6.52 am, Thursday, September 18th, 2014:

click on: 30 Day Founder Challenge, You Tube video

time 1.51

Press play

follow the verbal instructions . . . . .

I’ve tried to write out all the instructions as given

( will add helpful edits later, as I get to figure it all out!)

> stand in a wide leg founder, feet 3′ apart

> weight on heels

> chest is high, up up up

> expand yourself as big as you can

> take a big deep breath

> expand the back of rib cage as much as possible

> pull hips back behind the heels

> knees bend over ever so slightly

> as hips pull back away from hands

> hands go forward > reach forward as far as is possible >

chest lifts up

lift sternum up and hold it

> take 2 or 3 deep breaths

> now reach a little more forward and a little higher 1.22

repeat this exercise at least once daily for the next 30 days

7.13 am

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