Do you understand the implications of genetically engineered foods???

this came to my email moments ago. It is 8.38 am cst February 29, 2012.

[  and so, Today you can also search for > ]

> For timely updates, please join the Organic Consumers Association on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

> Look for in-depth coverage of the issue at the Institute for Responsible Technology, subscribe to Spilling the Beans, and check out their Facebook or Twitter.

> In the meantime, the simplest way to avoid genetically engineered foods is > take the time Sir, Ma’am,  to understand the answers and the action options for yourself >

My name is Donald Keith Hills,

I am still an active and forward thinking senior passed75.

If you would like to help yourself and willing to help others too, please contact me at

Yes, we can look into what could be/should be done if we agree to walk together and to work together to accomplish something worthwhile for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our communities all across our province [ and state ] and all across our nations too.

I believe that more and more people ought to decide to take the time to understand better what they could do and what they should do to help heal themselves and why.

It may interest some readers to know that at times a person’s deeper feelings and emotions are used like anti-personal mines and area denial weapons deployed along areas of sensitivity to deny opposing military forces access to a touchy area of a hyper sensitive nature. We need to change but instead we use these mines to injure, not kill, our victims in order to increase the logistical (mostly medical) support required by these enemy forces when we encounter them.


who understands: “but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish!”

Today’s posting of elder changes is about myself and directed to finding life for myself and for others if and when and where possible.

Real life is first about learning to give up this world and the things of this world.

Second place is learning to overcome a vast emotional wilderness all of us must cross before we are allowed to enter into the Kingdom of God which is the true destination we all should be targeting.

Yes, we are to become over comers and yes, we are to be perfected and to be perfect!

“. . . . . and, how is that accomplished   Sir?    Ma’am?”

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

……so folks, what does that involve?

1/. Matthew 22.14, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” I believe that I have been called and I believe that after all is said and after all is done that I am and will be chosen.

2-3/ “God will have all men to be saved and none perish.” 1Tim 2.3-4 and 2 Pt. 3-9.

4/ Hebrews 4.14-15, “Jesus was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”

5/ Hebrews 5.8-9, explains how each one of us and all of us must learn ( *willing ) obedience. (Read *Isaiah 1.19-20.)

6/ Ephesians 6.10, We are to be strong in the Lord. We must resist the enemy and fight the enemy, but not in our own “fleshly/carnal” strength. II Chronicles 20.15 tells us that the battle is not ours, but God’s. Read Jeremiah 17.5 for a key understanding of this.

7-12/, I will intentionally skip points 7-12 today and will return at a later date to fill in the gap.

13/, Luke 13.3 and Luke 13.5 reads but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

This was the verse I was wanting to and hoping to share with the congregation in Winnipeg when they arranged for the Winnipeg police escort off their property for me. That was the spring before I/we came to Cedar Lodge. Mother’s Day, as I recollect.

Now, I want to ask this question: What is the direct connection between repenting and this vast emotional wilderness which traps the vast majority? I am getting to see it more clearly and to understand it better all the time. Do you see and do you understand?

This fitness and wellness initiative is in fact deep down about breaking free of emotional bondages which most people seem to be totally unaware of.

I believe in my heart that there is a divine purpose for me to stay with this quest like a junk yard dog protecting his rotten bone until “this case is finally cracked”!

Now, if you will, skip with me to John 10, and go to verses 9-10, 16 and 27.

Let us review John. 21.15, 16 and 17 and 1Pt.5.2

Let us make a few visuals and prepare some relevant text.

….. let’s prepare some illustrations and do some demonstrations!

Ask to see my photograph of the flock of sheep which I had framed some time back.

“I see a Great Opportunity!

My name is Donald Keith Hills

I am an active and forward thinking senior passed75.

If you would like to help, please contact me at

Who will contribute the first ten dollars and who will gather the ten million dollars?

More than one million people in Saskatchewan.

34.7 million “a Mari usque ad Mare”.

How many of us in the U.S?

Who wants life?





What is possible for you, for your family and for your community too?

I tried to make a new connection this morning but failed in the attempt.

“Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 554 554 Sorry, your email was refused. You may have sent it to an address that does NOT exist. OR perhaps YOUR address is not on recipient’s WHITELIST of accepted addresses”   . . . . . and there was more.

That is how it goes sometimes. So, I’ll just carry on.

I was responding to a new contact and my email went like this:

Thank you for inviting me to receive and enjoy your pilates e-magazine!

I have been an enthusiastic fan of pilates for many many years and have purchased many books for my personal library on the subject.

However, I confess that I have not taken full advantage of the very fine opportunity I’ve had for 75 years and for a parallel opportunity which I myself recently created.

I am now passed75 and realize that it is time to get with a new “total” program.

You may be interested in some things I am gearing up to do at this very moment in time.

I will attempt to articulate for you, what it is that I see needs to be done by yours truly and by a few others with a real pioneer spirit willing to break new trails pdq for the general public to follow . . . . . . . asap.

I am also a fan of Pete Egoscue. I have his 1992 book on Health Through Motion and his latest 2011 book, Pain Free Living. (“Very insightful!”)

I am about to invite one million people from Saskatchewan to adopt a health and wellness program and shortly thereafter, God willing, I will invite 34.7 million Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare” to get with a multi-tiered progressive physical health and emotional wellness program suitable for all ages from 5 to 105.

Very few people understand what is a proper diet and/or what is correct exercise. [“psst!, e-Life anyone?”]

People get lost so easily and so very quickly in this vast “wilderness” when it comes to their bruised and battered feelings and emotions!

BUT, . . . . .  with the right changes, perfect change is still possible for everyone including seniors and elders and centenarians and children five, six and seven!!

I see “demos of physical health!, discussions of emotional wellness! and slices of e-life!

“Sir, Ma’am, How soon can I/we expect that ten million dollars to start pouring in?”

What name will we pick for this totally new Canadian State of the ART website?


Donald Keith Hills,

PS, Yes, I have a touch of doms and some plantar facsciitis this morning. I was just a tiny bit too enthusiastic yesterday. Felt really good though yesterday. Some of my reverse arm circles were overdone just a little and so I have sore shoulders as well. More Patience.  But it is coming folks! “Yes, I do feel it!”

PPS, Sir, Ma’am, please don’t be shy!

and please do not fear!

“better to have faith!”


“come!, run with me an older Canadians Marathon in 2014!”

Yes, do come!, and plan to run with me a very special and a landmark older Canadians Marathon in 2014!”

Today’s invitation goes out to seniors past 75 and to elders in their 80s and early 90s who will enter into training with myself and others to run an older Canadians Marathon in 2014.

>about the time the College of physicians and surgeons of Canada is discussing their plans for our future health care.

I got my answer last night to our growing Canadian health care crisis, after I read a little bit out my new copy of Pete Egoscue’s latest book “Pain Free Living”.

Thank you Peter for your diligence and persistence over these many long years.

Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me to the truth all of my life day after day after day after day!

Thank you Lord Jesus for leading me in the right way and for abiding in me!

Thank you Father for your never ending Love for all of us stupid sheep!

 Who else can see clearly?” “All of this and much of that which I see so clearly!

“Who wants to get out of their wheelchair and throw away their walking cane?”

Do you know that overweight and obesity can at last become a thing of our past!!

Who understands from yesterday’s posted message that no Canadians ever need to get Type II diabetes anymore?  . . . . . never again!!! . . . . . that is never!

 “Who wants to be fit, well and full of life?”

Who can see all of this and believes it?

“Do you want to know the truth?”

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

I am an active Canadian senior now passed75.

To make a contact, email me at

If you are interested, please arrange to meet with me privately.

Let us raise a small stipend of ten million dollars and get this ball rolling!

P.S., If you are a person who wants to help others, ask me why there are so many who just do not get it and ask me what could be/should be done.

“Come with me today and have yourself a good look see!”

Today, I invite 34.7 million Canadians to  “Come with me and have a good look see!”

“Join me as I rerun one small piece of my 4:04-5:30 am.”

First, go to Google and search for  >   happy healthy long life Jan 31, 2012.

Discover  > the following information:

Find: > Dr. Gabe Mirkin & Wife Diana–Tandem Cycling Enthusiasts.

Find:  > When I read the short piece Dr. Mirkin wrote on type-2 diabetes in his E-zine for January 29, 2012, I decided to just share it in its entirety.  It’s short.  It’s simple.  And it’s worth repeating.

Find: > Dr. Gabe Mirkin Talks Type-2 Diabetes.

Diabetes Should Never Happen to You.

Read the January 29, 2012 E-zine here.

Find: > One of three North Americans will become diabetic, and almost all are pre-diabetic long before they become diabetic. Signs of pre-diabetes include:  (find 8 signs)

Find:  > If you change the habits that cause the signs of pre-diabetes, you can probably avoid ever becoming diabetic.

So, now, I’m asking 34.7 million Canadians, “who would like to know more?”

Who can see that > “If you change the habits that cause the signs of pre-diabetes, you can probably avoid ever becoming diabetic!” 

“So, can adults change? can seniors change? and/or can elders change?”

[“Who would want to change if the benefits are this enormous?”]

Find: > Behaviors that block insulin receptors include:

Find the cartoon: > latest studies: a third of Americans are overweight, and an additional quarter ore obese.

take note please! > it does not have to be this way!

Who is interested in knowing more and understanding correctly?

Who is interested in learning what to do to avoid this health problem and many other serious health problems as well?

Who is interested in helping me launch a new state of the art website to serve Saskatchewan’s 725 Communities?

Who wants to take back their health? their wellness? and their life too?

. . . . . if you are interested, please email me at

Do you see a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Canada . . . . . “a Mari usque ad Mare”?

Do you see a great opportunity for all of Saskatchewan?

I am an active and a busy senior passed75.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

can you >draw a line in the sand and >drop a plumb line in the spirit!

Can you draw a line in the sand and drop a plumb line in the spirit!

Can you do it?

“Who gets “it”?”

“Yes”, if you got “it”, “very good to excellent!”

The lines we all can see, but the plumb lines  we must believe!

Life is a great adventure if we perceive it that way and receive it that way!

Almost from day one!

At the very least by age three!

Yesterday, I was given two special business cards and received a progress report from Georgina Williams who is in treatment in an Ontario hospital at the moment.

Today, I contact the Ochapowace First Nation in Broadview, Saskatchewan.

I had a brief visit with Patty Stewart McCord yesterday. I was prompted to prepare a summary visual about life’s journey through all the very tough times to the better life on the other side of the many great struggles with life’s difficulties and challenges. It was a clear outline of what some of us have been through all of our lives and where we’re going next and why! It was pure delight to connect so quickly! (> and even with an abundance of interruptions.) in less than five (5) minutes! Thank you Patty! In contrast, some we attempt to connect with and it never ever happens.

What am I talking about? If you are interested here is the scoop: First, there is a material and physical world dominated by material things and worldly people who want to keep us all in bondage to serve them endlessly. Second, there is an emotional wilderness where we seek to overcome personal difficulties and challenges and many often out of control passions. Who has been there and done that? Thirdly, many are called of God to turn to Him and to seek Him and if we choose to do so, we soon discover a whole new world which is at first difficult and then it becomes delightful. There is actually more after that, but that is for another day.

I have been dreaming about this for years already and I believe the right timing is now!

So where are you at Sir?,     Ma’am?      and     . . . . . where are you headed??

The correct answer can arrive in five minutes, 5 seconds . . . . .  instantly!

Should we discuss “proper” preparation meeting opportunity?

I am seeking Saskatchewan communities serious about their wanting to explore the current 2012 opportunity to improve physical health and emotional wellness of adults, seniors, elders and youth in their area of Saskatchewan.

I have a copy of David McLennan’s Our Towns with his list of 725 Saskatchewan communities.

I believe that others will want to help once they see and believe the possibilities.

My name is Donald Keith Hills. I am an active senior passed75 who believes that I have a real opportunity at this time to grow younger and grow stronger and I desire to share this experience with Saskatchewan and with all of Canada  > “ a Mari usque ad Mare”.

If your community is interested in being a part of this real Canadian 2012 opportunity please contact me at

“what is wrong with drinking orange juice for breakfast?”

Do you already know the answer or would you like help to think this question through?

We could search for “what is wrong with drinking orange juice for breakfast?”

With “About 60,500,000 results (0.27 seconds)” a person could search the internet for days, weeks, months and even years and still not find the right information and not reach a full and complete or the correct understanding.

“Saskatchewan, I say that we can do much better than that, if we want to.”

It’s a bit of a science and a bit of an art and yes, a major effort,

but still,    . . . . . if a few agree to work together,

it becomes a new reality for all of us, folks.

That is, for all of Saskatchewan!

So, here goes, I propose at this time to promote this idea now and when possible help to establish a unique state of the art website  which provides reliable information and useful understanding to Saskatchewan people who are interested in physical health and emotional wellness for themselves and for their community and for the whole province.

In my minds eye, improved health and wellness is already an accomplished fact!

First we improve our diets and promote sufficient correct exercise.

We provide good, better and the BEST examples.

Who understands what I am saying here?

Do you see?

We lead by example!

All over Saskatchewan,

and “a Mari usque ad Mare”.

We use few meaningless words.

(and 2014 will be here before we know it!)

We provide the best visual illustration and hands on demonstration.

How much avocado with fine cut spinach and tomato chunks for lunch today?

I mention again the Rosetown Gymnastics Club and the CanGym program they use. There are 14 different badges and each consists of approximately 30 different skills. What does this tell us? Or should I say, what should this tell us? Who gets the picture yet?

Why so many aches and pains? Why so much poor posture? What is falls prevention?

To help me make some key points clear, please ask yourself these five (5) questions:

1. What is upper crossed patterns of muscle weakness and tightness?

2. What is lower crossed patterns of muscle weakness and tightness?

3a. What is the significance and impact of this all too common affliction to the 1,063,535 residents of Saskatchwan?   [population figure,, October 1, 2011.]

3b. What is the significance and impact of this all too common affliction to the  34,717,101 residents of Canada? [ from ]

4. Why should you and I be concerned and why should any of us care?

5. What is the ideal solution?

Who sees it?

Who understands?

Who sees the whole picture?

Who wants all the benefits of  physical health, emotional wellness and eternal life?

God willing, I am an active senior passed75 who is seeking health, wellness and fitness in the right way and that truthfully and righteously, I am choosing life.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

If you agree with what is proposed here for Saskatchewan right away and for all of Canada pdq, please contact me by email at