If you and I agree there is an urgent need to help many older adults, seniors and elders all across Canada in many ways

8.45 am

> then can we agree to start?

> can we agree to take action?

> can we agree to make the effort to figure out what all to do initially?

> can we agree to do all we can as soon as we can?>

suggestion > build a suitable basement suite for one, two or three seniors which can be rented out at low, low, low rent to a senior who wants to stay independent and healthy.

suggestion two > meet face to face and share what’s in your head and on your heart.

God willing, I’ll reviews this post daily for a few days and add additional suggestions

I’ll *bookmark wastelandkings.net  which was brought to my attention today at 7.50 am

suggestion three > establish a number of all season year round vegetable gardens.

suggestion four > find three small groups of volunteers, one in theirs 60’s, another in their 70’s and the third group of volunteers in their 80’s who will volunteer for 6 or 8 weeks to participate in a study who agree to make the effort to (1), learn how to get up off a chair in a safe, easy and correct way, (2) investigate how to move about frequently during the day in a safe, easy and correct way, (3) seek to eat a “healthy” diet, (4) keep a daily diet diary ,(4) and agree to have a fitness and complete health evaluation completed before the test, and (5) after the test period.                                                                   > this edit  > completed 8.23 am, 07/10/2014  – d.k.h.

> add stipulations for clarification 8.33 am, 07/10/2014




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