“In just 33 days, God willing, I will celebrate my 77th Birthday with Saskatchewan seniors who can and who will demonstrate live, correct squats and perfect deadlifts . . . . . eh! “


” . . . . . therefore choose life!”

What is the context here?

What is the source of this quote?

What does it mean to modern society?

What does it mean to the people of Saskatchewan?

What could it mean to 34.7 million Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare”?

What does it mean to the 311,247,869 citizens of the good old U.S. of A?

Each person from 5 year old children to 105 year old grandmothers can decide.

Each day, all of us and each one of us can decide to hinder or to we can choose to

help in some way.

We can be negative, moan and groan, complain, lay blame, point fingers, put up barriers and road blocks, OR we can learn to re-frame our thinking, control our feelings and emotions and change our attitudes, habits and behaviors.

Some of us can choose to become role models and good to ideal examples for our children and our grandchildren to follow…..eh?

“therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”

Think about and ponder the true meaning!

Find Deuteronomy 30.19 a.k.j.v.

Today, I invite 25 Saskatchewan seniors who are now past65 and 35 Saskatchewan seniors who are now past75 together with 45 Saskatchewan elders who are now past85 to volunteer to become role models and examples for 725 communities in Saskatchewan and ideal role models and ideal examples for all of Canada to see and to follow.


Who will respond?

Saskatchewan seniors and elders could easily become the needed examples, the living proof and the perfect role models for the rest of Canada and for the entire United States of America.

How can we call ourselves christian and not help those among us who are in great distress and in very great need…..eh??

Who will actively, willingly and enthusiastically participate???

“So let’s get the lead out shall we?”

Why do people procrastinate so easily and so often??

Why do we put off doing things we are totally convinced are in our best interests?

Why do some of us talk about doing something for years before we take action.

I’m asking myself that very question this morning at 6.10 am 28/08/2012.

What are our mental and emotional attitudes and habits good and bad and who do we listen to?

Who’s advice do we take to heart?

I feel it is time for a change.

I’m shifting my focus.

I’m believing!

Dyb, dyb, dyb and dob, dob, dob.”

I just stopped and took the time to review my notes back to August 01, 2012.

Less than 3% of the population take advantage of what is currently available for promoting physical health and emotional wellness. 97% do not.

Is this an opportunity to help improve everyone’s health care or NOT??

75%of all health care expenditures are for seniors and elders.

Is this an opportunity for Canadians and Americans or NOT??

I’m going to select a few key points from my August notes:

point one: Electronic health records may improve preventive care – Kenny Lin M.D. -Wed July 11, 2012. My preventive care an interactive personal health record that generates a list of screening and counseling recommendations based on guidelines from the XXXX. Do we have something equal or better here in Canada?

point two: David A Lynch M. D.,  Bellingham has a list of recommended links to understand health care reform. Improve health care and spend less.

point three: Health Assessment and screenings from U.H.S. Tang Center available through ……… gives you a picture of your healh and a blueprint for an action plan.

1, learn about health risks you may not be aware of.

2, access tools and resources to help make positive behavior changes.

3, gain information, knowledge  and understanding about …

4, develop a collaborative action plan involving you and your support team

5, measure and monitor and make positive changes and document the changes

6, share your minor improvements and BIG successes weekly or monthly!

7, can we modify our  lifestyle to reduce risk and lower the costs and eliminate all the known risks? . . . . . or can we NOT?

Can we do it? . . . . . or will we NOT?

Will we look for excuses and look for someone to blame or will we look for  solutions?

If only 3% care now, can the number who really care be increased to 5% or MORE?

Can this be done here is Saskatchewan or can it NOT?

8, Why be vague and non descript when we can fully agree to be precise?

9, I propose three (3) small test projects to launch an ongoing series of programs each lasting a few weeks to a few months.

10, I’m asking for three small groups of senior volunteers and generous funding now.

11, comments anyone? agreement? disagreement?

12, reach me by email at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

13, This is a late night edit:

The Conference Board of Canada has a 44 page review of 18 major health care cost containment studies. There are 432 recommendations which fall into 7 themes. pdf format. On Page 13 there is mention of a key blind spot.  There is another study which would add another scary perspective to the health care debate. refer to CDC FY 2008 > 25% of children ages 5 to 10 have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other early warning signs of heart disease. Autopsy studies showed advanced fibrous plaques in their arteries.

Who gets the picture right away?

Where is society going with these UNHEALTHY diets and this inactivity madness? Currently 75% of health care costs are spent on services to the elderly. Where will the funding come from if 100% of the population suddenly needs all the costly care for their entire lifespan from 5 year old children all the way to all the old and all the frail?

NOW think about the cost savings if adults were shown how to eat right and how to exercise correctly  and they were able to get a handle on stress in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s?

. . . . I believe this is 100% possible and easily doable with a sincere willingness to try.

We have known about low salt and restricted salt diets since 1954. Elizabeth Reisinger was in California, right? How many years is that? No blue smoke, please.

The metabolic syndrome is attributed to too much Omega-6 fatty acids, right? The correct ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 is one to one, right? What is so hard about that?

Can we measure 1.2 to 1.4 grams of EPA/DHA daily? Is that too hard or easy to do?

HOW do we handle insulin resistance now that we know more?

The trick is knowing what to do and what not to do, right.

BUT, let’s spit it out.

Should we look at all of the fructose added to countless food items?

Should I go on?

Need I go on?

What was that comment about a blind spot on page13?

Who wants to save $50 Billion in health care costs for starters?

When and where do we begin our talk?

“What’s up Doc?” “Starting today, let us discuss in detail what all else can be done to prevent that serious stroke in Saskatchewan seniors with a history of TIA!”

It is 4.18 am 27/08/2012.

Only within those first few crucial 3-4.5 hours after the onset of symptoms can the new drup tPA be administered by a physician in a hospital to the patient in the process of actually suffering a potentially lethal or permanently disabling stroke.

Saskatchewan currently records (2,000) two thousand strokes annually. 50% are disabling! Up to 90% of all strokes are preventable if given time and the right program to follow, even if further than four (4) hours away from the new drug tPA.

How many strokes annually across Canada? How many more all across the U.S.A.?

BUT these same patients have days and weeks and possibly months before that crucial moment with which to improve their diet and exercise and to learn how to overcome the underlying negative attitudes, negative emotions, bad  habits and manage the stress.

“Talk to me, please.” “Don’t turn your back, throw up your hands and walk away again.”

It is my understanding that among the root causes of heart attack and stroke is an imbalance in the ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. This imbalance results in what is known as the Metabolic Syndrome. The correct ratio is a balanced one to one.

Who has heard me say that we eat too much sugar and too much salt together with too much saturated fat and insufficient EPA and DHA. What is that Sir?/Ma’am? and where does it come from??

Better yet folks, how could/should sane Canadians deal with a modern Gordian Knot?

How do friends, relatives and the children of our frail seniors and our elders factor in?

Do we want to wait until the very last three to four and one half hours (3 – 4 1/2) hours?

What if the car won’t start or the car is low on gas or the roads are all snowed in???


BUT, what if we choose to become proactive now!

WHO sees the opportunity that I see!

WHERE is that pioneer spirit?

Where is our Holy Spirit?

Where is our unity?

Read Amos 3.3.




Who is ready now to discuss in detail some of those other very very viable options?

5.23 am, 27/08/2012.

“Laura, Is there still a viable opportunity for Canadians and Americans to choose that high road to excellent long term health for those interested and to better health care for all age groups?”

It was 5.15 am cst, Sunday morning, 26.08.2012 when I got this title for today’s post.

It is now 5.25 am cst.

Between you and I and that gatepost . . . . .

I discovered Chip Eichelberger’s 3% site late last night.

I’m going for a long walk now and God willing, I will be back later.

For the past few days my focus has been on personal health and wellness initiatives versus long term health care available for seniors and elders provided by governments.

I hope that you don’t mind my speaking up and my speaking out!!

I visualize a helpful informational website for Saskatchewan health and wellness enthusiasts with an interactive component for interested and willing participants!!

here goes . . . . .

point one, Kenny Lin MD says that electronic health records may improve preventive care. From afgjournal.blogspot.ca Wed July 11, 2012. Reference was made to an interactive personal health record that generates a list of screening and counselling recommendations based on guidelines from the      as well as ……

point two, David A. Lynch MD has provided a list of recommended links to understand Health Care Reform. Source: drdavelynch.blogspot.ca. “better health care for less!”

Point three, Is anyone in Saskatchewan willing to provide timely information resources that are equal or better as well as refined information which is easy to access, easy to understand and east to apply?

Point four, Who will be first to contribute one idea per month, one suggestion, one paragraph, one page of information, one tip with a supporting reference or something useful…..

Point five, Compelling evidence now exists that heart disease in largely caused by the proliferation of increase levels of small dense LDL cholesterol particles that have become oxidized in the blood and combined with abnormalities related to insulin resistance.

(hint! ……hint!)

What do our scientists know about the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA?

Who can elucidate a balanced diet which includes fatty fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil?

A diet high in dietary fiber with 1.2-1.4 grams of EPA/DHA with balance Omega-3/6 together with adequate exercise can negate the effect of stressors that cause inflammation, metabolic dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.


More reference if you will. Find “Different Diets for Different Bodies”, Sept 30, 2006, Obesity research and determine the relevance to today’s topic.

Search> “stroke prevention in Saskatchewan”

select > hsf.sk.ca/siss  20 Feb 2011 (March 1st, 2008) Find The Saskatchewan Integrated Stroke Strategy Advocacy Report  Health System Transformation and Stroke Prevention and Care in Saskatchewan…..

select > hsf.sk.ca/siss/documents/HSFSPresentation Oct 30 J Gerein.pdf.

search> http://www.articlesbase.com, benefits of fish oil – few people know, by George Josserme, Sept 16, 2011. Healthy quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids taken regularly over an extended period of time is advised.

running out of time, so will return later to contnue…..



“How to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune happily with dignity and with grace and then to experience overcoming them all …..eh!”

Hamlet speaks on his entry to Act 3 scene 1: “whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer outrageous fortune or to take up arms against a sea of trouble and by opposing end them.”

WordPress indicates that it is 10.02. My computer reads 4.13 am 24/08/2012.

129,000 results in 0.35 seconds for how to suffer the slings and arrows

selected: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/to be or not to be (Shapespeare)

What am I leading up to say?

What needs to be said here?

I am grieving for the afflictions of Joseph.

“Are you?”

My heart is crying out!”

I still see the little old white haired lady being dumped off and helped into a chair in RUH emergency after being rushed to the emergency in an ambulance.

I watched another older man with his wife and with his son sit in agony for hours.

Each in our own way, all five of us were in AGONY for HOURS at RUH emergency!

Saskatchewan, this is just not acceptable!

It need not be this way!

There is so much MORE that can be DONE BETTER!

My ticket out of the parking lot was $15.00 which I was later told is the maximum daily charge.

I’m hoping to connect all the dots soon, so please try to stay with me through this!

I want to turn to realistic stroke prevention for seniors, to sensible aging in place for active seniors and also help to find practical ways to save some of the BILLIONS Of HEALTH CARE DOLLARS wasted every hour of the day and every day of the week.

My hopes are to combine these three projects into one.

This project is for sure, a certain life saver.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

reach me today at dkeithhills@gmail.com.