could there be a “Type 3 diabetes”?

6.21 am, Wednesday, 01/10/2014,

reference, Sugar Overload, p 43, Macleans, May 12, 2014

Suzanne de la Monte, professor of neurosurgery at Brown University, suggests that __

Even the rising Alzheimer’s epidemic could be linked, _________

Who wants to know more about what makes us so sick?

what we can do to make ourselves healthy?

Who wants to be better informed?

X no need to guess wrong!

X stop assuming!

> Yes, we can do it!

> We could easily do it right!!

> Later, we could even go so far as to do it “righteously”!!!

> who is now sufficiently strong and of good courage in the spirit?

> “talk to me about your desire for a healthy lifestyle.”

> “would you keep a detailed daily journal?”

> “do you want to be healthy!”

> ” …and happy too!!”

> ” *content ! ! ! ”

6.51 am.


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