Do you want to be (strong?), [[[[[strong?]]]]], [strong?], or , 

09/10/2014, 3.29 am,

“Who gets the drift?”

3.30 am.

I’m signing out and I’ll be right back!

3.33 am > “or do you want to be strong where it really counts?”

3.36 am > “do you want to be really strong in the spirit where it really counts?”

3.39 am > word press will not allow me to publish the title as I have tried to enter it several times so hopefully we will be able to enter the edit here:

We can easily learn to be strong physically even into our old age if we learn an exercise program correctly and follow it faithfully. It has been proven countless times > over and over again. > so who is game at my age?  at 79 or 80?   ….younger? ………….or older?

To be strong emotionally is a much bigger challenge it seems to me. From what I know and from what I see, learning to be strong emotionally is an enormous challenge for most people, but I’m willing to dig in and help Canada and Canadians find what out what works. I’m asking, what works better and what works BEST? It is an important topic and sad to say: “our ‘wayward” feelings and emotions have been the downfall for many.”

please place adequate emphasis on right and “righteous affections” versus fleshly lusts.

To be strong socially  is something to marvel at because, because and because this is where the sheep are first separated from the goats spiritually. If you do not know what I am getting at here, that’s O.K. for now. We’ll get to it, if you stick with the program and endure all the hardship and affliction and refining until you are totally perfected. 3.56 am.

It is now 4.05 am, 09/10/2014 and I have just logged back in. I am having a tug of war with my blog. I suspect that there have been some changes in how a posting is made or changed and I am not aware of what these changes are and so I can’t do what I am wanting to do, although I am trying it several different ways. so far today, it is a big struggle. I’m not being allowed to present my reasoning the way I see it, so bear with me. we may have to meet face to face and eyeball to eye ball to get past this barrier.

I’m wanting to share the understanding that if we want to draw nigh to God and if we want to be blessed with eternal life, then we must get to the point where we give up all of our ways and we let go and let God have HIS way totally.To be perfect we must let go of the world and the things of the world for starters. 1 John 2:15 says it well.

2 Corinthians 6:17-18 describes the second step very well.    >  “Got time to talk?”

Now, the process gets very, VERY sticky or even a Battle Royal if and when 100 people decide to do something together and moment by moment they each have their own vision of what needs to happen. Try driving in heavy traffic on a very hot day . . . eh?

do you see and agree that it would be easy to get rattled and make that fatal mistake.

We can prepare, we can plan ahead, we can listen and obey and learn to be proactive.

This is where we need faith and patience and all of the fruits of the Spirit to get ahead.

I believe that Luke 12:51-52 is a turning point for you and I and for society today.

> stay worldly and emotional, pretending to communicate and attempting to get along.

OR choose to make the correct changes, but this time doing it all God’s way.

Which is what I am wanting to do and I’m seeking to do

believe it or not, it is your choice again and again

so the 4th step as I see it is …/////.<          >

5th:    >     >>       >>>    +++++

do you see what I see?

*or what do you see?

do we agree?

You and I,


We are to make changes with God’s guidance and direction and in HIS timing.

I’m trying to learn to do ALL the righteous things spiritually


Luke 16:11 is calling me

together with Galatians 5:24 and 6:10

or together with Galatians 6:10 and 5:24

signing out at 4.59 am


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