projects with merit to add to our list

project name, title/topic, focus, aim, time frame, details, benefits, payoff

#1, identify little community garden projects which are easily doable, right away, without delay such as a little pot of peas or a big pail of “trail of tears” black beans or a balcony box of lettuce, tomatoes and/or potatoes. We can easily share high quality what to  do and how to do it information.

#1-B, would property owners make abandoned lots available like they do in Denver? Get past all the talk and get to the doing and to the +ve results.

#2, identify bigger more challenging community  garden projects. The Day Gro property is a prime example if it is still available. I would start fund raising today for this over a million dollar project.

#3, yesterday, I ordered two copies of You’re Perfect by Loni Coombs, Bird Street Books Inc., 2012.  I invite Saskatchewan parents and grandparents with straying/wayward children to check this project out very carefully. There is a big Big BIG payoff for the whole family. A friend of mine is prepared to study the recommendations and the suggested program and will share. I see a good possibility of a whole series of excellent life changing episodes.

#4, a wholesome, nutritious and oh so tasty greens and beans diet need not be boring and could be and should be + + + + + ! – Want your good health back to stay a while?

#5, have you heard about the growing scrutiny of car reliant communities which has led the World Health Organization and the New York City and the Los Angeles governments to issue “active city” guidelines. -source, Fashion, September 2013,  p.152.

Saskatoon, if you can see it or will look at it, this is opportunity knocking!

> more      >> and More        >>> and MORE to come!

#6, pain free living anyone?  . . . . . is anyone interested?   is anyone in their 30s or 40s interested? . . . . . is anyone in their 50s or 60s interested? . . . . .  is anyone in their 70s, 80s or 90s interested in pain free living?

Pain free living at any age is so so so so so simple.

BUT, there is [ a teeny tiny little secret! ]

( “want to know what it is?”)

#7, 7 ways to never have a heart attack! – source Men’s Health, Paul Ridker, M. D., professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

#8, 80% of all strokes are preventable with simple lifestyle changes. Want to hear more? learn more? why not get with the perfect program that is just right for you? >more   >>More and   >>>MORE if you are interested.

#9, the very very best of assisted living and aging in place in age friendly communities


8.11 am, Friday, 30.08.2013.

8.30 am.


secure start up funding for this unique and stunning NPO

3.53 ,am, 30.08.2013,

I’m thinking $10,000,000.00 will do the trick initially.

topic: create a new and vigorous not-for-profit Corporation asap

___, a very special name is needed to go coast to coast, so pick a suitable name

___  get the name registered asap

___ the focus is to be to help establish fruitful and productive community gardens, small community parks and to make available the very best in assisted living to those normally excluded, to all our elderly without respect to persons, to the needy and to the poor in Saskatchewan, in Ontario and relatively soon, coast to coast all across Canada a Mari usque ad Mare.

___ one of the key goals is to advocate for physical health, emotional wellness and spiritual life.

___ select an accounting firm to handle gc, the NFP Act, Revenue Canada, etc.

___ specify each and every step in the complete process.  (NOT missing one step)

4.15 am, – review this post frequently today and edit* as often as is required.

– 4.16 am, 30.08.2013.

– 5.10 am.

> let’s get the ball in the air and keep it passing

> identify the most suitable start-up projects for the first few months.

> some easy projects and some challenging projects.

God willing, I’m available

6.14 am,

hopefully to speak the truth in love.

and not to fabricate stories, nor to make up delicious lies.

from page one through page two and then on to pages three, four and five.

In my experience, most people like to ask a question and receive a direct reply.

can I cut to the chase and go directly to your bottom line and move on into the realm of creative thinking the way Michael Vance of Disney Studios did in the 1970s and 80s?

– 6.23 am.

content edit* – 6.33 am, 27.08.2013, can I write it all out and then speak about it on a bi-weekly video on Skype or what if I were to go Vokle ( “founded June 2008” )

Allow me to say it again: let us speak about “assisted living” on a bi-weekly video show.

what needs to be said about eating a more wholesome diet, about daily exercise for seniors, about moving more if we want to live pain free, about how to socialize better, about how to volunteer more and helpfully assist seniors and elders in their daily lives.

we are to speak the truth in love and to serve one another by love

and not employ endless toxic criticism.

do you agree with me?




will you explore page one through to page five with me?

6.46 am.

ideal assisted living programs . . . . .

– 6.10 am,

content edit* -7.02 am

– on each page from pages one to five,

can we agree to begin to articulate, to illustrate and to actually demonstrate what is good, what is Better and what is BEST!

and can we avoid for the most part what is dumb and Dumber and DUMBEST!

and can we agree to stop discounting people for what they are?

and who will stop respecting persons for who they are?

who will by love serve one another?

– 7.10 am.

if you hope to participate, get yourself a journal so that . . . . .

8.28 am, Monday, 26.08.2013,

> as a mature and fully responsible adult, get yourself a journal to keep extensive notes, so we both know where you’ve been and how well you are progressing week by week and day by day and even hour by hour.

-8.32 am.

content edit* 8.49 am, your goal may be pain free living, but the goal for Saskatchewan Health Care is to discover effective ways to save two Billion dollars in not needed expenses and the goal for the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant LHIN is to discover how to save another two Billion Dollars in health care expenses not required.