high blood pressure is “in the news” 1 day ago and 10 hours ago and again now.

This post is for all Canadians interested in their own health and in the health of other Canadians from coast to coast and even all the people of our world world wide.

High Blood pressure should be high on the list of health problems attracting our individual and collective attention.

What is important and then what is most important of all?  “Diet, exercise, stress and relationships and then seeking and searching for God with all of our hearts?”

A few minutes ago an internet search for high blood pressure gave 98,200,000 results in 0.15 seconds

Ladies and gentlemen, do your own search for yourself and check out the first page.

The focus of each posting on the first page was carefully examined this morning by your truly.

I found definition, prevention, control, signs, symptoms, causes,and much more.

> “managed with medication and foods containing potassium.”

> “we substantially increase the risk of getting diabetes when we supersize our meals.”

> prevention of risk factors

> WHO warns of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

<<<<< what I did not find on this first page was any site offering to walk myself and others through the correct diagnosis and guide me/us through all of the subsequent necessary steps in the correct sequence to 100% correction all the way to the total elimination of the problem. Just a band aid here and another band aid there.

What is the correct answer for you and I and for 34.7 million fellow Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare?”

If I were to systematically search all of the 98,200,000 sites how long would it take to identify all of the correct answers and put them all in the correct order. It took 0.20 seconds this time to do the search. How long would it take to understand what to do and then put all of the right pieces together in the correct sequence?

As a society we can find information in a small fraction of one second, but we lack knowledge and we lack understanding and most of us are missing out on life. Not the “good” life which is a deception but a very much Better life in the physical and in the emotional and the perfect life in the spiritual.

“Who understands what I am writing about here?”

“God willing, I will soon Skype and I may even go Vokle.”

[ I keep hearing: “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep, feed my sheep, feed the flock of God which is among you and remember the other sheep.”  ]

I’m going back on medication until I can figure out next what is wrong with my diet or I’m shown and then make all of the necessary corrections.

I do not have a family doctor, so I’ll search for a walk in clinic today.

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Body by Science by Doug McGuff and John Little.

If you have comments and suggestions or questions email me at dkeithhills@gmail.com

My dob is 10.02.1935, so that makes me just about 77.

I am still actively doing what I can to help others.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.


hellbound review by a senior passed 75 who is still actively seeking and searching for life.

What I had in mind this morning as I walked my first 3,000 steps without shoes or runners and as I ran a few sprints back and forth in the gym was to review Hellbound the Movie.

What I discovered 05.16.2012 at 5.43 am cst was hellboundbloggers.com.

350,000 results in 0.09 seconds.

I  feel that I must stop and comment.

My first impression was “excellent site!”

hellboundbloggers.com was on the first page.

My rating is five (5) stars * * * * * !   . . . . . “excellent!”

Information is nicely presented by topics, titles, bottom line summary and by links.

Between you and I and the gatepost, hellbound is so much more that either of these, hellbound seems to me to be the reality for a majority in today’s Society!

Previously, I blogged as seniorprospector.blogspot.com.

Currently I blog as elderchanges.wordpress.com, but want to upgrade and use video to address a number of important challenges facing all of society, from seniors to older adults and young adults and all ages are included.

The title under consideration is slices of life from the good to the bad to the ugly and then an in depth look at what is a much better life and then how to seek and search for the only perfect life which is summarized well in the gospel of John in Chapter 17 akjv.

If you don’t get it you’re not alone and you have plenty of company.

If you do get it, Praise the Lord and stay with it and endure to the end!!!!

This is a little too deep for many and perhaps even for most, but some will get a clear picture and will want to participate.

I could go on for a very long time, but today, I’ll end it here and pick up another day.

My name is Donald Keith Hills

If you have comments, suggestions, questions or something of value and benefit to share with myself and with others please be welcome to do so.

If none of this makes sense to you, please ASK, but (please ask in faith with nothing wavering.)

contact me by email at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

Come out of this world and complete the journey through your own vast personal emotional wilderness, with two or three, cross over today’s Jordan and then hopefully fully enter in and continue on to become an Overcomer.

God willing I’ll soon be Skyping or going Vokle and/or connecting in other ways.

For the time being, over and out!!

ridiculous, absurd, unnecessary and it’s my current spring beef!!!!

Is the Joke on me Folks, or is it possible to rectify and benefit from this most unpleasant situation??

As BB would say: “What’s up Doc?”

I purchased a Hewlett Packard Pavilion g7-1260ca 17 inch notebook PC from London Drugs 03/08/2012.

If there is no other person in all of Canada with a similar experience to mine, then I will just suck it up.

But if my bad experience is an all too common experience then  _   _   _   _   _   !!!

SO, What have I done to help myself and to help rectify the problem??

1. I contacted the retail store and informed them that I did not know what to do and was told in so many words to just ………………..(  fiddle with it. )

2. I contacted Hewlett Packard by email and got one rather “dah email” but not a helpful reply.

3. So, I fiddled. I turned the laptop on and off a few times. I even figured out how to turn the computer off correctly. Wow! Yeah!  I even charged the battery a few times and I fiddled. I started a diary.

4. Then, the Windows 7 program started to freeze up. So I searched the internet on the old desktop and it seems to be a fact of life in 2012 that I am not the only one having this challenge and these learning pains.

5. I went to the public library and borrowed Windows 7 for Dummies 2009, all 862 pages and YouTube for Dummies 2007 another 386 pages ….that’s 1248 pages. Yikes! I need an easier effective way to learn.

I do not need the ridiculous. I do not want the absurd. I do not have the luxury of time to squander and waste. It is unnecessary and unproductive. Hewlett Packard, are you listening? Microsoft, are you listening? London Drugs, are you paying attention? Canadian adults, Canadian seniors and Canadian elders in cities and towns and communities all across Canada “a Mari usque ad Mare”……..are you listening and paying attention??

My little microsopic snag is a BIG RED FLAG for Canada and for Canadians! [And for the US too!] Time for “time out” to take stock and reflect. The little problem I am experiencing this spring is only a tiny tip of a huge iceberg and our national situation will only get progressively worse for all of Canada and for all Canadians, unless…….

Who sees the picture and who understands the principles of cause and effect at work and at play??

Who is up to speed on what Harvard’s Tony Wagner says about our failing education system.

Michael Vance’s teachings on creative thinking and leadership could be a big help to some!

Who is interested in learning more and who is ready to really and truly get fully involved?

There is “the good life” which is a trap. There is a Better Life in this old life and there is the real life to come.

6. Yesterday, I hit my boiling point and the circuit breaker tripped twice during a posting I was writing out. I discovered later that another person was doing some electrical repairs and he was flipping the switch. It is quite a sensation to see hours of careful thought go poof. Later in the day, I realized that a lot of negative emotion had been brought to the surface and I was able to let it all go and let it go and then completely let it go. So I am refreshed and in a pleasant frame of mind this morning.

(Big breakthrough for me.)

7. Thank You Lord Jesus for arranging this Big lesson and a critical learning experience for me.

if    we hold the beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the end;   then ______________!

8. I am now refreshed and I believe that I can refocus on dealing with the realities of this bad situation. First, I have a natural talent for trouble shooting and problem solving. In addition, I took sciences in high school and have five (5) years of  university education in Veterinary Medicine followed by many years of practice under my leather belt with both large farm animals and with pets. I have had many many interesting and very exciting experiences in management and in business even into development and active investments.

9. Last night, moments after I let go of my anger, I discovered whatsonmypc.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/windows_basics/ with a reported 1,119,225 visitors to date. So here I am and we are back to square one.

10. I purchased a dark green hard covered 7″ by 9.5″ lined notebook to use as a daily diary to keep track of the snags encountered and the solutions found and to record the resources as they will manifest in time.

11. I will contact Hewlett Packard again asap. Searched for dick lampman hp labs. Discovered a report dated  05.05.2012, at 14.24 GMT, Banerjee presided over the virtual demise of a once very solid research facility and was brought in to……because he posed no threat to the ……..  Hmmm, is the supplier of my most recent computer purchase engaged in  in-fighting  and territoriality instead of pursuing a clean focus on communication and collaboration? Hmmm? “Red flag for HP. The saying is “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Take heed guys and gals.

Are you at all interested in some input from this still active old timer with a general and specific diagnostic aptitude and  with   * * * * *  ability?”

12. I desire the capacity to easily view YouTube videos and seek to have the complete wherewithall to produce my own unique series of YouTube videos covering a full range of diet and exercise topics and other key titles for adults of all ages and for seniors and for elders “a Mari usque ad Mare”. More than 50% of the population is trending to older adults and seniors. Many Canadians have no family doctor and there is enormous trouble brewing in health care. TWO BIG Red flags for all Canadians! 

fyi, Dr Haggie is a general and vascular surgeon from Gander, N.L., and is the new president of the Canadian

fyi, bookmark health care reform and consider what individuals of any and all ages in a vital community can do!

13. I’m looking at what Skype offers and at what is possible with Vokle and other options.

14. I’m believing for a 30 million dollar budget to trouble shoot and problem solve. (It’s almost in the mail!)

15. Sir, Ma’am, …..how can i-wE best help you, your family and friends, your community, all Canadians?????

I ordered Body by Science by Doug McGuff MD and John Little and my copy is now ready to pick up.

Who is interested in reaping the benefits of a Better life? and who seeks the many rewards of perfection?

Reach me by email at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

Yes, my name is Donald Keith Hills.

Who can see what I can see?

Seventy-eight in October.

Amos, wha d’ya see?


BUT so Short on time?

What if you regain 175% of your functionality as you pass 75?

and there is now more time?

Who sees?

There is also much more to come!

it will get better and get Better and your life could even be Perfected!     

if _____ and when _____,  then   __ ___ ____ ________ __ ______.



What is the nature of a faith crisis and how is it addressed??

I believe that I am just now coming through and coming out of a faith crisis.

If you have no idea what I am writing about, that’s perfectly OK.

Perhaps, you too will have this experience, one day.

I believe it is a part of a major breakthrough.

I give up on me and I give up on others!!

I completely cease my own works!

I relent and I zealously repent!!

I become perfectly still!

I anticipate!

I wait!

And I wait.

I wait with faith in the Holy Spirit and with faith in Jesus Christ and with faith in God the Father.

This posting is a template and an outline of the steps and stages I’ve been shown and experienced to date.

I was outside a few minutes ago at 4.45 am and the moon was giving off a very bright light.

There is greater knowledge and greater understanding on the other side of this current breakthrough.

[read Jeremiah 3.13-15 and 22 and Jeremiah 29.13 and compare to Jeremiah 4.18 and 22]

What all has happened to date? I’ll mention some things such as much tribulation (Acts 14.22), division (Luke12.50), except there come a falling away first ( 2 Thessalonians 2.3), nothing will be left covered up or hid (Matthew 10.26-42)

And through all of this and much more what does Hebrews 11.6 tell us about faith?

In spite of all the worldly and human nonsense, a true believer must believe that God is who He says He is and that He [“richly”] rewards those who diligently seek Him [in the way and in all the ways which He specifies].

Read Revelation Chapter 3 through to 3.20. Notice “If any man _______, and ______, I will ______, and ____ , and ______.”   Check, check, check, check and check.

Would you want to read the verse I tried to share with a Winnipeg Church 15 years ago? If you do, read Luke 13.3 and Luke 13.5. Also read Revelation 3.19 and then read Revelation 3.20 again.

Perhaps you too are ready for a big faith crisis and your big breakthrough.

Why is a crisis necessary?

Find the reference to whosoever forsaketh not all that he hath …………..the world and the things of the world and in especially in the emotional wilderness and our own special kingdoms. Do you see what I see?

Let us examine Isaiah 55.7-8 and realize that we must change out thinking, feelings, emotions, attitudes and behavior and that we can’t do that in our strength but must seek God for his guidance to the truth and seek Jesus for the power to become a son of God  and it must be deep in our heart to seek God the Father.

How is that accomplished?

Do you want to know?

Read James 1.5-6.

There’s that faith again!

One last verse to read today: “Read 2 Thessalonians 2.8!” and now be still and wait with perfect patience.

Whoops, forgive me, just two more verses to read Isaiah 42.8 and 48.11. One more key point! (CHECK!)

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Today I’m asking: “If he’s a liar and she’s a whore, what are you and I at this point in time?”

I feel that Individually and collectively, we are be bogged down physically, emotionally and spiritually.

BUT, why?

What is THE problem and what is THE solution??

Who sees what I see?

My Bible Study today, May 5th, 2012, started at 6.00 am with Matthew 10.1, 10.22 and Matthew 11.35-39 and then skipped to Ephesians 4.12-32. Again, the bottom line at this point for me is I Timothy 4.16. Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine: continue in them: . . . . …………………….

At this point in the spiritual journey, are you Sir/Ma’am better than others?

If they are liars and whores, what are you and I?

None are righteous except you?

I know that I am not.

All have come short of the glory of God except you?

I know that I come up short each hour of each and every day.

I have a visual for “that new e-book” which illustrates the idea and the understanding of my page, your page, our page and their pages when a spiritually strong contingent each passes Hebrews 4.10 and together reach Ephesians 4.13 and move on to experience fully Ephesians 4.32, Matthew 7.16 and John13.34-35.

If my count is correct, this posting is # 214 and it is time for a new blog with a refreshing theme and a clear focus.

Lord, do you not say feed my lambs, feed my sheep, feed my sheep, feed the flock among you? And Lord Jesus, who are these other sheep which you speak about in John 10.16?

If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God . . . . . read James 1.5-6!

Lord, do you not say that you would have all saved [I Timothy 2.3-4] and you are not willing that any should perish [2 Peter 3.9]. Teach me to understand your Words and the Father’s will correctly and motivate me to take the appropriate actions each time and every time.

And Sir, Ma’am, pencil me in and we can review Matthew 10.1, 10.20., 10.22, 10.26 and 10.34-39 together another day.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

It is 7.40 am. I was just told about a big spill that occurred in the frig overnight.

WHY?  …..hymmm.

……nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

If any want to respond to this or any other topic/issue/incident/etc. please email me at dkeithhills@gmail.com

I believe that I shall be hated of all men for your name’s sake Lord and for speaking the truth; but I believe that if I am diligent and endureth to the bitter end, that at the time of your appearing, as Your Word says, I shall be saved.

I could say more and write much more.

In fact, I could write a book about this topic and the various issue.

To be honest about it, I feel pressure building and building to write such a book.

“Halt!” “Who goes there?” “Please identify yourself!”

Yesterday, I asked, “How are you?”

Today, I’m asking, “Who are you?”

Please identify yourself. Are you a gentle lamb? a friendly sheep? one of the flock? a good example of a genuine believer? a true disciple of Jesus Christ? . . . . . or deep down under the clever cover up are you actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

How do we tell? Is that a question you are asking? Ask your questions!

Here is one of my questions: How does the statute of limitations apply in Canada to the sexual assault of a five year old in 1969 or to the emotional and financial abuse of a senior in 2012?

It is 4.40 am c.s.t. and I have just finished my first three thousand steps and the first thirty minutes of brisk walking to start my day, poured the water for the first pot of coffee and now fired up the old computer. (Not the new h. p. laptop which is still under investigation.)

What you think of me and how you react to what I am about to do is your business. To you I may be simply a daft dummy or an ignorant old geezer who is as crazy as a loon whatever that is or something else much more colourful.

But, there is a big big job to be tackled to help all Canadians and especially senior Canadians and their family and their care givers and I know that I am called to do this and that I am up to the challenge, so here goes.

Canada, it is time to initiate (“a Mari usque ad Mare”) a very powerful senior’s high impact endeavor which I can see so clearly . . . . . eh!

Who else can see . . . . . eh?

I’ll put this 213 post blog on hold and set it on the back burner for a time. I cook up batches of old fashioned rolled oats frequently. I have learned how much water to add initially so that I can walk away for a time and allow the pot to simmer without sticking to the bottom of the pot and without burning. “Yummy” with raisins, cinnamon and chopped apple added.

For those interested in the pursuit of eternal life, today’s special Bible study is from Ephesians 4.12-13-14-15-22-23-24-25 and 1 John 2.14.

If you missed it, “Halt” is an acronym for hungry, angry, lonely and tired.

Today’s social topic is “The Demographic Profile of Canada’s Aging Population”. Do your own search and select: http://www.phac.aspc.gc.ca. Notice the following statistics 2001> 3.92 million, 2021> 6.7 million, 2041> 9.2 million. Seniors, are  you ready with your piercing questions, candid observations, clever suggestions and potential solutions?

On the physical front, do you know  Moses’ eye was not dim nor was his natural forces abated at the age of 120?

So how is your weight? body fat? cholesterol? blood triglycerides?

Do you know how to become fit with only 12 minutes of weekly exercise?

I see a unique Guest House with a spare bedroom and a legal mini suite so that I can invite interested individuals and couples and health care teams to drop by for a coffee or tea or to stay overnight or for a few days and actually experience a totally new way of living and an exciting new way of life to be explored in the upcoming days and weeks and months ahead in 2012, in 2013 and in 2014.  Then we’ll see what comes next.

Search for mini suite and select http://www.golden bay.com.   …..are said to be the most popular type of rooms

“Interested, Sir? …….Ma’am?”

Do you remember what Harvard’s Tony Wagner told us yesterday?

“Forget already?”

“Want to do better today?”

“Do you want to chat?”  “brainstorm? mastermind? communicate? collaborate? Can you think creatively? Do you have creative leadership skills? Are you an exceptional teacher with a passion for the truth?

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Contact me (and us) at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

“Are you content with misinformation, missed information and blue smoke or do you want truth and life?”

The Lord Jesus was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.

“How are you today?”

That day shall not come, except there come a falling away first.

“How are you doing today, Sir? …Ma’am?”

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

“How’s your day?”

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

“How is your day going?

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

“Any answers ready?”

> . . . . . and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

“Who would be interested in an online chat on Skype or even over Vokle, if I were to host a live video chat??”

I just searched for > how to care for a computer battery.

The response was > About 227,000,000 results (0.17 seconds). 

I picked up a copy of Window7 for Dummies at the library yesterday and the good news is plentiful!

My fellow Canadians, who are seniors in their 60s and 70s and elders in their 80s and 90s “a Mari usque ad Mare” do we want to rely on experts and pros who give us packaged misinformation and then smile and wink as they withhold useful information and blow blue smoke in our faces to distract us from the task at hand.

Again, Tony Wagner of Harvard has a bit of wisdom to offer us in that we do need to collaborate and communicate and agree to learn to how to work together and cross disciplinary (and personal) boundaries.

Who wants to learn what to do and how to do some of these necessary things in the physical world, in the emotional wilderness and who wants to learn all about real life and the real love in God’s spiritual kingdom?” 

Feed my lambs, feed my sheep, feed my sheep, feed the flock among you and then ( _ ) those other sheep.

“Who wants to chat?”

My name is Donald Keith Hills

Reach me and contact us initially by email at dkeithhills@gmail.com.