Can we talk? Do you have a few moments for us to sit and chat?

3.08 am, 31.07.2013,

Join me while we take the time to skip through Isaiah 58 and Isaiah 59:1 through to all of the first chapter of Jeremiah in my dog eared a.k.j.v.

If you have one or two more minute let us look together at 2 Chronicles 7:14

and Matthew 18:19-20.

let me know if and when you are available.

3.22 am.



5.14 am, Sunday July 28th, 2013:

I exercised my 77 and 10/12th year old body with 33 minutes of brisk walking and then added twenty four flights of stairs > twice x 6 flights up and 6 flights down which is 54 steps up and 54 steps back down and 54 steps up and another 54 steps down. I will do that often during the day.

Now, it is time to exercise that forgetful brain of mine. Thank you Father for drawing me to yourself. Thank you Lord Jesus for the light of life and for showing me the path of life.

I’m reading Deuteronomy 31:1-13, Psalm 16:11, Isaiah  27:5, Isaiah 40:31, Jeremiah 17:5 and Jeremiah 17:10 this morning as seek to understand what I am to say and do next.

I’m thinking forward and in reverse at this moment. I opened up 5 posts with the numbers 1 to 5. That way I can write the 5 posts in any order I choose later after I mull over and consider carefully what to say and how to say it and as I wait patiently and as I seek to take hold of God’s strength and as I learn to resist doing things in my strength.

My patience and my faith are growing and growing.

Who sees what I see?

I’ll close this file for a while to give myself time to think through what should be said today and continued this week and this month and this year and perhaps longer.

what all needs to be said by my left brain and right brain and in what order??

in full preparation, what more steps am I to take?

<Joshua 9:14-16> for example.

6.09 am.

*edit, 30.07.2013, 5.29 am

Just finished the same 33 minutes of walking and two sets of six (6) flights of stairs up and down again and then checked my blood pressure this time right away. The reading was 103/63/ and my heart rate was 74. I will often take 5 readings over ten (10) minutes. I find my blood pressure is up if my posture is poor and my breathing is shallow. But if my posture is good and my breathing is deep my blood pressure and pulse readings are normal and low normal.

*2nd edit, 5.36 am, 30.07.2013.

Just so you know. In my own way, I am evaluating the diet plan from Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M. D., Avery, Revised Edition, 2011. (not the Original hardcover, Little Brown, 2003)

Please read his book and confirm the following two quotes, both from p 238:

You cannot expect to significantly reverse atherosclerosis (blockage in your arteries), diabetes, or high blood pressure unless you restore yourself to a normal weight.

It is the combination of the healthy,nutrient-dense diet and the fat leaving your body that brings about predictable improvement  in many health conditions.

Now, please allow me ask all 725 Communities in Saskatchewan from Abbey to Zenon Park, who will help this old guy verify and confirm and convincingly prove the above truth concerning our physical health, yours and mine.

I have tried many things over many many years to lose weight and keep it off and to have normal blood pressure. Nothing came close until now. I am almost 80 eighty years old and my health is better than it was ten years ago and even better than it was twenty years ago.

Can I share what I am being taught by hands on experience and hear me say this, I believe I am being guided into all truth < see John 16:13 akjv > in the physical and in the emotional and in the spiritual by God’s Holy Spirit.

Yes, this is happening because I am asking in faith, I’m believing, I am confidant and nothing is wavering

*today’s edit #3

6.12 am, 30.07.2013

God willing, I am now ready to ask for one million dollars to begin an exciting and brilliant health and wellness initiative which will save Saskatchewan Many Billions of Dollars, not just in better health care and improved health and wellness, but in numerous important aspects of daily living for individuals, families and communities and also in all of the critical issues of life.

“Saskatchewan, are you interested?”

“Are you seriously interested?”


“I am!”

7.20 am, 30.07.2013.

“Do you know and understand why?”

5.15 am, 25.07.2013

Do you know and understand why people deliberately ruin their health by drinking coffee and coke, by eating candy bars and white rice and by smoking cigarettes?

Are you surprised?

by white rice being on the “it is very very bad for you” list!

I say that there is a blindness with addiction and co-dependency at play.

can you see what I see?

do you see the inter related problems?

do you also see Canada’s golden opportunity?

I see millions of Canadians wasting Billions and Billions and Billions of hard earned dollars to make ourselves sicker and sicker and sicker and we are trashing our Nation’s health and wealth.

it need not be this way.

5.28 am.