p. p. s. . . . . . my post post script to elderchanges.wordpress.com!

I’m hanging up my olde hat!

I’m turning in my badge!

“Adios Amigos!”

I feeeeeellllt that yesterday was the end of a KEY chapter in my life’s journey.

Even the tongue lashings and all of that kind of stuff.

I will try to explain, but please understand that I am not complaining.

Though I may be accused of doing just that.

Nevertheless, I’m fine with that.

When someone lashes out with their tongue, where is their head, where is their heart, where are their helping hands, and where is the truth spoken in love?????

I still believe that it will come.

Today, I believe that I start a brand  NEW and exciting chapter in the curious unfolding of my particular life’s journey.

I have some rock solid beliefs which have anchored me through thick and thin.

On those days when life just doesn’t make any sense . . . . .

I remember: “Be still and know that I am God!”

And I wait …….patiently.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of faith and thank you for teaching me patience.

Perhaps, I do have that something very unique and of great value to share with others.

What’s the bottom line for today and every day?

I woke up today with signs and mild symptoms of a stroke.

I had better get my affairs in order and not leave a mess for others…..eh?

Did you know that gait analysis can monitor stroke and Alzheimer’s . . . . . eh?

Believe it or not, if you consider yourself a friend of mine, I have a Bible study ready.

“Cindy, do you have a few minutes to share some current revelations with me?”

“Amen and Amen.”

From a health and wellness perspective who will help Canada and Canadians save $5 or $5BILLION in otherwise wasted and unnecessary health care costs within 5 years?

From a health and wellness perspective who will help America and Americans  save 75% of the 2.2 TRILLION DOLLARS of the otherwise wasted and unnecessary annual health care costs and help rescue the U.S.A. from sure and certain financial collapse?

Anyone in the State of Texas listening to me?

The writing is on the wall!

Who sees it?

Who understands?

Who will now pitch in?

What are you prepared to do?

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Reach me currently at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

“huuuummmmh! . . . . . health and wellness perhaps, BUT “slices of LIFE” is certainty!


hopefully, this posting is a post script . . . . . sort of a last departing thought prior to a new vital initiative!

Even though it is very frustrating, . . . . . it is reality.

What is our typical pattern?

Do we face reality and willingly solve problems?


Is our heart full of divine love?

I’m looking and I’m hoping and I’m believing!!!

First, we do nothing to help ourselves or to help one another.

Then we murmur and complain and point our fingers at him or her or them and we blame. We moan and we groan and we look so so sad. And we get all mad.

We walk right on by and/or we kick the problems aside.

Then we do too little until it is  far far too late.

Oh my, how we do cry.

Problems are opportunities!

Difficulties are blessings in disguise!

But what do we do when there is that knock on the door?

What if some of us were willing to do more to prepare and get ready?

What if a few elders were willing to practice and prepare to demonstrate the right steps to physical health and emotional wellness and sought divine guidance as to how to take the “righteous” steps to spiritual life for younger seniors and all adults to see?

Who is willing to become an examples and the role model I believe we need.

I say that most of us need to see how it is done right!

Too much information; too little understanding.

The end result is confusion and failure.

I believe that all of us need to see clearly how it is done “righteously”!

Talk’s cheap.

Show me.

Show all of us live.

Who will attempt to demonstrate speaking the truth in love without pointing their finger in anger and/or without a display of obvious contempt??

We are told to be perfect, but there is a deep secret to be applied.

Why was Joshua was told to be strong and of good courage?

As one bold step up, I propose to explore a “slices of life” audio video series.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Reach me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

A couple from Texas came up to see us recently and a fellow dropped by on his way down south after working several years in Alaska.

The point I am making here is that frequently I talk face to face with Americans from all across the U.S.A.

I get to see the good side of America and I get to read about the bad side and the ugly side of our neighbors to the south.

Do you ever talk to your neighbors over the fence?

I did and I still do.

I’ve been thinking about inviting some of our very good neighbors to the south to get actively involved in my proposed health and wellness centre(s) since I am so horribly unsuccessful to date at creating local interest and failing to garner local support.

Who will let me use the empty side of their two car garage to exercise and film?

I reviewed some of my January 2012 postings in elderchanges.wordpress.com.

I’ve tried to make the same good points a hundred different ways.

What can I say today in a new and more appealing way?

So my words do not sound like a broken record!

Here is a new one:

Soaring costs of health care sets a record, by Noam N. Levey, Los  Angeles Times, 02/04/2010.

Read the article and weep.

AND  . . . . . “Repent!”

email me and tell me how you feel about this!

Did you know that 75% of health care costs are for treating chronic conditions which are preventable in the first place and they are proving to be easily curable.

“. . . . . daaahhhh!”

Any offer of one half of a garage?

I’m thinking of going VOKLE and doing a weekly reality show

Weeping Americans are welcome to appear and voice their views.

Want to see yours truly demonstrate the perfect senior squat in progress?

We can discuss falls prevention and preventing malnutrition in the senior population.

At least we’ll accomplish that much together, you and I.

If I can’t get funding to build my seniors health and wellness Centres, then at least we can have some fun discussing what could have been done if we had made better use of the time from January 2005 to October 2015.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

I’m an active community volunteer who advocates taking steps to be active and to explore how to be physically healthy, emotionally well and spiritually alive.

reach me currently at dkeithhills@gmail.com

God willing, I’m about to go VOKLE!

watch for my new show!

“Who is dumb? . . . and who is dummer? . . . and who is dimmest and the dumbest of all?”

Is it you and I and all of us?

Are Canadians or are Americans the worst?

What was the saying about the blind leading the blind?

Has our modern christian church also lost its way?

Are too many of our leaders lost?

Are there some who are not?

Could physicians and politicians make better choices for seniors?

I checked out the American thinker.com for july 21, 2012, just a few moments ago . The perfect president for today’s America by Simon de Hundenhutte. America will define itself and its direction with the November 6 election results.

Take the time to read this posting and give it some thought.

It isn’t just America and Americans.

A similar sad case can be made for Canada and Canadians too.

Physical health, emotional wellness and our spiritual life are all in a mess.

If you believe in divine intervention, please read Jeremiah 3.22 a.k.j.v. out loud with me.

Please, please, please don’t overlook this “immediate and time sensitive opportunity”.

(Thanks to Kenneth Thorpe, Chair of Health Policy & Mgmt at Emory University’s School of Public Health for this particular wording. Huffington Post 27 June 2011 Why America needs seniors to stay in their homes.)

My name is Donald Keith Hills


Calling all stalwart seniors and their dedicated caregivers . . . . .

Ask yourself why would a senior or a caregiver want to learn to use the leg press correctly and why you would anyone want to practice the perfect squat exercise?

I’ve used a leg press four times now a week or longer apart.

At the moment, I am reviewing Chapter three, The Dose-response relationship of Exercise, in Doug McGuff and John Little’s Body by Science.

You too should investigate and discover the opportunity for health and wellness presented by a wise application of what is now well known or maybe not so well known.

I have also made new notes for myself on the perfect squat.

You should too.

We should do this together.

David Higgins co-founder of tenpilates.com has some excellent notes worth checking out.

I was with a friend at the podiatrist and saw her whole foot shifting and now I see why.

We could seek funding to pay for some special training for a physical therapist who has a keen interest in helping seniors and elders learn to do strength training correctly.

Search for  fit sugar the perfect squat and select a post by Susi May December 22, 2011. Pay particular attention to mistake 3 funky knee alignment and what to do….if  the knees veer toward the midline  ….. or stray to the outside.

Did you see the report yesterday on Sugar Fit that sitting is deadlier than smoking?

It was reported that reducing inactivity by 10% would save 553,000 lives yearly.

Let’s discuss some of  the better and more effective senior and elder options.

There is a Big opportunity for all of Canada, but it will not last.

I’m a senior in my late 70s and I’m still able to stay active.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

If you want to help yourself and help others too, contact me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

“Why bother to promote a superior health and wellness Centre for older adults, active seniors and frail elders?”

I’m not going to go into lengthy detail today.

But, I do ask you to think about the contributions made by today’s active seniors.

I will make a few comments and then leave you with the question to answer as you see fit.

I was reminded that “Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”  -Deuteronomy 34.7

So, if Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years, he had to be 80 years old when he started that journey out of Egypt.

What else was extra special about this man Moses in addition to his age?

What did Moses do that was so unusual?

Read Exodus 3.1-4 in an akjv.

What does this tell us?

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

Contact me at dkeithhills@gmail.com

How to save Canada $5 Billion or more in health care costs within five (5) years from today’s date which is 07/15/2012 or sooner.

Cindy, what do addicts and codependents do?

They blame you and I.

They say, it is your fault that we are like this.

What did Flip Wilson used to say a lot: “The devil made me do it!”

The devil certainly had his hand in it, but responsibility is actually left to each individual.

Sir, Ma’am, please don’t blame your parents or your great grandparents for all of your troubles and for all of your woes.

God gave us free will to choose life or we choose death by our own default.

Good physical health and emotional wellness are similarly bestowed.

We are promised a new heart and a renewed spirit . . . . if

Want the scripture just quoted?

Why not ask.

But, please take responsibility folks for your own S H x X !

Now, back to our MANY troubles and to our BIG bags of woe.

We heap up big troubles for ourselves in the physical, in the emotional and in the spiritual.

One and two and three. one,two and three. 1,2 and 3. What are the issues? What are the causes? What are the cures? What I said was cures and what I did not say band aids.

Canadians can continue to mess around or Canadians can take the bulls by the horns.

The best solutions will be as simple as that.

No BS and no blue smoke.

speak the truth in love.

open the books.

No more missed information.

Less mis-information and no more secrets behind closed doors.

Do you have any idea how simple and how easy it will be to order up good physical health with an abundance of emotional wellness for each and every person in every community, business and organization in Saskatchewan which is ready and willing to participate in this proposed initiative?

Who will be examples and who will become the new role models?

1. discover how to eat right daily.

2. discover how to exercise properly weekly.

3. discover how to get a good night’s restful sleep consistently.

Now, you and I are ready for the big challenge and very challenging times just ahead:

Take a deep breath and hold it and now yawn and let it out slow     ly . . . . . aaaaahhh!

4. next, deal with root causes of codependency and control, expose neglect and abuse in children and in elderly populations. investigate stress and stressors more thoroughly from a position of seasoned experience, a position of power and a position of strength.

5. now for those “slices of . . . . . life”  eh!

“bottom line?”

one, two, three:

what are the collective issues?

what is the bundle of causes in your case and in my situation?

and progressively step by step what are the right cures for you and for me?

My name is Donald Keith Hills

I have been very active all of my life until recently. I recognize that I’m now sitting too much. I believe that it is time for many of us older folks to move more, time to eat a better balance of wholesome foods and I believe that the time is here to grow up emotionally and for sure now is the time to grow up spiritually and I also believe that we will be shown how to share in spirit and in truth with others what is up and what is coming down.

“How is this accomplished?”

I’ll investigate and report back on line.

Hope is to learn to Skype and become more Vokle

gradually, many others will join in and actively participate

if information is turned into knowledge and meaningful understanding.

articulate > illustrate > demonstrate > coach skills > counsel > change > changes

reach me at this critical point in time at dkeithhills@gmail.com