“Got problems? ..burdens? …big troubles?” > “Wondering what to do?”

7.51 am, Monday, September 22, 2014,

> “do you want helpful suggestions?”

> “do you want good advice?”

> “STOP then . . . . . ”

> “and let’s talk.”

> You and I

> with Jesus

– MT 18.19-20

> Know this, that if you seek to know God in Spirit and in truth and choose to  worship God the Father and Jesus His Son in spirit and in truth that there are answers, solutions and cures to all of your problems, to every burden, barrier and block etc., etc., etc., bar none . . .     ///// . . > + + +

>if you fully believe + and if you ask in faith + with nothing wavering + , as you are guided to all truth by the Holy Spirit +  as you learn how to be strong in the Lord + and in the power of his might +, as you enter into His Rest +, as you seek and find the kingdom of God +, as you seek his righteousness and experience his righteousness +, AND as all spiritual things and blessings are added unto you  > + + + .

< and there is more >

5.58 pm.


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