Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

2.22 am, Monday, October 13th, 2014.

Today is the second Monday in October.

Today is Thanksgiving Day a Mari usque ad Mare.

In Canada Thanksgiving Day is the second Monday in October.

What will Canadians be ever so thankful for this Thanksgiving Day 2014?

The Prince of Wales, King Edward V11 recovered from a serious illness in 1872

If you care to go to the trouble > make the effort, let me know what got your attention.

Here is one very good suggestion for today and for this  coming year: “Feed my Lambs, Feed my sheep and Feed my sheep” – see John 21:15,16,17 akjv.

*edit added, 30/10/2014 > Feed the flock of God which is among you – 1 Peter 5:1 akjv

I’m asking you, if you profess to believe in God the Father and in Jesus His Son, what does this Thanksgiving Day mean to you Sir? and what does it all mean to you Ma ‘am?

AND we must speak the truth in love and NOT make up stories and NOT tell lies.

So, as professing Christians what do we acknowledge to one another?

We are NOT to teach for God’s doctrine the commandments of men!

We are to endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace!

We are to speak the truth in love that we may grow up into Christ in all things!

If you profess to believe, I invite you to speak to me face to face and eyeball to eyeball.

please, do not give me some excuse and make up a story about how busy you are.

Here is more for all of us to think about on this particular Thanksgiving Day 2014

If one keeps the whole law save “one minor point”, that person is guilty of all.

When one knows to do good and “does not do it”, that is sin to that person.

If we are thinking lukewarm is acceptable, let us carefully read Revelation 3:16.

When we become indifferent and enter into lightness and lies, let us read Jeremiah 23.

When can we handle a little more? a lot More? all of it? every point?

Are we fully aware that many are called but few are chosen?

because, because, because, because and because.

( Xx Xx ), [[[[[ X ]]]]], [ XXX xx xx XXX ] /////.<   >,

Do we remember: “Be ye therefor perfect, even as ____________.”

Come, let read Matthew 7:7-8 together.

and …/////.<   > Matthew 9:13

And then, if we agree

Matthew 18:19-20

4,04 am.

> I’m also open to if and *when we agree       …/////.<   >   >   >>    >>>   > +++++      

 < **spiritually >                                                                                                                   > this **edit,  4.32 am

< ***in spirit and in truth >                                                                                                          > this ***edit,   > John 4:24,     4.40 am

> this *edit at 4.13 am.

This ****edit posted at 4.52 am

Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for all of the Blessings You shower on me.

4.53  am.

I believe my Bible that God works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

5.00 am.

thou shalt speak my words unto them,                                                                                                                                 whether they will hear,                                                                                                                                     or whether they will forbear:

5.10 am.


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