“Ask me about today’s glorious sunrise.”

5.39 am,
Today is Thursday July 10th, 2014.
Don’t ask me how I am today?
Ask me what did I see and what did I learn today?
I started watching today’s “glorious sun rise” at 5 to 5!

Thank You Father and thank You Lord Jesus for taking excellent care of me.

Thank You for Your patience in showing me again and again until finally, I get it.

Hopefully I’m getting strong enough spiritually to tackle Ephesians 6:10 to 13-14.

I am trying to pay attention, to be mindful and to not be slothful nor high minded.

Thank You for making Luke 12:12 a solid part and a regular part of my days.

I took another look at today’s sunrise at 5:33 and again at 6.00 am.

So anybody want to ask me: “What did I see? and what do I see?”

What did I learn (), [] and [ XXX xx ], that I can soon share?

> with anyone anywhere who is hurting and wants help!

What am I beginning to really appreciate , , AND < understand spiritually >, > + +

Join me for a few brief moments and let us read Romans 1:7 and Romans 1:21-22.

What is Canada’s current population a Mari usque ad Mare?

Who is interested in health and wellness and/or interested in having LIFE?

< this edit 6.55 am, other sheep not of this fold? > – see John 10:16, 6.56 am.

If and when we learn to serve one another by LOVE!

> 6.33 am.

> this edit 6.42 am, BUT again, not man’s way (see Jeremiah 17:5-10), but learning to do things God’s way. We can start with Isaiah 55:7-8 and then > + > + > + make it a habit until doing things God’s way become easy and natural for us.  >  6.46 am.

> want to give it a try?

> 6.47 am.

> “Go for it!”

> 6.49 am.

> this edit 7.06 am, do you want to become new? new through and through? (through) and [through] and [through] and < ///// > and < + + > and > + until you are changed and chosen and become a new creature > see Galatians 6:15. > 7.11 am.

“What is the secret?”

“What is the KEY?”

> 7.20 am.

– patience, see James 1:3-6

– truth and righteousness , see Ephesians 6:14

– there is more, teeny tiny steps and a few BIG STEPS but let us talk about it

> 7.25 am

there is more when you have the time and interest


“Is it true?”, “Saskatchewan is on the edge of bankruptcy?”

6.28 am,

I’m going to have another look at today’s very unusual sun rise.

I had another look.

6.30 am.

edit, 09/08/2014, 8.09 am, Who is ready to be proactive with God’s leading and acting in God’s strength? > see Isaiah 48;10, 17, Isaiah 27:5 and Ephesians 6:10

AND we flat out refuse to examine the mountain of evidence as to what we do so very wrong and need to rectify quickly

6.17 am,

misinformation, missed information, outdated beliefs and much error is being challenged and proven wrong over and over and over again.

> this edit > there are many/many (physical), [emotional], [social], and then key <relationship> and <spiritual> corrections and changes to be made and we must endure all of it to the very end. < see Mt. 24:12-13 >    > 7.31 am.

There are newer and better ways,

but we clutch the old ways.

we will not let go.

see Mt 23:24

6.23 am.

. . . . . is Saskatchewan about to go bankrupt?

6.07 am,
July 9th, 2014,

apparently we are slipping and sliding on a very slippery slope and it is reported that the trend is getting worse.

our provincial health care costs are reported to be escalating out of control while the level of care is falling.

we need more and we are getting less.

18 to 24 months to wait for a new knee.

apparently others see it but do we see it?

more importantly, what will we do about a worsening situation that is headed towards calamity?

6.15 am.