I encourage us to bake the very best cake we can and then . . . . .

5.31 am, Sunday 30.06.2013:

as some people speed by they ask me “And how are you today?”

why do they even ask?

They never stop to hear my reply.

so I talk to myself and I say:

“and how are you today sir, ma’am?

. . . . . how are you physically and emotionally and spiritually and where are you currently on your life’s journey?”

I’ll probe deeper and ask:

“Are you like most people today, still lost in a vast emotional wilderness and overwhelmed by life’s seemingly endless problems and trials and frustrated by things not going your way?”

what is their reply?

do they speak truth?

and . . . . . with love?

and what do they do?

do they feed the flock?

have they put away lying?

are they now perfect and are they holy?

could we/should we discuss James 1:22 to James 1:27?


are they one more of the pots calling the kettle black?

overheard it said recently:

you made your point, so now just leave it alone.

it seems to me that all of us are stuck somewhere and the truth is that we need each other’s honest help to untangle the mess we are all in together even if at present we are dull of hearing and very hard hearted.

the good news is that the change is possible, but only if and when done “right!” and done “righteously!”

. . . . . got time to stop, yet?

6.33 am, Sunday 30.06.2013.

believe me or not.

I hope to learn to Skype soon and to go Vokle before my coffee addiction does me in with a fatal arrhythmia.

*edit, 6.45 am,

please join me soon to review James 5:16 and 1 Peter 5: 2 and 3 together.


learn all about the ideal living arrangements for older adults, seniors and elders?

7.16 am, Saturday 29.06.2013:

this is just an idea which I embraced and held tight and close to my heart for a very long time until now.

I believe that it is now time to share.

Saskatchewan has been my province for more than 77 years.

At this time, I would like to address much unfinished business and fully prepare for a very very big transitional stage of life.

In two years, three months and four days I will be 80 years old.

I’m getting up there by today’s standards, although Moses was still climbing mount Pisgah at 120.

But today, what support is needed by older folks from family and friends or from our respective communities or from society and what is available currently?

are there deficiencies and gaps which could be and should be filled?

7.36 am.

* what insight is needed and what action is required?

where ever one is on their journey of life

it is easy to pass by on the other side,

BUT, if you and I happen to agree,

please contact me

re Mt. 18:19-20

7.49 am.

* title edit 8.10 am.