If you are asking me: “How am I on this very fine day?”

. . . ( “physically?” ) . .  [ “emotionally?” ]  and   > > . .  < “spiritually?”  >    . . eh?

today is the last day of the old year and tomorrow is the first day of the new year.

( “physically” ), I picked up the pace today.

I walked 25% faster and stepped 25% more paces during my 1/2 hour walk.

I have no aches and experience no pains.

I attribute that blessing to good posture, correct balance and correct alignment head to toe.

Did you know that even after the age of 77, each one of us still has 639 muscles.

Our muscles do not  totally disappear, they just atrophy from the lack of use.

I am investigating three different programs simultaneously.

“Anyone care to join me?”

All interested older adults, seniors, elders, FRAIL elders and centenarians are welcome!

[ “emotionally” ], I have nothing interesting to report today . . yet.

God willing, there will be some emotional encounters.

Aaaah, but  <     > > .  .  “spiritually!”       >

I woke up again today with:     ” and < I > will hold thine hand,”

” and will keep thee, ”

– Isaiah 42.6-7

That was at 7.00 am

It is now almost 11.00 am.,

and I still feel the intense warmth of the Lord’s presence.

If you would socialize with me today, let us read Isaiah 42.6-7 together and chat after that.

And, I am hoping to add lots of  illustrations and photographs and video clips very soon.


This posting is for you and I, my dear friend.

If you will get past your apparent obsession with Facebook and if you will meet with me face to face even briefly.

I just read 1 John 2.27 and 4.1-21 and then I read John 10.9-10 and John 10.16 again.

I would like you to know that I have been given a burden for seniors and elders.

You could choose to pencil me in one morning soon.

I hope you will understand.



“Can I help you Sir?” “…..Ma’am?”

“Can I help you in some way today?”

“Do you fully understand all of the issues and challenges?

( “. . .  physically?” )    [ ” . . emotionally?” ]        < “> > . . spiritually?” >

I’m looking for divine guidance, I’m asking for inspiration,  I’m praying for divine revelation.

> immediately I am reminded of John 8.12 : I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

> to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him (or her) it is sin. – James 4.17

> and yet offend in one point, he (or she) is guilty of all. – James 2.10

> many are called, but few are chosen. – Matthew 22.14

> If you are stuck at Hebrews 4.10 > let’s chat.

Again, Amos 3.3 and Matthew 18.19-20

> Who would like just a little more time to figure all of this and that out?

> I sense that today is a turning point for many of us.

> I believe today is a breakthrough for me.

> a key turning point for many of us.

> past the division of Luke 12.51

<Facebook, just doesn’t cut it!>

> past 2 Thess. 2.3-12

> to 2 Thess. 2.13

> to Heb. 4.10

I press forward in my strength.

and yet I know in my heart that I must surrender totally!

I feel reassured when I read Isaiah 42.6: “I will hold your (thine) hand and will keep thee.”

> I believe that Matthew 9.12-13 and Matthew 10.1 have a key message for this season.

Do you understands Matthew 9.12-13 where Jesus said: “for I am not come to call the righteous”

Do you have time to listen up?

People will often ask me how am I today

and often, I will say “good, good and very very good”

and then I will add, “do you have a few minutes to allow me to explain?”

I recognize  (a physical world), [an emotional wilderness] and <a spiritual kingdom>

I came across a nifty w.w.w.gty.org posting this morning from way back in NOV 30/1980.

“Can two people living and/or working together agree and actually see eye to eye?”

This posting is for the bold and the brave and the courageous.

Please review John 4.24 and John 4.34 today before we go on.

Personally, I desire to be an overcomer > see Rev. 3.21 and Rev. 21.7.

I’m trying to get to and get past Hebrews 4.10.

I’m looking at each little step and every BIG step along the way.

Big step one and Big step two, it’s as easy as that.

Step out of the darkness!

Step into the light of truth and reality!

> “Step” > “step” > it’s as easy as that!

or is it so difficult that it takes years and years.

OR is it so impossible and can never ever ever ever happen.

Who can say “NO” to the world and “NO” to the things of the world?

Who can say “NO” to the bondage of codependency and emotional distancing?

[Who can recognize the treachery in Facebook and in the other social media??]

Now for the really BIG test . . . . . > > . .

Who can cease his or her own works and then enter into the Lord’s rest . . . eh??

AND yet another Big test, who is ready and willing to repent?

after a long journey of self discovery in the physical ( . . . )  and emotional  [ . . ]

then the final cross over <    > >    > into the spiritual

to a path of enlightenment <         >   and <   ! !    > empowerment.

Who is still with me?

after all of that . . . . . > > , do we still see eye to eye . . you and I, eh?

Can we stop briefly you and I, and read Amos 3.3 and Matthew 18.19-20 together?

On the same pages physically, emotionally and spiritually and in full agreement all this way . . . . . > > . .

“Why is it so difficult for us to grasp the truth and then even more difficult to apply it to our life?”

I the LORD have called thee in righteousness,

and will hold thine hand,

and will keep thee,

and give thee for a covenant of the people,

for a light of the Gentiles;

To open the blind eyes,

to bring out the prisoners from the prison,

and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

> Isaiah 42.6-7.

. . . . . > > . .

Yesterday, 25.12.2012, I discovered melodybeattie.com > Living in the Mystery

“empowerment or permission therapy and service journalism”

Melody says to the world: “I’m Codependent no more.”

I’m thinking: “Will she take the next step?”

I’d like to meet her and ask her.

If any of the readers of this posting want a refreshing and uplifting treat, find and review the fifth paragraph which reads as follows: “They call me a self-help writer, but “

Ladies and gentlemen, who can see that in Spirit and in truth, Jesus is the real reason for this season.

If you happen to read this posting and you agree with me and you believe it is true, would you speak up and say so to those around you?

I see most people caught up in the world and drawn to worldly things.

I see many people very lost in a vast emotional wilderness.

Few people have a solid spiritual foundation.

We don’t have the eyes to see.

We lack the heart.

It is sad.


It could be different.

Bad attitudes and even bad habits can often be changed easily and quickly.

I invite Saskatchewan to look at what good could happen if we turn to God this year and fully return to the LORD our God even as older seniors and FRAIL elders.

My name is Keith Hills

Donald Keith Hills.

I am now 77 and going on 78.

God willing, in three short years, I’ll be eighty strong years young.

Join me if you would care to, as I seek and I search for God with all of my heart, not with all of my own strength but in the Lord’s strength as I’m led by the Holy spirit.

Stop by and we’ll look at Amos 3.3 and Matthew 18.19-20 together.