“Saskatchewan seniors, time for some of us to get the hang of it!”

I say: It is time to define it and high time to start doing it as a community effort.

Seniors will help other seniors and help all of Canada and all Canadians.

Understand what it is now and what it can be.

We’ll get better at this as the days go by,

. . . . . if we get started doing it now and doing it and doing more of it.

How many Saskatchewan seniors currently living independently have a strong desire to continue living independently in their chosen community into the foreseeable future?

Apparently a sure sign of codependency is a history of never completing projects.


“Who can see all the benefits?

Who has heard of this “aging in place”?

Who is up to speed on all of the details or even some detail?

Who are the local experts in this emerging approach to optimizing community life?

Who fully understands the benefits to seniors themselves and the benefits to their respective community and the great benefit to all of Canada and to all Canadians?

Who wants to be a strong leaders in this new field?

Who is willing to help out in some way?

Who can volunteer one day a week?

Who will volunteer full time?

Who can volunteer one hour a week without being stressed, uptight, in a snit, bent out of shape and obsessed about some minor thing because you have too much on your plate?

Did you know that stress can become such a bad habit and a permanent bad habit which can lead to health problems, can negatively affect all of your relationships and to top it off undermine your job performance at work??? “Tough to break?” It depends.

Do you want to know what I learned a few days ago about correcting, controlling and even eliminating this festering national plague?

We can be stressed out and become obscessed about being stressed out, yet not know what to do even though we want to. This adds to our stress.

I’m looking for sufficient funding to do a pilot project together with a handful of seniors who are my age or older.

My long standing hope here is to demonstrate with open books and through a series of living “aging in place” examples how to function totally pain free, how to cure hypertension in natural ways, use all the known ways to eliminate codependency and the proven ways and some new ways to eliminate the common forms of stress.

All this and more, Canada, just by offering a little support and by helping a handful of seniors learn how to age in place.

Which community in Saskatchewan is willing to get this ball rolling?


My name is Donald Keith Hills.

contact me at dkeithhills@gmail.com


Sooner or later, it is obvious, but not always right away.

Last evening, I was reviewing the protocol in Body by Science for the Big Five exercises using Nautilus equipment.

I’m planning to go to the Y GYM again today.

There are directions for each exercise, which I MARK with a red underline.

In my study notes, I underline precautions and errors and mark them with blue and put an x in the margin.

These points all make sense, if and when you think about what is written, but not always right away does it sink in. It is good to thoughtfully review a time or two and let it sink in.

I woke up this morning thinking, why of course, now it is obvious why when doing the leg press to take hold of the support handles (lightly) with a palms-open grip and not use excessive gripping. The leg press is to work the lower body, right? The arms are not to be worked in this exercise, correct? And do you agree we ought not aggravate our hypertension.

Today’s posting is a bookmark for yours truly to remember to be mindful and to remember.

My name is Donald Keith Hills

I’m an active functional senior nearly 77 years of age.

I’m looking forward to abundantly and fully enjoying the next eight (8) years.

I am looking for all the workable ways for seniors to grow younger and stronger physically and at the same time, how to grow up and mature emotionally and spiritually even past70 and past75. I believe that our lives can be full of great joy and endless abundant pleasure if more of us will just take the time now to learn in the spirit of excellence how to righteously make the “right” effort. And then willingly share with others without playing codependent mind games, what God has shown us to do individually and collectively in community in His strength while functioning under His Grace. Want to do a Bible Study on this topic with two or three? If you review this post or any other post of mine and want to make a comment or suggest a correction, reach me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

A final thought for today’s posting.  My Bible tells me and I believe it is true, that God will have all men saved and none perish, and/but we must choose individually and collectively  . . . . .  our laws or     . . . . .  God’s grace. Give it all some thought and let it sink in. You may benefit plenty  from taking time out to wait and for making the conscious effort to be patient.

Knock! Knock! A Great Opportunity is knocking for Canadian Seniors and for Canadian Elders!!

May I ask Sir,  Ma’am,  are you worried about your retirement income?

Are you concerned about your health and/or your wellness??

Feeling overwhelmed by stress lately?

Are you ready to factor in the meaning and the purpose of life?

I visited the brighter life.ca website this morning and they didn’t mention my ideas or my plans.

They did however convey the Federal Budget includes old age security changes and $5 Billion in cuts.

Does that effect you in any major way?

From the Sun Life site, we learn that Canadians spend $192 Billion each year on health care.

Did you know that Canadians can choose to live with all these problems and many more that are getting progressively worse . . . . . even by the hour it seems,

or it is possible and realistic to turn these serious problems into exceptional opportunity for all of Canada and for all Canadians, bar none!

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to understand better?

Might you be willing to get  involved and participate?

Please contact me, asap, by email at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

knock! knock! elder changes can be disruptive and devasting or refreshing and invigorating and so much more!

I’m looking for funding to build a residence for a small group of seniors who would like to be independent and live the most  healthy lifestyle currently possible.

My focus today will be

1) finding that small group of seniors and the funding and a location to build.

2) plan a seniors health and wellness center

3) establish a one-stop shop for the BEST current information to share with other seniors all across Saskatchewan and all across Canada

4) begin to gather quality information on relevant  topics

5) sharE  THe infomation in vrious way

contact me at dkeithhills@gmAIL.COM

I’m going to work some, take a break, work more, let it all sink in.

God willing I’ll return later today with more content!

too soon ault and too late schmart, but better later than not at all!

On the physical side of my life, I am facing a new aging issue.

Recently I began bruising easily on my hands. Easy bruising is said to be common in people my age, but it can be serious and it may be fatal. Time will tell. I will share this new experience hopefully in a helpful way. If I make it to October 02, 2012.

At 77 these things are expected they say, but I say that most of us overlook many significant things we could easily do to stay healthy in the first place and I believe that many of us, myself included even at our age could grow years younger and stronger and live independent and productive lives and live well for many many more years.

I could be dead today or tomorrow.  “Que sera, sera.”  (1956).   But while there is still time and I may yet have those productive years ahead of me, I would like to do all I can to help myself and to help others too.

Currently I am walking for an hour early in the morning as soon as I get up. Later in the day I have been doing a few extra flights of stairs . . . . . slowly . . . . . very slowly! I’m putting some degree of squat into each step coming up each flight. I’m walking another 40 steps on the level after each  flight and repeating the down and up flight twenty  times. I do air benches too. This is really helping a lot. It is amazing, actually.

Second. I’m exercising my shoulder muscles in several ways. The hitchhiker arm movement, shoulder circles and shrugging, rolling my shoulders back and a new twist, I’m using a sweatshirt thrown over my shoulders to help me keep my shoulder blades in the correct position for a few minutes at a time as I’m walking briskly for that hour plus.

Both of these changes are helping me walk freely and painlessly. I walked up and down four flights of stairs three times just now and it was without effort and it was pleasant. My hour of walking was easy to do. No soreness! No pain!

Now, if I/we can just get this annoying hypertension out of the way and find more time and address this newest health challenge what ever the root cause and right cure.

Ought I take a retired senior’s stress leave for a spell to get my physical health back on the right track? Because there are still the challenges of emotional wellness and spiritual life ahead for myself and for many others too.

The multitasking is not so bad, it is the constant “urgent” interruptions.

I have a question and a concern. In view of the loose ends and so many tasks left unfinished. Is this an aspect of our dysfunction and codependency issues?

Add to that, I’m up early and frequently I’m up late too. I’m burning the candle at both ends of my day. And some nights, I get insufficient restful sleep.

The sunrise from 4.30 to 5.00 am was gorgeous! It is a beautiful day!

I did an “easy” workout at the Y in Saskatoon on Tuesday and used the Nautilus equipment to do the Body by Science Big Five workout. No soreness and no stiffness the next day nor the second day. This week coming up, I hope to repeat the workout but take a journal with me and keep track of the actual weights and the number of reps and how it felt at the time and keep track over the next two days.

I have a question and a concern. Has the design of the Nautilus equipment been changed? Many muscles have different strengths as they resist correctly through their full range of motion. There are also slow twitch, medium twitch and fast  twitch muscle fibers to be carefully and fully taken into account.

If some of us will not settle for second best and we only want the very best that is realistically possible, “Will we need to start all over again at square one?”

What all is included in my day today?

What is included in my diet today?

How to do an air bench correctly and how to do the perfect squat.

I stopped drinking coffee. What else can I do to rectify this hypertension?

Apparently bruising easily is a common problem as we age. But it can be serious and it can be fatal. Can we list all of the possible causes of bruising easy and detail the differential diagnosis. i.e. initially, what tests to check for bleeding time and platelet counts and the detailed history.

“What is next?”

“What can I do today?”

“What can we do today, you and I?

Have your say about physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual life!

email me today at dkeithhills@gmail.com

I believe that we are to use our hands to do good hard work so we can give generously to those in need . . . . .

I believe that I am being shown today all over again and in a brand new way that I am to work to help myself and to better my own personal situation and then I can truthfully and honestly share the knowledge and understanding acquired though experience with others and together in unity in the spirit and with a new heart, we can help all those in real need.

I believe that this is true for myself and that it is true for all of us.

I searched for “work with hands so able to give to those that ask”

I found successful-blog.com and an article written yesterday June 22, 2012 by Liz, 5 ways out sourcing can help grow small business in hard times. The site was about making money. Not what I was looking for. “Been there and done that.”

I search again for “work with hands so able to give to those that need”

This time I found Ephesians 4.28. This was the scripture I was looking for.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I offer a hot topic for discussion at your coffee breaks with this direct quote . . . . . “the main business of a Christian is not to “make money,” and to become rich. It is that he may have the means of benefiting others. Beyond what he needs for himself, his poor, and sick and aged and afflicted brother and friend has a claim on his earning – and they should be liberally bestowed.”  end of quote.

Here is another quote to keep the discussion going: “That every Christian should have some calling, business or profession, by which he may support himself. The Saviour was a carpenter; Paul a tentmaker; and no man is disgraced by being able to build a house or to construct a tent.”

If you read this June 23, 2012 posting and you are interested in learning more and in doing more for yourself but you also have a desire to help others in our society with daily difficulties and on going problems and after all of that especially if you are an older adult, a senior in your 60s or 70s or an elder in your 80s or 90s, please contact me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

Please contact me asap and specify your area of interest by topic:

Here are some examples to get this healthy process started . . . . .

how to maintain independent living past 60, past70, past80 and past 90.

how to grow ten or twenty years younger and how to get started today.

how to correct rounded shoulders and head forward posture.

how to do the air bench and how to do the perfect squat.

how to correct the washboard and the potholes in any gravel road, bar none.

how to solve the housing needs for all of our aging seniors, bar none.

how to correct . . . . .  “what was that eh?”