offering my two cents worth ends today

8.47 am,

Monday, June 30th, 2014


do you see what I see?

6.29 am,


today is Monday, June 30th, 2014.

6.30 am.

I signed out and signed right back in.

it is now 6.33 am

do you see what I see?

I see that it is time to get with the whole program!

Clearly, I see five STEPS clearly!

one, two, three, four and five.

6.35 am.




do you agree that it is time

6.09 am,

Monday, June 30th, 2014,

I believe

that it is a good time,

a very  excellent time


to get with the complete perfect program which leads us to eternal life!

6.12 am,

one and two:

we can help each other address our individual physical and emotional issues!

we are told to serve one another by love.

stage three is very critical and is a key: review with me Mt:20, few chosen, / Mt:22, we must endure to the end, / Acts 14:22, much tribulation, / Isaiah 48:10, the furnace of affliction, / Luke 12:51, division, / do you need more and/or do you want more examples? Do you need further explanation?

as the Lord leads us individually and collectively we face up to all of the social challenges in our own community and in other communities, again as the Lord leads. [  XXX   xx  ] !


a few key points at this juncture are as follows:

it is time for us to cease from our own works

– Hebrews 4:10

we are not to be slothful

– Hebrews 6:12

though we be tempted on all points

– Hebrews 4:15

we are to let patience have her perfect work

– James 1:4


it is time to turn to God, return to God and to seek HIM and search for HIM with all our heart

…..until (   ),  [    ],  XX X/xx,   /////,  > <++>  > +++++  we are new creatures and the JOB is done in perfection to GOD’s satisfaction.

– Galatians 6:15

– Matthew 5:24

6.25 am.

We can say good bye  to XXX xx and /////

< we can say good bye to contention and strife and to our folly >

join me for a brief look at Romans 1:21 and 22.

YES we can.

if we enter into the LORD’s REST

do a number of other things Righteously

we can learn to say good bye to (   ) and [     ] too.

YES we can.

6.44 am.
















“Do you and I see eye to eye, or do we NOT?”

Seriously, I am seeking physical health, emotional and social wellness and spiritual life!

YES, I am seeking all three.

AND, I do believe that the Lord is opening these doors for me and for all of Canada . . . . . if and when . . . . .then!

BUT there is a caveat, we must do things HIS WAY.


not man’s wisdom.

not man’s ways.







JOIN ME for just a few minutes today to review Romans 1:21 and Romans 11:20:

– We are to glorify God and Jesus His Son.

– We are to be thankful

Xx NOT high minded ( NOT vain )

– AND we must learn to FEAR GOD

– and we must learn to truly repent

> now let us review 2 Chronicles 7:14 and see what else we need to do.

-I want to pause and give God the Father and Jesus glory and praise for the last 24 hours especially for three particular items:

1, 2.22 am, I came up stairs to the  dining room just before Sandra came out asking for my heating pad for her leg pain and I was able to find the heating pad for her immediately without need to search. Thank You Father, Praise You Lord Jesus!

2, I had a major confrontation with another person yesterday. The Lord led me to Job 34:32 and I was prompted to ask in prayer for revelation and understanding which was answered this morning just after midnight. Thank You Father and PRAISE YOU Lord Jesus!

3, I see BIG Challenges in all areas AND BIG +ve Changes are coming if we respond correctly and I see this as an ENORMOUS opportunity for all Canadians coast to coast …..Again My thanks and PRAISE to You Father and to You Lord Jesus.

* and Thank You for taking such good care of me for the past 78 years and 9 months!

As a starting point for remedial ACTION, while we get our ACT together . . .

5.04 am,

Thursday, June 26th, 2014,

and as a way of cutting to the chase and getting right down to the bottom line . . . .

. . . . finding the BEST SOLUTIONS for individual health and promoting a functional health care system.

I invite at least one person from each Saskatchewan Community to contact me in regards to taking REMEDIAL ACTION this year and next as follows:

willing volunteers wanted to participate . . . . .

project one: duplicate the success of Strong Women Stay Young 1997 book based on work done in 1994 to demonstrate for millions of Canadian ladies 50 to 70 exactly how to avoid Osteoporosis 100% and how to easily accomplish much much more functional health.

Now we have live role models and living proof.

project two: what do we know now that we can apply to Making Workout Work see Consumer Reports January 2005 to benefit our seniors and frail elders who can not easily get up off a chair nor up off a toilet seat.

I would like to take before and after still photos and action video to demonstrate the common error and the appropriate corrections needed to accomplished the desired results and we need to illustrate the movements required during the correction process. Much of the current material is faulty or incomplete and often lacks the essential detail.

one case in point  parkinson’s physical, 2012/04/19/ an older patient can have fairly normal strength but little power. The second factor reported is trunk rigidity and a tendency to not bend forward far enough before using the legs to stand so that the centre of gravity is behind the base of support which is the feet. The patient is put off balance. Who would understand this cause and effect without suitable professional input and some actual hands on experience.

“Get out the flip chart and some markers.”

“Can we work together as a team toward mutually beneficial goals?”

(This initiative also includes the prevention of falls, avoiding broken hips, avoiding many premature deaths and improving health care but lowering health care costs.)

project three: if 14% of the older population consumes 60% of health care spending and this threatens to bankrupt many provinces and threatens Canada solvency, we owe it to ourselves to learn what to do to identify the key causes and to rectify as many of the causes of these problems as possible.

“Can we put on our thinking caps?”

project four would be to bring the information and understanding provided by Dr. Nathan Stall, Dr SK. Sinha, Brett J. Skinner and coauthor Mark Rovere and others who have GREAT value to offer to aid in what is hopefully a common goal AND with what we can learn together if we work together and if we decide to share together willingly and openly.

project five: to be announced: there are too many people who do not appreciate their very very poor state of health and do not understand how easily they could achieve better health and maintain very excellent health.

Willing volunteers can become very excellent role models for all of us here, there and everywhere of what to do and what not to do and demonstrate for all of us exactly how to do this, that and the other!

6.25 am.

once again, if we achieve excellent health and learn how to maintain excellent health and follow through there is less demand on our health care system and if we are mindful there will be GREAT savings too.

– edit, 6.41 am.

– several edits, 6.10 pm.