review with me today, what God said to Israel through Moses, just before giving Joshua a pep talk to enter into their promised land

2.11 am, 27.09.2013,

review Deuteronomy 30:19  through to Deuteronomy 34:1, 7, 10.

2.35 am.


And this is the confidence that we have in him, that,

Tuesday, 10.09.2013,

> . . . . . if we ask any thing according to his will,

>> +,  he heareth us:

– 1 John 5:14.

5.55 am.

who sees?

who understands?

who agrees?

5.58 am.

*content edit, 6.25 am, 10.09.13, searched for food bank promotes community garden, selected >> Questions? Who is interested? Who will help put together a series of Saskatchewan community proposals? Which community already has a five (5) acre community garden taken care of by volunteers? Who wants to help take care of a ten (10) acre community garden combined with a top notch recreational park located right here in Saskatchewan?

How many seniors would want to step into health and wellness if they were shown how to learn to walk it out and to walk about? Want more detail?

Who in their 60s or 70s or 80s would want to learn how to move about easily, able to move about freely, able to do stairs, able to do steps and able to move about pain free???

Who is living with excruciating pain?

Who just can’t get comfortable?

Who wants to get better?

Who wants to get well?

Who wants a better life?

Who wants helpful information and ideas about taking care of balcony gardens to supply abundant fresh lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, peas and black  beans etc for a poor family with growing children?  – 6.38 am.

Who wants to know all about the physical, emotional and social benefits of a community garden associated with a special approach to an outdoor park ?

Who wants some of Bible truth which applies here? < Galatians 6:10 >

-6.48 am.

whoops, it is now 6.49 am, 10.09.2013.

* with more content editing it is now 7.02 am.

Who’s interested in any of this?

let us therefore come boldly

5.11 am.

. . . . . into the throne of grace,

5.12 am.

that we may obtain mercy, < + >

and find grace to help <+ >

in time of need < + >

5.16 am, Monday, 09 09.203.

> read Hebrews 4:16 a.k.j.v. with me

>> and then let us discuss which of the five (5) pages we’re on.

– 5.20 am.

>>> do we agree?

– review Amos 3:3

– 5.23 am.

. . . . . teaching old dogs >> new tricks

4.45 am, Sunday 08.09.2013 >>

I was brainstorming this next move.


cancel that thought.

I was enquiring <asking for counsel at the mouth of the  LORD> Joshua 9:14

The path of life <Psalm 16:11> is a long and challenging process > see Mt 10:22 and 24:13.

Xx,Xx, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed > see Joshua 1:6 and 1:9

Xx,Xx, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid > see John 14:26-27

people ask me how I am today.

I often invite them to join me for a few minutes.

Today, we could and we should read page 10 of Pain free Living by Pete Egoscue, Sterling Ethos, 2011 and then discuss what is possible for me and for others and for you too. *content edit 5.30 am, Monday, 09.09.2013 >>>  because for thousands upon thousands of adults in communities all across the Dominion of Canada and for seniors and even for some elders and frail elders, pain is optional.

>>> And pain relief is optional for many and may be available for you.

I was remembering the Maligne River rescue, my encounter with an unreceptive Winnipeg Church fifteen years ago, the January 2005 Consumer Report and what I have done  to stay healthy and functionally fit over the past 8 1/2 years.

This past week I had a BIG surprise. I discovered and was shown that I have a major posture problem in the form of round shoulders and head forward posture. I had thought I was doing everything necessary to stay fit. Getting up out of a chair easily and balancing on one leg and then on the other.

There is an easy test and one very simple test which anyone can do.

Who wants to have life and who wants to have life more abundantly?

Who would prefer pain free living and lifelong good health?

Previously, no one told me what to do.

BUT, now I am being shown!

NOW, I can see!

“I’ll share!”

>> join me sometime for a short chat about my personal experiences on  the path of life < see Psalm 16:11>,  >> and about your experiences >> stuff about  the good, the bad and the ugly >> insight into how to choose spiritual life.

“I’ll share with you openly what  I’ve experienced and what I’m being shown!”

I would like to start with what I’ve been shown this week and what I was shown this past hour and this very minute – 5.50 am, Sunday, 08.09.2013.

content edit* 7.09 am, >> even at 77 and 11/12th, hourly and minute by minute, I am < being taught – see John 14:26 & 27 > and I’m learning new information, new knowledge and new understanding and insight which I believe I am to share with interested people of all ages. -7.12 am.

I would like to Skype or go Vokle and host a bi-weekly talk show which would appeal to Canadians of all ages in many communities in every province and territory from coast to coast a Mari usque ad Mare.

I’m believing for just the right name for this unique NPO.

Any ideas?

In Winnipeg, Bike to the Future was incorporated February 2007.

I see adults, older adults, seniors, elders, frail elders and troubled youth . . .

> *content edit > choosing (physically), [emotionally] and <spiritually>

to step boldly into a healthy future,

6.06 am, Tuesday, 10.09.2013

move into wellness

choose life

with case histories, life lessons and Bible truths

covering numerous aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual

page one, page two and then pages three, four and five as often outlined.

select topics of interest and titles with prepared content of interest and value

> ten apartment balcony gardens to million dollar projects on ten acre lots?

> pain free functional living for seniors and elders in countless communities

> what do you believe is possible?

> what do you want to see?

> eat to live diets?

> thousands upon thousands of age friendly communities giving support to older adults, seniors and elders to live in their own place with adequate and comprehensive assisted living available where and when needed?

> sufficient help for troubled youth?

> what else?

“do you have some sound ideas with good suggestions?”

– 6.57 am, Sunday, 08.09.2013.