“be not slothful!”, “OK?”

Sunday, 09.03.2014, 5.29 am,

frequently I’m asked:

“How am I today?”


I’m ready to ask:

“How are you today?”

> join me and let us share a few good moments together.

– 5.39 am.



come, read with me Amos 3:3, Amos 5:8 and Amos 7:8

Today is Monday, 03/03/2014 and the time is now 3.39 PM

Let us discuss how you are and how I am and how we are today.

I’ve been getting some great Bible Studies in the middle of the night.

> if you are seeking spiritual life, you will be very very interested in sharing.

* one of the key


topics is faith which worketh by love.

3.40 PM.