Father, Sandra is asking me to share with her the many revelations You have given to me recently . . . ///// . . > +++++

5.12 am, Monday 29/09/2014

So, I’m asking for just the right presentation and for the ideal timing.

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for all the benefits and the great abundance of spiritual Blessings You shower upon me daily and hourly and moment by moment.

> I do recognize the extensive detail and I do appreciate ALL the fine points.

> I understand that we are to become perfect <Mt.5:48> and holy <1 Pt. 1:16> but only when we come to understand and are able to abide in Jesus spiritually <John 15:5>.

> and as we are ***willing and obedient

*** this edit, Isaiah 1:19

6.12 am

> Thank You for the new revelation this morning from 2.56 am to 4.59 am.

> one of the big barriers and blocks exposed is James 1:22 and James 1:25.

> on the other hand doing the word and doing the work becomes a wonderful invitation, an exciting challenge and a golden opportunity if and when we seek Your ways and seek to do Your will <Hebrews 10.36> in Your strength and power <Ephesians 6:10> as You teach us to profit, lead us in the way we should go <Isaiah 48:17>,as You hold our right hand and help us as needed <Isaiah 41:13> , as You guide us into all truth and show us things to come <John 16:13> and as YOU teach each of us in the same hour what we ought to say.

> and so much more . . . ///// . . > +++++

> I/we do want to **be ready <Luke 12:40>

** this edit 6.07 am

5.14 am

> * this edit > thank You for teaching me patience and giving me more and more faith.

5.34 am

> three more edits to add here

**** James 4:17

***** James 2:10

6.27 am.

“Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for everything!”

****** Romans 1:21-22

6.29 am.


John 17: 3-26

> and for eternal life and for the glorious opportunity to get to know You.

6.33 am.


> if we take Matthew 6.33 seriously and combine it with other pieces of the puzzle.


> and if we choose to help one another in countless ways with Your guidance and care.

> why moan and groan?

> why murmur and complain?

> why choose contention and constant strife?



One hundred flights of stairs


for starters

from 6.34 am until 6.48 am.

I went down fifty flights of stairs

4 down and 4 up twelve times and 4 more

and all the way back up

in 14-15 minutes.

Today is Sunday
6.56 am.

Now, approximately every 10 minutes, I will look for ways to move my arms or legs or both in a way that qualifies as …/////..7.21 am > allow me to stop and wait for a prompting as to

> what to write here

> and what to suggest be done to take advantage of what is being learned and                 understood about health and wellness in our times as we age and get older these days

As we continue along, hopefully I will articulate, illustrate and demonstrate how and explain why.

7.30 am.

new post coming in a few minutes

3.00 am, Sunday, 28/09/2014

I will sign out and sign back in again in a few minutes and explain why


3.11 am.

why this roundabout way of starting up a new post?

3.12 am.

three reasons I’m reluctant to post new material today:

1. I’ve had numerous troubles *posting recently

2. I’m having trouble with my word press blog acting up already this morning

3 Norton 360 had a pop up that a problem has caused their program to stop working correctly.

3.21 am

* edit > “quality” material has vanished on me on several occasions recently and I was unable to retrieve it,

> so I have been prompted to implement “a new” posting methodology which I am working with today as I hold back from writing this post as I would normally.

3.35 am.

and so, just so you know, God willing, in four days I’ll be 79

and then one year later, I’ll be 80 years old or if you prefer I’ll be 80 years young.

3.38 am.

** added 3.43 am > I logged out and I logged back in again.

> who, as they get older has the desire and the motivation to be healthy and well physically, emotionally and socially in their 50’s and 60’s and then into their 70’s and 80’s and 90’s and still believe that it is possible for them if and when done right?

> who has that strong and passionate desire for spiritual life?

***** added 4.56 am > who understands why spiritual life is so very important?                           > why it should be sought and treasured?  > why put into first place in our lives?

3.55 am

*** added 3.59 am > I believe

>and I will demonstrate for you Sir and for you Ma’am what I am learning from what I am being taught as I step up to the line and as I step out in ever increasing faith.

4.15 am

**** added 4.21 am, Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus

> + for teaching me to profit

> + and for leading me by the way that I should go < Isaiah 48:17>

> + + for guiding me into all truth and for showing me things to come < John 16:13>

> + ++ for holding my right hand, for speaking encouragement to me and for helping me               as needed <Isaiah 41:13>

4.35 am

I’m asking myself and I’m asking at the mouth of the LORD

9.10 am, Thursday, 25/09/2014

> I’m *asking myself

> and I’m **asking at the mouth of the LORD

> “what is the same and what has changed for the better since September 25th, 2012?”

> please review ***Joshua 9: 14-19, Matthew 18:19-20 and Ephesians 6:10-12 with me.

this ***edit, 9.43 am.

9.19 am, 25/09/2014.

it is now 9.21 am, 25/09/2014

> I am experiencing great difficulty today with my blog > posted content is vanishing!

> so I will need to employ “a new strategy” as of < 9.23 am > and as of this moment!

. . . ///// . . > so that > +++++  _____ and _______ becomes true for me continuously!

9.28 am.

if you don’t know how now, . . . ///// . . do you want to learn how >

6.49 am, Thursday, 25/09/2014

> is now the right time for us to meet face to face

> do we see eye to eye on what matters

> do we agree wholeheartedly

> can we walk together

> and work together

*< “as the Lord Jesus leads us” >

this edit* 7.40 am

**< “spiritually >

this edit ** 7.45 am

Yes it was 6.54 am,


Thank You Father,

Thank You Lord Jesus!

for  . . . ///// . .      >     +++++

> for the countless blessings, for guiding me to all truth, for teaching me to profit spiritually, for holding my hand when the going gets rough and for leading me by the way that I should go.

it is now 7.36 am.

6.54 am, 25/09/2014