sobering thoughts

4.11 am, Wednesday, 08/10/2014,

I got out of bed at 3.33 am with this sobering thought:

“therefore the world hateth you” still there is yet < much work to do >

> Xx Xx, > X Xx > +++,   -:- XXX xx / xx XXX,      <     >    , > >> >>> +++++

> do you recognize the five scriptures which are being illustrated for us here?

> do you agree with the illustration of the key steps to be taken?

> do you see the points which are being made?

> do you understand fully?

4.43 am

> Sir, Ma’am,

> take the time today

> to look just a little deeper into all of this          > this *edit added – 3.22 am, 09/10/2014

>> consider looking a little deeper together with me

> and examine James 1, Ephesians 4, Galatians 5 and Romans 10?

5.09 am.

> many are called, but few are chosen because, because and because

5.12 am


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