Please read James 5.19-20, give it some time and careful thought and then contact me with your evaluation of my proposed health and wellness initiative for retired seniors, frail elders and all adults.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

currently you can contact me by email at

God willing, in two more days, I will be seventy-seven (77) years old!

or I will be seventy-seven (77) years young!

Why be concerned about physical health and emotional wellness when our goal and our focus ought to be eternal life exclusively?

I think it is a very good question and I ask myself this question very often.

I believe in my heart and in my head that there is a divine purpose and if I/we pursue it, you and I will be shown what the purpose is.

Consider John 4.24 and Matthew 6.33 together with

1/ Jeremiah 29.13

2/ John 20.29, John 21.15, 16,17, 1 Peter 5.2 and then John 10.16.

3/ 1 Tim 2.3-4

4/ 2 Pt. 3-9 and Luke 13.3

5/ Hebrews 4.10

6/ Ephesians 4.15

7/ Rev 3.21 and 21.7

8/ Mt. 6.33

9/ Luke. 9.23

10/ 1 John 2.15

11/ 2 Corinthians 6.17

12/ 2 Corinthians 7.1

13/ What are the correct steps in sequence and what is the correct order??

14/ 2 Thessalonians 2.3, 2.8 and 2.13

15/. Ephesians 4.25

16/. Ephesians 4.12

17/ ?

18/ ??

19/ ???

20/ ????

21/ ?????

22/ 1 Pt. 2.20 got my attention this morning.

As I reminisce and review my life journey to this point, I sense a lifelong preparation for this upcoming project/task/assignment/.

Who gets the point I am making?

What is to be gained by bothering with diet and exercise??

What is the benefit of escaping the emotional bondage of sipping coke and lying??

What if we curb our passions for chocolate cake?

What do we gain when we master drug and alcohol addictions and our smoking habit?,

Do we finally measure up by not selling  brown eggs on Sundays . . . . . eh?

Are you still pointing your finger at me?, talking about me behind my back?, keeping secrets? throwing up you hands again and again? Am I just a pain in the butt to you?

Again look at 1 Timothy 2.3-4,  but this time add Romans 3.10 and Romans 3.23.

After all of the above, let us look carefully at James 2.10 and James 4.17 . . . . . eh!

Should we continue on?

Can we add to today’s to do list

1/ leading and leadership by example

2/ health and health care sustainability in Canada

3/ The Conference Board of Canada’s role in senior and elder health

4/ The summit on sustainable health and health care

5/ Canadian Alliance for sustainable health care

6/ Carol Kushner’s suggestion that we address real problems and not phantom problems – from her May 18, 2011 presentation in _____________.

7/ Will Canadians in Ontario allow Bill Holland to throw out the baby with the bath water?

8/ Or will Canadians duplicate what Americans did at Tufts University and teach frail 85 and frail 95 year old elders to increase their muscle strength by 175% in eight (8) weeks . . . . . eh!  What are the correct steps? in what sequence? Where do we begin? How?

9/ We show people how to prepare to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. From what I understand seniors and even frail elders have exactly the same 639 muscles. So what’s our problem? Do we know how but do not want to bother? Do we some how reason that it is not worth the effort? Do we care or do we just not care?

10/ Will the people of Saskatchewan accept my 2012 challenge to support my investigations as to what all to do and how to do it in order to prevent 90% of the 2,000 strokes which reportedly occur in Saskatchewan each and every year as s the first step in saving thousands or Millions OR Billions of health care dollars?

“What does he know . . . . eh?”

“Where do you and your community stand today?”

“Sir, Ma’am, where do you draw the line on child abuse? and senior/elder neglect?”


“Why guess wrong again and again?” “Why assume incorrectly it is old age if it is a preventable and curable spiritual, emotional, social and/or physical condition?”

How will Canadians define senior neglect and elder abuse after 02/10/2012 . . . . . eh?

Think about your answer to this question before you read today’s post and again after.

There will be more information forthcoming over the next few months on this topic.

It is over seven and going on eight years now that I have been hoping to develop a suitable fitness and lifestyle program to assist older seniors and yes, frail elders stay independent and enable them to live out their life in their own homes if they choose to.

I feel that now, the timing is not only right, but perfect for this initiative.

“But let patience have her perfect work, that ____________________.” – James 1.4

Who has the time and the interest and the patience to check out what I’m going to write about in this paragraph? Find yourself a copy of Strength Training on the Ball by Colleen Craig, Healing Arts Press, 2005 and turn to page 108 to confirm this entry: a nursing home group of frail participants who ranged from ages eighty-six to ninety-six: in eight weeks they increased their strength by 175%.” NOTE  . . . . . “175%!”

Secondly, please confirm this entry as well: “the women in the second group were fifteen to twenty years more youthful.” Note this folks “fifteen to twenty years more youthful!”

Is this information actually true and factually correct?

Is this actually doable if and when done right?

“Who in your town and/or in your neck of the woods is interested in growing younger and in growing stronger and in becoming healthier and happier by far?????”

Why do we guess and guess and assume and then murmur and complain about our bad luck?

Explain that to me, if you can.



If you find this too difficult to do today, then do an internet search for > muscle strength increased in seniors 175% in eight weeks, select > up/index.ssf  and > look for Tufts.

Who is interested in improving care giving for our seniors “a Mari usque ad Mare” and for the frail elderly in their local community?

If we will learn to help seniors and elders properly, we will also learn how to help ourselves better and then we can help our family correctly at the very some time.

But as a caution, let us not buy into the anxieties of the moaners and the groaners.

Nor the outrageous demands of the “I want you to spoil me Mom and Dad” whining child.

Find the and the Oct 19, 2010 posting: “There is no bigger opportunity in health care over the next 15 years than those in gerontology.”

Look for the list of 18 enlightening You Tube videos about gerontology and aging.

My nutrition focus today is to evaluate my best daily source of 1200 mgm of EPA and DHA from wild salmon & fish oils Omega-3 complex and compare to the Omega-6 content of one level teaspoonful of vegetable oil margarine with the intent to balance my Omega-3 and Omega-6 intake in order to avoid dealing with the signs and symptoms and all the adverse effects of the metabolic syndrome . . . . eh!

Additionally, I hope  to review the maximum quantity of olive oil by volume and by weight needed in my diet today to obtain adequate fat. I’ll mix some Balsamic Vinegar with a quantity of olive oil as a dip for a slice or two of “yummy” 100% whole wheat bread when I need that quick snack. I’ll add a 1/2 cup of Mann’s sugar snap peas and some baby carrots.

What else goes on today’s todo list?

It is now 9.15 am cst and let us add to today’s topics of interest along with . . . . .

fall prevention

aging in place technlogy

visitable housing benefits everyone

what we know about Moses when he hit eighty

progress to date in respect to socially inclusive communities.

“and what is the passion of your life sir? . . . . . and yours ma’am?”

“What does it mean to you to have a bee in your bonnet?”

from > idioms and slang

means to have something to prove

or a mission.

typically it means they have something they want

(or something they hope to accomplish)

and they are (determined) to get it.

(perhaps even with a divine passion to accomplish).

It is Wednesday September 26th, 2012, 9.40 am cst.

Today’s post is the 275th post of this blog.

Have I been able to finally articulate what it is exactly that I want to say and God willing, hope to accomplish fully down to the last detail?

Actually, I believe that it is clearly in my head and in my heart, if not also on my tongue.

So, here we go . . . . .

This initiative is about achieving and maintaining physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual life starting with a small group of elders as examples and as the role models for others. Models for seniors of course, but also for adults, children and youth who need to be shown what to do by example as well as told what to do and how to do it . . . . . eh?

I have been reminiscing my past and I see a lifetime of preparation for this next project.

Consumer Reports January 2005 features an article on making workouts work. Find the reason given for seniors giving up independent living and moving into nursing homes.

Let us examine adult and senior health and existing health care and available elder care.

Find information on the shortage of general practitioners all across Canada.

Examine the health care reforms as promoted by the CMA and CNA.

Add the abundance of misinformation to the missed information and a general lack of professional guidance in accessing urgent care together with the mundane, ordinary, commonplace, everyday what to do and how to do it stuff . . . . . eh!

Now, compound this with the tensions and anxiety in the air and on the highways.

What do you propose be done with this modern 2012 Gordian knot?

We are cheating ourselves out of health and wellness.

We are missing out on our opportunity for life.

There are just too many gaps!

All that can be changed!

. . . . . elderchanged!

if you get my drift.

. . . . . back to the kitchen for a moment and my diet, what is the cost to add one only package of Mann’s sweet snap peas and one only 4″ head of broccoli to today’s grocery list? I’ll get the nutritional breakdown later and add that info to these notes at that time. The question to address here is “What is the weekly cost to eat well?”

Is physical health and emotional wellness doable by  and for Canadians of all ages?

And where do Canadians stand on choosing spiritual life?


“do you know that falls in seniors and elders is not inevitable and that most illness and chronic disease is frequently preventable and often easily curable!”

God willing, in seven days, I will be seventy-seven (77) and I’m in the best physical shape of my entire life.

And in every way, my life is getting better.

But what needs to change if we are to reduce the incidence of falls in the elderly?

What must radically change before more of society can benefit?

>mindsets, >attitudes, >belief systems, >behaviours,

>our understanding and knowledge of diet and exercise,

>interpersonal communication skills and willing conflict resolution,

>who is now seeking and searching how to speak the truth in (divine) love?

Who is willing to help establish guidelines for the prevention of falls in the elderly and to actively help get the word out and about physical health, much more about emotional wellness and the bottom line truth about spiritual life?

Can we agree and learn to walk together? same page, same paragraph and same book?

Amos 3.3?

Who will actively participate and support a correct and progressive understanding of visitable Canadian homes for starters?

(1) investigate what the City of Prince George has done.

(2) check into Bolingbrook, Illinois, U.S.A. way back in 2003.

(3) do you realize how much Canada is lagging behind what is possible and feasible in terms of legislation, incentives and education about and in support for visitable housing

(4) the estimated increase in cost if included in new construction is 1%.

(5) If you want a quick understanding of the financial and emotional costs of our indifference to falls visit the CDC website. Look for: How big is the problem?, How are costs calculated?, How costly are fall related injuries among older adults? and more…..

* Now look at the flip side, ladies and gentlemen and evaluate the enormous benefit!

Who will stop all the murmuring and complaining and holler: “Coach!, make time for me!”

Who is ready and willing to vigorously and joyfully volunteer on a regular basis?

Who will support these willing volunteers so that they hang in there and do not burn out?

I was working on my own diet and on my diet display yesterday.This is one of several projects that are on the back burner at this time, if you get the drift.  I had an 8 ounce package of Mann’s Snap Peas, family owned for three generations. Yummy. 2.5 cups gives me five 1/2 cup portions on different days. > how much visually on a plate? How much by weight in my Taylor diet scale? How do they display in a one cup measuring cup? With fresh spinach and sliced vine ripe tomatoes along with a 50 gram serving of broccoli flowers and stems and with other items, how do I feel energy wise? Am I still hungry or am I fully satisfied? Am I energized? No cravings for sweets? How is my weight and how is my waist circumference??




“aaaahh!!, perfection is the goal, right!”

I see a completed “slices of life” video series.

How is my posture and my balance and my body alignment today?

Are all my 639 muscles in perfect balance or almost in perfect balance?

Do you want to be an active part of current progress?

suit yourself.

your choice of course.

Yes, I’ve led horses to water . . . . . a team of work horses and a spirited black gelding who was always a challenge to saddle up and ride. The timing had to suit him. You learn fast to read right.

As I reminisce about all of the many different things I have done over my lifetime, I believe that I see a comprehensive preparation for what I believe is coming next.

I also believe that many of us must make an extra special effort at this time willingly and we are obliged to diligently desire perfection, not in our strength but we are to learn to be strong in the Lord  and in the power of his might. We must choose to learn how to cease our own works and to enter into the Lord’s rest to get all the jobs done perfectly.

When will we get past the gifts and the calling to the full knowledge of the truth and to the required repentance? How is our patience and long suffering and how is our faith, hope and charity?

. . . . . same page, same paragraph and same book in unity of the spirit?

“Be ye therefore perfect”.