“What works Better and what WORKS BEST?”

9.28 am, Friday, 19/09/2014,


and frail ELDERS

from every corner of Saskatchewan

*this edit 2.49 am,


ladies & gentlemen

You are invited to offer

a unique community service

> first to all of Saskatchewan!

> then . . . . . to all of Canada!

* this edit, 2.54 am, 20/09/2014,

from sea to sea, a Mari usque ad Mare

agree to KEEP perfect & flawless records!

agree to participate for 6 to 8 weeks straight!

PICK ONE or TWO or choose from a FEW select exercises or more correctly choose from a special list of carefully selected EASY MOVES.

LEARN how to do one or two EASY MOVES initially

then LEARN how to do several EASY MOVES. . . . . and agree to keep records.

10.42 am.


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