today is my 79th Birthday and my birthday wish is . . . ///// . . > +++++

3.32 am

^ it is now 3.33 am

I’m setting a 10 ten minute timer and when it goes off, I’m walking down 4 flights of stairs and back up four flights of stairs and then recording the time.

so far, I have completed my 1st set at 3.04 am, 2nd set at 3.29 am, 3rd set at 3.41. That is a total of 24 flights. 8 x 3 down and 8 x 3 back up.

> at all times, I try to be aware of correct posture.

I’m busy doing many things like starting a load of laundry, making 2 cups of coffee, swatting flies and fetching my glasses from my room.

and I am brain storming this coming year from a physical, emotional, social, interpersonal and particularly from the genuine spiritual perspective where I hope to draw very very nigh to God and to Jesus.

3.55 am > I’ll update, log out and then log back in > done 4.02 am

My second set of 4 down and 4 up was  completed at 3.50 am, 4.00 am and 4.10 am.

two sets of 24 > makes 48.

I’m now working on my 3rd set of 3. Times  > 4.22, > 4.40, > 4.51

God willing, with role models, many adults,older adults, seniors, elders and even “frail” elders will choose to joyfully step into a new invigorating, active, refreshing lifestyle.

God willing, over the next 12 months, I personally will be taught many worthwhile things to share with others and actually  produce a weekly visual update of the progress made in areas like good to better and even the best possible diets, how to keep ourselves suitably active into our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, “soft” exercise that can keep many of us functional and active, social skills, communication skills and life skills to allow us to relate effectively and comfortably to and with others.

There is a (big), [Big], [/////] <enormously HUGE> < and very special> opportunity here!

I’m looking at Luke 16:11, Galatians 6:9-10, James 5:19-20 and other relevant verses.

> There are opportunities (  physically  ), [[[[[ emotionally]]]]]  [   socially     ]    and               < spiritually>    < and a second much deeper spiritual opportunity  *******edit 6.29 am > >> if we seek God’s help to open our eyes and to open up our hearts           …………….                               > and if we are willing to do all that needs doing and follow through!

6.36 edit, who is ready to review  <James 1:22-25, Hebrews 10:16 and 2 Peter 2:1-25>

* edit 6.00 am,  > who will think this through > with more and More and MORE healthy people of all ages, seniors, elders, frail elders, older adults, younger adults,                                  ………..even from age 5            …………………… all the way to age 105!

**edit 6.03 am, > do you see some small savings in health care costs?

***edit 6.05 am, > do you see  ….big SAVINGS?  ……………..even HUGE SAVINGS?

****edit 6.06 am, > do you see happy healthy fit and well adults of all ages?

*****edit 6.07 am, > anyone interested?

….in Saskatchewan?

….anywhere in Canada?  > a Mari usque ad Mare?

……………it is now 6.09 am

Who can see what I can see?

Who sees opportunity?

“Sir?” /… “Ma’am?”

this ******edit

> 6.21am

Any questions?

Who agrees?

Amos 3:3

Sir, Ma’am, join me for just a few minutes

and we can read together Mt.18:19-20, Mark 9.23, Luke 12.12 and John 15.5

> if all is going well, we could look deeper and further

I see multiple blessings!

I see year round vegetable gardens!

God willing, one of the projects that will happen is a series of small group homes or houses for older adults, seniors and elders to make it easy for them to stay active and fully involved in life in their  community!

X rather than sending them away                           ….to some fade away nursing home ………………………………………………..x to deteriorate x and vegetate and x

It is now 4.51 and I’m working on my 4th set of 3: > 5.01 am, > 5.11 > 5.22 am

> now I’ll do 4 more flights to make it an even 100 > done. > also put my load of personal laundry into the dryer so that’s looked after too.

> Some days I will do my first 100 flights of stairs in under 20 minutes. > Spreading out like this is said to be a far superior way.    > You may want to review what Dr Joan Vernikos, former director NASA and author of Sitting Kills has to say on this idea.


As I sit at my computer I need to be mindful of correct posture and not slouch forward.  > sit up straight, shoulders back,  head and neck in just the correct position,                                 > it is now 5.35 am    > update > sign out > log back in > done 5.37 am

it is now 5.46 am, Thursday, 02/10/2014.

I see a studio with ideal work space, 7′ x 3′ bulletin board, white board, flip chart, video camera for pictures and short video clips to post to you tube perhaps , DVDs to share,  >  illustrate the creative thinking process as Disney Studios used in the 1970 s when I first learned about it Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for all the Blessings!!!!!

5.53 am, 02/10/2014.

this next edit was made at 6.49 am, 02/10/2014: repeat >

There is a (big), [Big], [/////].<enormously HUGE> and <very special> opportunity here!

If you are strong & of good courage review Luke 12:51-52 and Luke 12:35-40 with me!

6.59 am. update and sign out

Who sees the dot?

Who sees the opportunities?

and who sees the very special opportunity?

7.04 am, update and sign out again

this edit starts at 7.11 am,


I am accused of being too particular.

> if that is true, please You show me asap.

and that which I see not teach thou me – Job 34:32,

> You tell us to be perfect, to be holy and You tell us to be not slothful!

not in our strength of course but in Your strength

update and sign out at 7.21 am


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