have we grown up yet? Have we learned the lesson?

Do we bring up our children and grandchildren up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD? How are the Boomers and the Boomerang Generation making out?

Lord, how are we to handle all of the many differences and difficulties in the physical world and in the emotional wilderness? How do we help ourselves and how do we help others along the way?

“Are we motivated, individually and collectively by our self and by our fears?”

                                       . . . . . or, . . . . . are we inspired by our faith?

 Who sees clearly that we are called to be free and be free indeed!!?

 Who has the perfect understanding of each and every step and the knowledge of the correct sequencing??

Who is ready to read Jn.10.10 and Mt.21.22 thoughtfully?

. . . . . Who is willing to ask in prayer, believing for divine guidance?

My name is Keith. I’m Donald Keith Hills. If there are errors or omissions and corrections to make today, I’m reachable at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

Thank you Father for the prairie storms in the physical, emotional and spiritual and thank you Lord Jesus for your enduring love and great patience with all of us. Thank you Father and Thank you Lord for the assurances of John 17.

“Visualize This Great Golden Canadian Opportunity . . . . . the New Canadian Reality!”

Do you see the physical and emotional problems which inevitably develop if and when the warning signs and various subtle symptoms are ignored? Do you not see the red flags? It is generally only a matter of time ’till the sh…..xx hits the fan.

“Who gets it?

“Who’s got it?”

Sir? . . . . . Ma’am?

Who can recognize the many good choices and the “fine” options all of us are given . . . . . over and over again as divine blessings in disguise!!?

Thank You Lord and Thank you Father for your great patience with all of us.

Thank you for blessing Canada at this time with The Great and Golden Canadian Opportunity of November 22,2011 and through all of 2012!

Thank you for showing us the steps to . . . . . a New Canadian Reality!

The promised land was on the other side of the Jordan in Joshua’s day.

In our day, “the life and the abundant life” many of us diligently seek, is, I believe, on the other side of today’s physical, emotional and spiritual prairie storms.

If and when we listen to the Holy Spirit and willingly obey all the way to the very end,

. . . . .  we are taught to face the fierce emotional battles with others and endure the harsh storms of life, God’s way.

In this trying process, we are armed to suffer!  . . . . .  we are  prepared to overcome!

Visualize with me for a moment taking Cher Ami out of its cage, holding it gently in both hands, tossing the pigeon up in the air and watching it fly for the very first time. A great start to a very GREAT future. Do you know the story of Cher Ami?  Want the URL?

My name is Keith. Donald Keith Hills. I am a physically active and spiritually active senior well passed 75 and God willing my time in the emotional wilderness is just about over and I will soon be fully taught how and learn how to overcome the remaining emotional barriers to entering into God’s  Kingdom. My belief is that I am to share with others who are also willing to listen for God’s voice and willing to obey with all their heart in it. If you wish to contact me for some reason, please email me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

Thank You Lord for your great patience with us.