Who agrees with me that there is now a GREAT need for easy access to better information about how to make healthy lifestyle choices as we get older and a need for the availability of quality services which would enable older adults and seniors to asses their situation which enables them to help themselves more and which allows them to help others also!

12.57 am, Friday, 31.01.2014:

As maturing and experienced adults, will we think about this

and can we discuss the topic calmly, openly and thorougly

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“We need new options to help people stay at home longer!”

7.51 am, 28.01.2014,

says Andrew Sexsmith,

director of Gerontology at

Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B. C.,

and I for one agree totally and wholeheartedly!

> that is the best place for their quality of life to flourish > +,

> it is generally the cheapest in terms of health costs, he adds > +,

> He is baffled by why we haven’t progressed on this as the technology is there and the need is there > +, +,

> BUT there isn’t the BIG PUSH from those currently responsible to deliver the limited mix of services currently offered.

Who would like to hear what various provinces are currently doing to help older adults?

> Professor Mikel Izquierdo s work with frail elders in their 90s is reported in the dailymail.co.uk.

– three months working out twice a week gave improvements in flexibility, strength and stamina, even at the age of 96!

> the benefits reported included lower risk of major disease and disability, promotes good mental health, helps keep the minds sharp and helps maintain an active social life.

> Who wants to hear more about what Ontario is doing to help older adults, seniors and even frail elders

topic: elder abuse

7.18 am, Tuesday, 28.01.2014:

> came across this reference to elder abuse from Solomon, director of the Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse at the Hebrew Home in the Bronx.

> It was stated that there are physical, sexual, psychological and financial forms of abuse.

> signs include physical decline, mental confusion and depression.

> as older adults and seniors we can choose to help others.

>> who wants to learn what to do?

– 7.33 am.

actively participate and God willing, you too will discover how much is readily accomplished in just a few months!

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search > exercises to help seniors stay physically active

first select > 7 hours ago, http://www.cmaj.ca, 23 Jan 14 rapid growth forecast for digital health  sector .xhtml

> let us review what Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, director of the Gerontology Research Center at Simon Fraser University had to say about the topic of healthy active aging, starting with “we need new options to help people stay at home longer.”

> Dr. Sixsmith makes four (4) key points why society needs to actively participate now!

second select > exercise can help, even in your 90s, dailymail.co.uk

> “vigorous” fitness workout > improves strength and balance, professor Mikel Izquierdo.

> read carefully what Dr. Izquierdo has to say and discuss this with your family, your friends and your colleagues and then get in touch with me              . . . asap.

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