emotional distancing is “bad medicine” for all Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare”!”

If you want to help yourself and your family and your town, village or city, your province and all of Canada “a Mari usque ad Mare” . . . . . > . . then invest the time and the effort to fully understand codependency, emotional distancing, Matthew 6.33 and Acts 14.22.

If you get that far, there is more.

I was prompted to investigate emotional distancing last evening and found two sites I will  now recommend highly:

1] csmonitor.com Feb 13, 2009, David Code, the real silent killer of marriages is _____.  > prevent family problems and divorce . . . . . eh!

2] heartrelationships.com, Neil Rosenthal, overcoming emotional distancing > explore your fears and . . . . . > . . if you can learn to be more open . . . . . and emotionally available . . . . .

> . . you are preparing for the NEXT step in growing up spiritually which is critical.

Please, please take note!

We are warned in Mt. 24.12 that the love of many will grow cold.

“Do you see it?”

In Ephesians Chapter 4, we are told to be no more children, to grow up (spiritually), to put away lying, to speak every man truth with his neighbour and much much more.

“Do you get it?”

A young girl 13 in grade 8 phoned last night. The ladies were “not available”. This girl had had a fight with her best friend at school and almost was expelled over one black eye and one bloody nose. We are not available emotionally for each other and we are surprised when we can’t get along or there is violence in nursing homes and institutions?

We treat each other like dirt and we lie. Still, we expect all the Blessings of a Holy God.

When will we bring up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord?

When will we choose to speak truth in love and learn how to serve one another by love??

Now come with me from the school spat of yesterday to an unfolding provincial disaster and a National calamity in the making.

Health care costs in Ontario have risen from 32% of the Provincial budget in 1980 to 42% currently and trending to 50% of the provincial budget along with a $15 Billion debt.

“Like Ontario, other provinces are experiencing similar challenges that are likely to continue into the future.” [direct quote]

An aging population is “a key cost driver” because “health care costs rise significantly after age 65”.

to see with your own eyes search for > http://www.fin.gov.on.ca>long term report 2010.

“Now, who has read Deuteronomy 34? akjv?”

Moses was 120 years old and he climbs to the top of Pisgah.

His eye was not dim, nor was his natural force abated.

“Who get’s the picture?”

Of course, Moses knew the LORD face to face . . . . . > . .eh!

“Who get’s the picture now?”

“Any provincial government interested in discovering how to save their fair share of the $55 Billion Dollars or MORE in health care and other related costs?”



My name is Donald Keith Hills

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how to overcome codependency . . . . . > . . eh!

last night, a codependency search gave me about 368,000 results in 0.10 seconds

here are a few of the thoughts gleaned last night:

> if you were raised in a dysfunctional family or had an ill parent you are likely codependent.

> symptoms get worse if left untreated.

> most american families are codependent.

> the good news is that symptoms are reversible.

BUT, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the rub . . . .. . > . .

> apparently a sure sign of codependency is a history of never completing projects.

SO, where do we begin . . . . . > . . eh?

Where do we start?

Are we ready?

First, good water to drink, good food to eat, adequate exercise and a good night’s restful sleep.

What else?

How do we communicate with one another and how do we relate?

Are we willing to be open, honest and truthful or will we play mind and emotional games?

Can we speak the truth?

Are we still stuck at this point?

So, what is the total correct answer?

What do you suggest … Sir? ……..Ma’am?

My name is Donald Keith Hills

> email me at dkeithhills@gmail.com.

> recent musings are on elderchanges.wordpress.com.

> watch for something new and innovative and progressive coming soon.

> Who is willing to consider what I have to articulate, illustrate and demonstrate?


“. . . . . > . . who is interested in what I have to say?”

I just sent a “contact us” email to Morgan County West Virginia U.S.A.

it was not received….one of those technical difficulties.

“What should we do with the old Hospital?”

I’ll try again later.

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

my email is dkeithhills@gmail.com

I currently post to elderchanges.wordpress.com

It is now 10.35 am cst and Friday 26/10/2012.

. . . . . > . . and will heal their land

I will frequently wake up with a solid thought to start my day on a solid footing.

This morning, the thought I had was: “and I will heal your land”

I looked up II Chronicles 7.14-15 and it was a fit.

You may want to look at it as well and give it some thought today and tomorrow.

If my people

which are called by my name,

shall __________,

and __________,

and __________,

then __________

and __________

and will heal their land.

Now __________

and __________

In contrast, read Jeremiah 17.5.

And, let’s put it another way:

“but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

My name is Donald Keith Hills.

If you have a similar thought, please share it with me.

working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth . . . . . > . . !

At this very moment ladies and gentlemen, I am being handed a special opportunity to establish a unique fitness studio for FRAIL elders here in Saskatchewan.

I have thought it over very carefully and I’m going for it!

> Since January 2005, I have been believing with all my heart for this opportunity.

> all seniors still motivated to be healthy and well are invited to investigate what this is.

> every Saskatchewan adult health care worker from the ages 20 to 65 is invited to participate if and when the shoe fits.

> Saskatchewan physicians and Saskatchewan nurses are invited to investigate.

> my hope is to help to create greater awareness and clear understanding

> to combine this health and wellness initiative with aging in place

> and the new emerging livability housing technology.

> my plan is to come out of retirement for a time, for a season and for a spell to earn 5 or 10 million dollars just to give it all away to those that need it.

> another hope of mine is to demonstrate to Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare” what to do and how to do this and how to do that in order to save 55 Billion Dollars in money now spent on health care which could easily be saved.

> we do need to be on the same page at the same time, folks.

> Can two walk together except they be agreed . . eh?

> If 80% of the 2,000 annual strokes in Saskatchewan are preventable, do we not want to investigate and participate and support the sincere efforts of those who start first?

……..without yelling, screaming and carrying on, if it isn’t done your way the first time.

my name is Donald Keith Hills.

I’m an active senior, now past the age of 77.