“Who will buy in?” “Who will agree to give themselves a definite edge and *others an honest to goodness genuine break?”

it is now 4.04 am, Wednesday, 17/09/2014.

I got up early today.

Today, I got 2 1/2 hours sleep before midnight and two hours and 5 minutes after.

God willing, there are two projects which I would like to get started and complete to a point during the up coming year in preparation for my 80th birthday which is 54 weeks from tomorrow.

One project involves establishing “exceptional” community gardens where there is a strong community interest.

The second project is to establish a variety of “smart” high quality fitness programs for adults of all ages.

The idea is 1) to articulate, 2) to illustrate, 3) to demonstrate, 4) to make a big effort to id the soft spots, weak points and gaps which far too often get in the way of success and then 5) to help formulate an individualized and fully customized community game plan.

The time is now 4.30 am.

* title edit > 6.45 am.


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