A friend says: I’m “just too particular”

3.16 am, 01/10/2014,

This is on top of being told recently that I am “judgmental” .

I am criticized plenty in many other ways.

What they do not see is this, that

I am seeking Your Truth

. . . ///// . . > +++++

and Your Spirit.

3.20 am.

Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for these personal attacks and other attacks.

Thank You for much much tribulation and the GREAT affliction!

Thank You for the endless BLESSINGS!

Thank You for showing me,

guiding me

teaching me

leading me

holding my hand

helping me when I need Your help

3.21 am.

> Father, am I much too particular for lukewarm, *slothful and indifferent Christians but truthfully, not yet particular enough to please You?

*edit, add * slothful 4.39 am

**edit, add this, one of the keys to the kingdom is to let go and LET God > we are to cease our own works and to enter into the Lord’s rest and turn and return to God and seek Him in faith and to search for Him diligently with all of our heart and to instantly and perfectly and willingly obey. 4.45 am.               > …/////.. >+++++ and obey perfectly in the spirit without hesitation, without fear, without doubt this edit 5.55 am.

***edit, add James 5:19-20 and 16-20, Father if there is one of your lambs or one of your sheep who is in serious error to whom you would have me approach in your timing and with your words as per Luke 12:12 > prepare me fully > and send me. 4.49 am.

3.31 am.

> we are to speak the truth in love and we must grow up into Christ in all things.

X X we are not to make up stories and we are not to tell obvious lies.

> we are chosen by You in ********YOUR furnace of affliction.

this ********edit, YOUR, 5.44 am.

> much much tribulation to get in the kingdom.

> many are called, but FEW are chosen.

X TOO MANY are lukewarm.

X be not high minded

X be not slothful

> be perfect

> be holy

> if you care Sir, Ma ‘am, come share Matthew 18: 19-20 with me.

> Luke 12:51-52 and Luke 12:35-40

> look at Deuteronomy 30:19

> and share John 14:6

>John 15:5

> John 17:3

3.47 am

I was asked yesterday “why have I been an ACTIVE volunteer for the past 20 years?”

4.01 am

I’m finding that as I press in more diligently, I am given better understanding.

and Yes, I am certainly making Better progress!

I’m given more to be thankful for!

4.04 am

One more scripture for today folks, share Galatians 6:9-10 and your thoughts, with me.

People often need plenty of help in the physical, the emotional and the social areas of their lives before they ever get serious about diligently seeking God in Spirit and in truth,

****** this edit 5.32 am, God will have all men saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. see 1 Timothy 2:3-4 and to learn and to know what to do see 2 Peter 3:9.

and so, God willing,

I will endeavor to do what I can with God’s guidance to help any and all Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare and share with anyone open minded and with a willing heart.

> individuals, couples, families, communities, towns and villages and cities too.

I’m feeling that I am to stop here for now and return later when I get the prompting.

4.28 am.

**** this edit added 5.05 am, step one > 1 John 2:15, step two > 2 Corinthians 6:17-18, step three Luke 12:5-52, step four > Luke 12:35-40.

***** this edit added 5.12 am, > New Chapter and verse, Acts 14:22 and Acts 20:21, Isaiah 48:10,17, James 1: 2 /f, 2 Thessalonians 2:8, 3-13, James 1:22, 1:25, Heb 10:36.


*******this edit 5.35 am, add Matthew 9:13 to your understanding.


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