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743 am, Friday Septem-er 19th, 2014,

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This book will soon be on my new must read list for all who want to live healthy longer.

> it is reported that numerous medical studies have proven that sitting too much shortens lifespan, even in people who exercise regularly.

> but what is the reason?  …the cause? ……the cure?

> in her book Sitting Kills, Moving Heals, Dr Vernikos explains that simple everyday movement will prevent pain, illness and early death but exercise alone will not.

> she offers us an easy to follow “scientifically proven plan” to restore health.

> “who is interested in getting all of the fACTS first hand?”

> If the secret is to move every ten (10) minutes, * _? what movement qualifies?

* edit 8.58 am.

> and then how do each of us maintain suitable records?

> until we have established the necessary habits.

(> one of my computer keys stopped working last night, v_n > see how that goes)

my b worked that time, . . . . . good!

8.40 am.


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