how to correctly strengthen a senior’s rotator cuff muscles!

I got a strong prompting yesterday to investigate the exercises required to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder.

The first site I looked at was and comments by Marc Bernier got my attention right away.

“All exercises with dumbells must be performed with light weights (2-3 pounds). Using heavy weights will strengthen the larger muscle groups more resulting in a possible muscular imbalance.”   …..”uhuh!”

In my view, a very excellent site rich with reference information and timely advice.

The third site I checked out was and I found the following comments by Diane Armstrong, NASM Elite Trainer of particular interest: “The rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers need to be both trained in isolation to activate weak muscles and in integration to teach proper stabilization for efficient movement of the shoulder joint.”  …..”Yes!”      “…..and, Oh Yes!”

Did you know that every person has 640 muscles and that most adults  have major muscle imbalances which causes them years and years of major pain and serious dysfunction??

Did you also know that in most cases all pain and all dysfunction is probably unnecessary! So who will ask around, why is it this way?

Then, who will help raise adequate funds to hire a professional to sort this out in order to assist every health conscious senior in their 70s and every health conscious elder in their 80s and 90s and younger Canadians in their 50s and 60s?

Now just so that you understand my situation, I am a senior passed75 and although I am still very active in many ways, I am challenged with rounded shoulders and head forward posture from lots of sitting with poor posture. To remain an active senior now and to become an active elder in just a few years, I need better posture, good balance and good alignment. I for one, want to know what to do and how to do it correctly.

So here we have it. What our society does not need and what seniors and our communities do need.

Who wants to be a part of exploring possibilities and developing a number of suitable exercise protocols for use by seniors and by elders and then by Canadians of all ages, so that the correct understanding and necessary expertise is easily and readily available in each and every interested community first across Saskatchewan and then all across Canada?

I am now ready to tackle what is healthy eating and what is correct exercise and so I seek easy access to ten million dollars in funding.


“Do you see the need?”

“Will you support this effort?”

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Please email me at

“This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us . . . . . Saskatchewan!”

This initiative could help millions of Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare.”




“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

Who can see the exact same plumb line Amos said he saw in Amos 7.8?

Who understands Matthew 18.19-20?

Who understands Amos 3.3?

Read 2 Corinthians 3.16,

. . . . . penitently,

with me!

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

With God’s guidance believers can do much to help themselves and others.

Too many people leave God out of their life and and out of living their lives.

I see a BIG opportunity to help millions of people with many if not most of their “BIG” problems! People have problems in three key problem areas of life. There are numerous every day physical problems, emotional problems and spiritual problems. Many folks are simply blind. True, not everyone will listen to good advice, but many will if helped in a patient godly way and when given the right understanding (and not worldly misinformation! and not professional blue smoke!) at the right time in their struggle with their problems and issues. We are not to judge anyone, but to honestly help as Jesus guides us.

I’m a very active senior and I’m still quite strong and I am pain free. My posture and alignment are good ‘tho they take some work. I have a very full plate every day although I am passed the age of 75. I believe that there is so much more which can be easily done to overcome all problems.

As one example, I was asked to help one particular person understand what they can do to bring their cholesterol and triglycerides out of the danger zone into the normal healthy range. When I searched for cholesterol yesterday there were 104,000,000 results in 0.12 seconds. Little wonder people find it difficult to discover what to do. Talk about a dog’s breakfast. Who wants to help sort this out, make it  easy to get right down to the truth and to articulate clearly all viable options and help make it possible to easily understand the causes and the cure rather than make it so easy to stay sick for the rest of that unfortunate person’s life?  How many Canadians desire to grow up spiritually and learn to speak the truth in love and become an over comer of Revelation 3.21 and Revelation 21.7?

As another example, I talked to a lady yesterday who would like to grow fresh vegetables as a business and perhaps fresh fruit for Saskatchewan residents, if the market demand is large enough. She already grows tomatoes and other vegetables for her own use. Brings back my CASE counseling days.

People are stuck!, stuck! and really stuck!  People are stuck in the physical and stuck in the emotional and really really really stuck in the spiritual.

We can accept being stuck-stuck-stuck or we can seek to be unstuck.

Get yourself a copy of Solving the Family Doctor Crisis by Anne Mullens Readers 10/10. Please read it carefully and think it through even if you have a very good family doctor at this time. Do you know how many millions of Canadians are without the services of their own family physician?

Do you know that 1/3 of all Americans are overweight and 25% are obese? I don’t have comparable stats for Canada, but from what I observe when I go to town, I suspect it is just as bad a picture and just as sad.

Finally, who will read Matthew 18.19-20 with me and believe for ten million dollars to get a few of these take your breath away projects up and running?

If you would like to say something in response to today’s post or God willing, you desire to do something worthwhile to help people of all ages in Saskatchewan, all across the Dominion of Canada and/or even throughout the United States of America, I invite you to contact me by email at

Again, is all of the effort not worth it?

Think about this!

Do you agree?

Do you see?

But let patience have her perfect work,

At the bank Monday, I had to go through a long line up twice to get my banking done. Even with five tellers, the line moved slow.

Yesterday, at the Co-op car wash the line up went all along the west side of the building. It was a long and tedious wait.

This morning, I had to wait quietly for two hours after I woke up before I got a word and the word was “but let patience have her perfect work,” “rejoice” and “count it all joy” . . . . . and I did wait patiently this morning and yesterday and Monday and all week long, I do rejoice and I do count it all joy!

Thank you Lord Jesus for your great patience with me.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Who sees the Great opportunity all of us have at this time?

I am an active senior passed75 who is still able to move about pain free, can easily climb many flights of stairs and is still able to carry two full water fountain jugs at one time with one in each hand without any pain or discomfort in any of it.

“Who believes that they have fully prepared themselves to choose (spiritual) life?”  [Deuteronomy 30.19] “and have done everything necessary to be chosen!” [Matthew 22.14]

Here is a little study to help an interested person who believes they are strong and maturing spiritually to evaluate their spiritual progress to date and current position. Ask for divine guidance and understanding. Start with Mt.6.33. > Review 1Jn. 2.15 and 2 Cor. 6.17-7.1. > Read John 8.12, 32 and 36 and John 10.9-10, 10.16 and 10.27. > Finally read 1Jn.2.16 -3.1.

Leave your comments here or to ask questions, please email me at

. . . . . “but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet”

My understanding here, is that God Our Father in heaven expects his people to seek for Him and to search for Him with all their hearts and that they will be made perfect and righteous and will become over comers.

And so, being exposed to the deception and to the seduction of a false prophet is a very important part of the process. Does this make any sense to anyone else?

Please read Mt. 24.24 and Mk.13.22.

Now, if you are willing to consider this, I also believe that there is great hope even for the false prophet. Please read 2 Timothy 2. 25-26 with me.

I was given more notes on this subject yesterday and if you care to discuss this topic further, (but not debate), I invite you to meet with me in person. At this point in my walk, I still  prefer to meet face to face. I prefer to see facial expressions and I like the opportunity to read body language.

We are told in James 1.22  to “be ye doers of the word”

We are promised in John 16.13  “he will guide you into all truth:”

We are also told in James 1. 25   “being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work,”

In Revelation 3.18  we are instructed  “I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,”

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Who can see the Great opportunity that I can see?

I am an active senior passed75 and I do move easily about pain free.

to comment or ask questions, please email me at

Do you seek endless blessings? . . . . . or do you ask for a cursed life every day?

The word I got this morning turned out to be Daniel 11.32  which says: “but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”

“Who feels a connection?”

John 10.16  keeps coming to my mind and I believe that it applies to something I am to do or help do. There are a few special people who will be hard to reach but in some special way, they need help that only God can provide. And God will do this through one of his tried in the fire and trained servants.

If and when they ask in faith with nothing wavering. see James 1.6.

One of the big traps for Christians is outlined in Jeremiah 17.5  Read it and make your own notes of the three (3) common errors people make.

People think well I’m not perfect, so God will let me off the hook. God says be perfect. see Matthew 5.48. The catch, as I understand it, is this is not in our strength but as a result of our willing obedience and our faith in God.

This is not about me nor about what I can do for you or for anyone else. Please read 2 Thessalonians 1.12, and think about what it says. Ask God for understanding and pray for revelation.

Read 2 Timothy 3.1-17. In the last days perilous times shall come and review the many challenges ahead for all of God’s true believers and the few true over comers.  see Revelations 3.13-22. Lots of distraction…

We come out of the world or do we just pretend we do? Do we recognize that the emotional wilderness is full of snags and snares? What can we do to reduce our daily stress? How do we handle those negative feelings when they appear, emotions, lusts, addictions, cravings, interpersonal conflicts, differences, anger, resentments, critical attitudes, the need many have to control other people and everything around themselves, our excuses, the blame we attach to others, the murmuring and the endless complaining? Reflect thoughtfully about the division discussed in Luke 12.51-53.

Who counts it all joy? James 1.2

Who can greatly rejoice? 1Pt. 1.6

Who repents again and again and again and again and again?????

Why should we humble ourselves and do such a thing?

Review Hebrews 4.15. Notice what is said about every point and think again about being perfect. Thinking of being perfect in our strength is ridiculous, wouldn’t you say?

Now review Hebrews 6.12. Will you attempt to be not slothful in your strength or in the Lord’s strength? Who will become a  careful follower of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

Do we not need to be sober and vigilant? 1Pt 5.8.  Why?

Do a Quick Review of physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual life!

1/. What is the role of nutrition, breathing, exercise, balance and alignment?

2/. What can be done to reduce and eliminate the stresses in our life?

3/. Who sees easy going and free flowing if and when done by the Spirit?

“Did you know that God would have all men saved allowing none to perish?”

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

With God’s guidance believers can do much to help others.

I see a BIG opportunity to help people with their many problems!

I am an active senior with a full plate although I am passed the age of 75.

If you would like to say something in response to today’s post or God willing, really do something to help people of all ages in Saskatchewan, across the Dominion of Canada or throughout the United States of America, I invite you to contact me by email at

“Pain Free Living anyone?”

“Anyone out there for Pain Free Living?”




The Dominion of Canada?”

The United States of America?”

“Is anyone interested in pain free living?”

“Seriously, is anyone interested in living a pain free life?”

“I have asked the Lord to show me how to go sequentially from A to B to C to Z.”

At arm’s length, I’m still dealing with this guy who verbally threatened me and to emphasize his point, I suppose, gave me a very good shake and a shove. Yesterday he told me how prepared he was for I don’t know what and as I got to thinking about it after, I was shown that this statement is a key to unlocking the Great Mystery of our day. He calls himself a Christian and yet the best he can do to date is say that he is sorry that I was offended by what he said. He has not repented as I understand repentance, nor taken back his verbal threat. His threat still stands. Not that I’m worried about it, it is just a matter of fact.

“Anyone interested in unlocking the Great Mystery of our day?”

“Seriously, is anyone interested in unlocking the Great Mystery of our day?”

If you want to talk to me about this stuff, first read Revelations 3.17 akjv and ask for some divine understanding first.

For seven months, I’ve been writing about things Canadians can do to take back their  physical health and emotional wellness and to go for eternal life in the spirit and not one phone call and not one email request and no offers to participate or to help out in any way, shape or form. I’ve published close to 200 posts. What does all of this say? I’m not very persuasive or there is little interest or no belief, or . . . . . ?

perhaps, I’ve been barking up the wrong tree.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again and try and try and try, but ask for more patience and pray for divine guidance.

“Lord, is the timing right to produce a  series of audio video clips with more knowledge and now with this deeper spiritual understanding?”

“Is anyone ready to listen?”

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

I am still a very active person, although I am passed75.

I am enjoying my daily pain free living, thank you very much.

I would like to share with others all that the Lord Jesus is teaching me.

But that is your choice. Life is your choice if you want to choose life, but are you ready?

Are you so busy thinking about how smart you are, or how bad everyone else is that you have missed the key fact that God is smarter (and have you missed other key facts such as that God is in control and not you and not us.)

“Is anyone listening?”

“Who will read John 10.10 with me?”

“Is anyone listening and seeking true spiritual understanding?”

“Is anyone prepared and ready to take the bull by the horns, so to speak?”

If you want to share something with myself and with others, please feel free to email me at

instead of resolution, I got a huge portion of belligerent confrontation!

Yes, I’m ready to say “Adios amigos!” and “Adios amigas!” and just quietly slip away, but before I do that, I’m hoping that with one or two more I will and we will get to apply Matthew 18.16 perhaps today.

As ugly as this is, it is a necessary part of the journey and the healing.

I’m not excusing this guy when I say that I have and you and I have and we all have an awful nature that must be dealt with fully before we can hope to get into God’s Kingdom.

The facts in this case are:

X a verbal threat was made some time ago.

X physical abuse was a big part of that original package!

X a generous portion of belligerent confrontation was served up yesterday!

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

I am a busy person still and an active senior passed75.

God willing, I hope to help families and communities learn to do what is right! and in the process, even choose to do what is “righteous!” according to the gold standard of God and God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

If you want to actively participate in some way in the deep “deep” healing of communities all across Saskatchewan and/or all across our nation, please email me at