“At age 79 or 80, how much effort? or how little effort is required to get back into shape and then to stay in shape?”

11.15 am, Saturday, 04/10/2014,

Who, in their 70 s or 80 s  is willing to participate and assist me and help discover what all Canadians from Coast to Coast ought to know about diet and exercise for health from youngsters at age 5 to adults of any ages and older elders aged 105 ,110 or 120?

11.23 am.

> I’ve decided to offer to try some of the diets and exercises recommended                    > to articulate                > to illustrate them  if possible (You tube, maybe)                       > to demonstrate them with a short video clip if I can figure it out                                      > make notes relating to improving our knowledge and understanding of what to do and what not to do so others can do these things if they decide that they want to.

As an example, five times, every 10 minutes from 11.10 to 11.52, I did five stand ups from the chair I’m sitting in. I could get some help to make a short video clip to illustrate what is understood as the correct way to do this exercise and then at some point have my muscle strength and range of motion evaluated and assessed.

We could find out what works and we could determine what moves works best.

Does this move help?

or that one?

12.02 pm.

11.49 am.


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