let us do a wellness review . . . eh!

This is a standing invitation to older adults, to seniors and to elders and to their care givers and to civic leaders all across our dear province of Saskatchewan.

I believe that with a few simple changes to many of our daily habits that many thousands of older Canadian adults and Canadian seniors and Canadian elders would gain energy and gain strength and would improve in health and wellness. …………..from coast to coast and “a Mari usque ad Mare.”

Saskatchewan seniors, being the motivating role models.

I believe that with minor changes to our diet, to what we do for exercise, to how we handle stress, sleep, our medications, codependency, emotional distancing and all the way to our faulty communication with one another and to how we treat one another on a daily basis and even on an hourly basis.

There is a terrible nastiness deep down inside each of us which will show up in time.

If we want eternal life, It must be fully exposed and fully eliminated.

( x x x )      [  x x   ]        < . . >

and It must go!



do you want to understand more?

do you want the knowledge as to what to do?

“Anything more?”

Who will review John 17 with me . . . eh?


What do I (have to say today) and what do I [want to say today] and what do I hope to say and do today . . . eh?


“There it is again!”

what do I hope to say and do today

Past the physical and past the emotional into the spiritual.

Who can see how the pieces eventually fit together if and when we try.

I’m <hoping to connect> with a person or two who is focused on the same challenging “clearly defined” “exciting” “thrilling” “breathtaking” “specific” opportunity I see unfolding.

I see this as a special opportunity for older Canadians, for senior Canadians and for elder Canadians in each and every community coast to coast …”a Mari usque ad Mare.”. . . eh!

What can I say more that I haven’t already said?

“Lord, what am I to do now?”

search > your head and search > your heart for the best answers as to what changes to make . . . eh!

Correct movement is recognized as one of the fundamental keys to good to excellent health. My position is that older adults, seniors and elders ought to have the good and the Better and the BEST exercise and movement options well illustrated and fully demonstrated for them so that any one of them can see clearly for themselves and they can teach them selves if they choose to and they can also teach each other.

One of the books I am reviewing at this very moment is Pilates for a flat stomach by Anna Selby, Thorsons, 2003. In my view, anyone who intends to be healthy and well any time soon ought to review this book and master the content.

Who will join me at the gym?

I see GREAT opportunity!

( … )  [ .. ]  <  ?  >

search > canadian living > 10 of the BEST KEPT Canadian secrets to eating enough fruits and vegetables

Canadian Living have excerpts from Ultimate Foods for Unlimited health by Liz Pearson and Marilyn Smith White published by White Cap Books 2007.

Worth a quick read and if you are at all interested in helping older adults and seniors and elders improve their health and wellness any time soon, then let’s you and I chit chat.

Millions and millions of older adults and seniors and even FRAIL elders would benefit if


“if what?”

“Should I go VOKLE?”

“Should I learn to SKYPE?”

“Can we recognize what is wrong and learn to see what is right?”

. . . . . > > . . we can have these changes illustrated and demonstrated.

“Who will become a live role model for Canadians “a Mari usque ad Mare.”

There are many simple inexpensive changes in the things we do habitually each and every day which many of could easily make which would immediately have a profound healing and restoring and energizing impact on the health and wellness of millions and millions of older adults, seniors and elders.  Provided  (    ) [     ] <     > we don’t wait too long that is.

The bottom line is to replace old habits with new habits.

The goal is to replace bad habits with good habits

“Does it ever get any easier than this?”

“Now, what do you think about it?”

“How do you feel?”

“Any more?”


“Now that we’re busted who will wipe the egg off their face . . . eh?” “Who’s got what it takes to admit they were wrong?” and then, “Who will repent?”

Morgan County W.V., I haven’t forgotten you. I’m still working diligently on what to do with the old school house.

I’m not playing a broken record.

I will get through ladies and gentlemen.

I’m expecting 100% support for a number of 2013 proposed projects.

“I’m asking 34.7 million Canadians and 315.1 million Americans if they are ready and if they are willing and if they are able to do a reality check any time soon?

All of us can continue to slouch our way to the poor house or we can investigate how to change our stinking thinking and how to change our rotten attitudes pdq, if we choose to.

Who will help establish a longevity centre in Saskatchewan with a satellite in Ontario?

Who wants to know more about community gardens?

Who will join me for a healthy lunch?

What’s on the menu, you ask?

if ready in 15 minutes?

a new recipe I’m working on would you believe!

Black beans and white rice served up HOT or served up cold!

These black beans are not ordinary but they are very special black beans!

1/4 to 1/3 portions of cooked beans and cooked rice with a dash of pickle juice. 90-150 g of diced tomato cold or a generous serving of broccoli and baby carrots steamed for 5 minutes. For dessert a fruit medley of diced apple and banana with wild blueberries all mixed with yogurt. With Other “healthy” Options. Would you want it any other way?

These piddly health and wellness issues are BIG red flags for all of Canada and the USA!

did I not discuss with you “for want of a nail”?

“Who gets it in their head?”

“Who’s really got it in their heart?”

“Who will demonstrate the air bench exercise and explain fully how teaching older adults and seniors will help Ontario easily retire their 15 Billion Dollar health care debt?”

We do not need another 500 ma X-ray machine or a new MRI to identify poor posture.

It is reported that 5 year old children have advanced coronary artery heart disease.

How long will Canadians procrastinate before we fit the pieces together?

Who wants the real taste of healthy eating?

Discover how easy it can be?

And learn to socialize!

Meet with me!

eye to eye.


and you could > learn > > . . to be still!

<                                                     ……………………….. >

doing it right, is OK.

it’s a good to excellent start.

but …..>>.. it is much better to do it righteously.


who is on the same page with me?

again Amos 3.3