healthy hearts in every way: physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Who is on the same page with me at this time? Who can think outside the box? Who understands attention to details?

Who understands what I am talking about?

Do you understand that if we make a few simple choices the chances are most of us can have excellent health for all of our adult years into our senior and elder years.

We can be happy and heart healthy if and when we make a few simple choices.

It would be so easy. So what holds us back? What is the snag?

Shall we figure this out today? What is holding us back and what can we do about it?

I’m going to ask you to do two internet searches today.

First search for > elderchanges

Click on > Home (top left)

Select > July 2011 (top right)

Wait > for the posting to load

Read > the contents of this posting which is from six months ago. I have posted similar content for six painfully long slow months. Nothing has happened. It is my opinion that it will still be the same after six more years and nothing will happen for another sixty years unless or until there is a change of heart and a change of attitude and certain right and “righteous” changes are also made.

Who gets it?

Who can see . . . . . first some right changes to look after our physical hearts and then [the “righteous” changes] to look after our dysfunctional emotions and our troubled spirits?

time for seniors past 75 to become heart healthy!

Posted on July 31, 2011

July 31st, 2011, 12.12 am

“It is a proven fact! It’s not a secret anymore! Canadians of all ages can choose to become heart healthy. Healthy hearts could easily become the rule for us and not the exception. If you are skeptical, don’t take my word for this. Scrutinize what is claimed and put what has been scientifically proven to “The Big Test” yet again and again and again.”    Please read more >

So, now, if we reason only with our brain and use our logic we come up with excuses based on our uncertainty, our doubts and our fears. [We will expose ourselves to ourselves and to others our unresolved personal and interpersonal issues.] We tell lies to ourselves and we shout lies and utter verbal threats and we even push and we shove verbally and physically too. Some of us are just too good at control and verbal abuse. Some just talk and talk but they don’t communicate with people where the other person’s at.

Have you ever been stuck in a deep rut on a back road and your car is hung up. There is not a single soul around to help. And it is raining cats and dogs. I’ve been there and done that…..bushes and shrubs and a bumper jack to the rescue. I did get myself out and now I’m here.

Let us do a second search today. This search could give us a BIG BIG BIG clue regarding what to do. We search for:

Wayne L. Westcott    July/August2009   the journal of active aging

What we want to find in an article titled Strength training for frail older adults. Please read this article thoughtfully through and through. You and I are looking for an understanding of how to convince all Canadians to take their health seriously by learning how to eat right and how to exercise properly in order to access all of the health benefits available to all of us and to achieve a long and happy and productive life and a functional lifestyle.

This article reveals to me the solution to the doctor shortage crisis, to the problem of health care worker burnout and to society finding health and providing health care to all Canadians of all ages from 3 to 103 all across Canada “a Mari  usque ad Mare”

After you have an opportunity to review Strength training for frail older adults, please email me and we can compare notes and discuss our findings.

“Do you see what I see?”

“Do you see it?”

“Got it?”

“What did you find?”

Keep in mind what we are looking for. We want to know what to do and learn how to do it and when. Remember to pay attention to all the detail . . . . . correctly! We want to know what to do to get more, many and even most people actively involved. What percentage of the participants in this study under review wanted to go on at the end of the fourteen weeks? Can you explain why?

Remember, talk goes on forever. Actions count. Let us pick our destinations and outcomes and then help and help and help each other learn to choose the right actions and the “righteous” actions.

After six months trying my best, can I say it any better yet?

In any event a good healthy diet combined with the best correct customized exercise program will give us the right foundation to do so much more in this life for ourselves and for others in millions of similar communities..

Reach me at

Finally, who will work with your truly in 2012 and in 2013 to help others overcome their physical dysfunctions right and God willing, help others with their emotional and spiritual dysfunctions “righteously”?


All of Saskatchewan and “awl” Canada, . . . . . your undivided attention please!

All of Saskatchewan and all of Canada too,

. . . . . your undivided attention please.

The point I wish to make in Saskatchewan in 2012 and in all of Canada in 2013 is that if and when we have the strength and the courage to make the right changes to our current lifestyle, even as seniors in our 70s or as frail elders in our 80s and 90s we can improve our health and we can change our lives.

Talk to me, if you are interested.

The Saskatchewan seniorprospector,

. . . . . who is now passed75!

God willing,   more will be said tomorrow.

note that, “close attention to detail is essential!

Reach me at

to Dundurn , to the R. M. of Dundurn and to area residents

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

I am a retired veterinarian, O.V.C. 1958.

I am now an active passed75 year old senior.

I am a creative thinker and I am a creative leader.

If any of you are prepared to think outside of the BOX with me,

let me tell you that I see BIG opportunity in the Dundurn area residential development which is currently under way and I would like to offer the town of Dundurn and the R.M. of  Dundurn easy access to my two cents worth in order to help all of us “get our money’s worth”.

Small town Dundurn has “everything” going for it at this early stage of major local development. Working with what is already in place, Dundurn has a unique opportunity to build a model community which would quickly become the envy of not only all of Saskatchewan and all of Canada but the envy of the world.

“But first, deep down inside what does each of us want individually and collectively?”

More of the same old same old or are we prepared to look more closely at how to showcase “ideal” community living and a “perfected” community life?

What is that missing ingredient if each one of us and if all of us are to fully explore community living at it’s finest and at life at it’s very BEST for all ages from age 3 to young at 103? What do we know about Moses? We are told that his eye was not dim and his natural force was not abated. What does that tell us about our current lifestyle?

So what is good for this community, for Saskatchewan and what is good for all of Canada?  What are the current and pending economic, health and business development challenges? How much tourist traffic are we prepared to handle and how big do our parking lots need to be?

I could list many projects which would fit, but I’ll mention only one. God willing, this olde guy . . . . .old eh, will personally oversee the development of a state of the ART informational, educational and skills development website which will serve the health and wellness needs of seniors in their 70s and frail elders in their 80s and 90s throughout all of Saskatchewan. This project is already under development and is targeted at all of Saskatchewan and the 725 Saskatchewan Communities profiled in David McLennan’s Our Towns, 2008, Canadian Plains Research Center.

Does Dundurn want sane and sensible business and community development and does the R.M. of Dundurn want the same? What do area residents want and expect? Fifteen percent of the Canadian population is composed of seniors, elders and centenarians. How do we plan to accommodate them? Would we want to promote ideal retirement living in a comfortable small town and close to a marvelous man made lake and a unique man made mountain and become the Real Canadian Role Model?

Why do so many people want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? What are these people looking for out of life? Who in Saskatchewan is up to tackling the Shira route? Who in Saskatchewan would want to learn how to be fit enough to climb Mount Blackstrap once and then to stay fit enough to climb the mountain again each and every year throughout their 70s and 80s and perhaps 90s too?

Better get on that diet which eliminates the risk of a heart attack and stroke and the bonus is we get rid of all that belly fat! Why risk the cancers galore  and the type II diabetes?

Remember only 10% of our calories from fat and from the right fat at that, cut out all that sugar and cut way down on salt. Want more detail? We do need to appreciate attention to detail if we want health and wellness and if we expect to experience the real life. The correct information is not that hard to understand if we work at it.

My  verse for Linda today is Matthew 5.48 which reads “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

“What do you say . . . . . eh?”

Contact me currently by email at

Saskatchewan seniors could help all Canadians become functionally fit!

Saskatchewan seniors could start today to help all of Saskatchewan and then all of Canada learn what to do to become functionally fit and healthy too!

And this is only a beginning, because there is much more.

Who in Saskatchewan wants to discover and experience real functional fitness as a mature adult, as an older adult, as a senior passed75 or as an aging elder even after the age of 82?

Hopefully, many are ready and willing to join in.

Please contact me.

Who as a weak and a frail Saskatchewan elder in their 90s is keenly interested too?

Who has a Mom or Dad or grandparent who would be better off if they were physically stronger and in better physical, mental and emotional health than at present?

Is such a thing as this possible in Saskatchewan?

Is it possible elsewhere in Canada?

. . . . . starting 2012?

How many case studies and how many living examples will it take to convince you Sir and you Ma’am to agree to investigate and agree to participate at some level and what is required to interest you and interest your community to take action to learn what moves to make and to learn how to make simple changes that are now known to work miracles?

How many Saskatchewan residents who as adults, older adults, seniors, elders or centenarians will agree to participate enthusiastically and/or to help out in a supportive way?

From zero to 15%, what percentages and what is the actual number of people interested in doing something powerful together in this regard for the benefit of the province of  Saskatchewan in community from south to north and from east to west first and then by sharing willingly and openly, for all of Canada a Mari usque ad Mare?

How do most people receive precise instruction, heavy and lengthy detail and/or the need for exact timing?

Society will come to the realization at some point and will understand that the BEST leaders are spiritually equipped to lead.

Linda, if we review Hebrews 6.12 we are told to be not slothful, but ____________. If we follow these instructions willingly, we will begin to see as we ought to see physically, emotionally and spiritualy. We will see in all three ways.

I believe that we need to learn what is right and what is wrong and I believe that we must choose to follow the example of righteous leaders.

Saskatchewan, if you see the same GREAT opportunity I see emerging, we could/should start immediately!

My name is keith. I am Donald Keith Hills. please contact me at

Dundurn, Saskatchewan is offered a senior’s consulting service today!

Today, this old guy, Donald Keith Hills, a senior passed75, is offering a unique consulting service to Dundurn, Saskatchewan, to all of Saskatchewan, and, God willing, in the very near future, to all of Canada “a Mari usque ad Mare”!

Could Dundurn Saskatchewan actually benefit in a very BIG WAY from this unusual service?

As well, could all of Saskatchewan benefit?

Would Canada and all Canadians benefit too?

Does he have all of the answers and every solution in the book?

Is he this top of the heap expert at everything?

“Who is this old guy . . . . . any way?”

“Who would want to hire him?”

Look he’s not only over the hill, but he’s passed75 already!

And he’s in his fourth (and final?) quarter!

“You never know about overtime, you know!”

He does have a great wealth of hands on experience. [check]

He’s known to do good work with his head and his hands too. [check]

He is a creative thinker. [check]

He is a creative leader. [check]

He’s a pretty good people reader. [check]

Remember that we are in difficult, challenging and transitional times.

Life is very much like a BIG jigsaw puzzle.

Unfortunately, few get to see the finished picture.

‘cause too many pieces are missing or lost deliberately.

Who can see what is ahead? Who understands the best moves?

In some ways life is also like a chess game. [check! and check mate!]

Now is not a good time for the faint of heart nor for the anemic.

How much help is two tablespoons of ground flax seed?

What are best food sources of the right iron?

“What else?”

Time for a hemoglobin check?  [ “yes?” ]

And time for a thorough complete physical as well?  [ “yes?” ]

Would due diligence include a proactive local opportunity review?

There are the inevitable challenging economic and sometimes sticky financial concerns.

Add to this, that many people are stressed, stretched and more than a little up tight!

Too many people today forget all about correct exercise and most people eat wrong.

“Need we go on and on?”

Contact me at

My name is keith. I am Donald Keith Hills and yes I am passed75.

I believe that we are in transitional times. I believe that these times are challenging for most and difficult for many. I believe that these times are very important to all of us and are not to be taken lightly and not to be dismissed out of hand.

BUT/AND, if you could see the same opportunity I see you would be ecstatic!

“How much time do you have to devote to your future and to posterity?”

“Shall we meet and discuss the options?”

“What’s BEST in your view for seniors, elders, adults and youth?”

“. . . . . Sir?”

“. . . . . Ma’am?”

most illness today is lifestyle related, so …..?

If most illness today is lifestyle related, what can Saskatchewan people do about it…eh?

What would Saskatchewan communities like to do?

I think that I will just ask all of David McLennan’s Our Towns!

How about solving some ugly health problems and achieving superior healthy results?

The benefits of the right diet and exercise are endless if anyone has the time to look and cares to listen, but I have a new idea, a doable plan and a proposal to present at this time.

I see five (5) BIG problem areas which are 1, poor diet, 2, lack of exercise, 3, unresolved personal issues and related stress, 4, interpersonal, social and community conflict and [5, society’s Goliath which is spiritual immaturity…!].

I believe that a sizable number of adults, seniors and elders would make the necessary changes once they were given correct information, the right understanding and shown what to do and how to make any necessary changes to make desirable improvements and were enabled to achieve the most incredible results with minimal effort and at a low relative cost!

“Who gets it?” 

Who can clearly see what I see?

Would a state of the art educational and instructional website be of help?

Who understands what is right and who fully comprehends what is “righteous”?

Look and see what we as a maturing society can achieve in helping ourselves and others!

Now, Our Maturing Society has a larger number of experienced resource people. Now we have more people who have been there and done the diet thing. These people are strong Saskatchewan pioneers! They are blazing new trails! Others will follow in their footsteps! They will become needed role models and examples for others in our society who have the same problems they had and other nasty issues to deal with also, but can you see how society could easily begin to help the disadvantaged among us much more and much more easily?

Sonia, they will know why I spend 10 minutes cooking old fashioned rolled oats rather than cook quick oats which is ready in 3 to 5 minutes.

Saskatchewan pioneers will be shining lights for all Canadians “A Mari usque ad Mare”!

So it is time to begin! Who want to do good  ….real good? Help your community? Help all of Saskatchewan? Help 33.7 million other Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare?”

Who desires to buy some gold tried in the fire?

Do we agree then to direct our first goal to finding good, better and best diets and exercise programs with stretching and strength training for seniors in their 70s and frail elders in their 80s and 90s. The benefits are endless.

The bare bones outline is as follows:

It is now widely agreed that most illness today is lifestyle related.  We concur.

We will focus on the benefits of an ideal diet and the right customized exercise program(s) for adults of all ages, seniors in their 70s and frail elders in their 80s and 90s.

1,  contact Nautilus regarding availability and cost of equipment?

2,  find funding and the volunteer support to popularize the diet and exercises.

[non profit organizations can not advocate, so an NPO is out of the question.]

3,  find a qualified physical therapist to champion senior and elder strength training.

4,  find a qualified nutritionist to integrate Dr Esselstyn’s with the newest vegan diets.

5. find seniors and elders with the right spirits willing to participate in one or the other or both studies of these two proposed foci.

It is proposed that point by point by point, participants > investigate > assess > evaluate > scrutinize, > discuss > decide and choose > put it all to the acid test all open to the public!

> in agreement [check]

> on the same page and at the same paragraph [check] in full agreement [check]

> preparations made [check]  warm up completed [check] due diligence [check]

> now moving ahead on schedule [check]

“Who is in this with me and in all the way?”

“Ready and willing to participate?”

“Who are you?”

I am Donald Keith Hills. I go by keith. Contact me at

The first  reference to be evaluated and assessed is an article titled Strength Training for frail older adults which features the John Knox Village Study done by Wayne L. Westcott and reported 2 ½ years ago in the Journal of Active Aging on  page 52.

The first town I will contact is Dundurn listed on page 99-101

Slaying the GIANT giant of FEAR, DOUBT and intimidation!

“So, what is this all about?”


“I am too!”

We are to speak the truth in love, but that’s not always easy. So what are we to do?

The battle is not ours. The battle is God’s battle. If we stay out of it, God will handle it for us

We are told to become peacemakers, even in the face of attack. Again, what are we to do?

The scripture I would like to share today is II Corinthians 13.1. Linda has asked me to write out the words when I quote a scripture so here is what is written in my akj version:

This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

Who is this old gray haired guy anyway and what is he up to?

It occurs to me that people are going to want to know more about me.

Am I such a bad person that people will utter threats and physically attack me?

“I feel that there is a good reason for each of the attacks over the years.”

Perhaps I am being trained up for a big upcoming campaign against GIANTLY giants and lukewarm and off track Christians.

It seems to me that people of all ages are kept in harsh and cruel bondage needlessly.

It need not be.

1, I risked my life to save a youth from drowning in Maligne River rapids no less.

2, The Winnipeg City Police escorted me off church property?

3, I was taunted one evening and viciously attacked by a man wielding a butcher knife.

4, My most recent notable attack is a BIG verbal threat and a push.  Was intimidation not Goliath’s ploy? Was his objective to create fear?  Did he want control and his way/his wishes?

5, So what is next?,     and Next?     . . . . . and NEXT?

What did God have Moses do to help his people? How did King David handle Goliath when Goliath uttered intimidating threats? What can we learn from Joshua? > Joshua 4.21 reads “What mean these stones?”  > What is the essential lesson for us to learn from reading Joshua 9.14?

How many steps are there to solving and resolving our difficulties in the short term and over the long haul?

What is our best plan of action and what is the best preparation for action?

What gets our attention individually and collectively? What holds our attention? What are our priorities? What is important to each of us? What is important to all of us? Who can see how dysfunctional we are in so many ways? Yes, in so many impactful ways! 1, financially and economically.   2, physically.   3, emotionally.   4, socially.   and 5, spiritually.

My name is keith. I am Donald Keith Hills, an active passed75 year old senior entering boldly into my fourth quarter who, God willing, will stay fit and well for a spell and I hope that I will be empowered to help a million people in Saskatchewan and millions of my fellow Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare”. . . . . make the right choices and that many will make the “righteous” choices.

If you have something to say for or against what I believe I am to propose we accomplish in spite of vicious opposition by guess who or you want to participate and/or you want to contribute in some specific way, please feel free to email me at