“Canada, what is our current understanding of “quality” independent living for Canadian seniors and elders?”

9.25 am, October 15th, 2014,

> signing out for now, be back in a while.

9.26 am.

6.17 am, 16/10/2014, > I’m back with a special request: who at the age of 5, 55 or 75 who will help all of Canada and all Canadians discover what we all need to know and what we all need to do to become healthy and well and then to stay that way for the rest of our life from 5 to 105 or even if we start late in life, say from 75 to 85 or 95 to 105 or longer.

> I believe > I should promote “independent living” for older adults, seniors and elders.

> I believe I should help discover how to build a home suitable for 5 to 25 adults to live in an “independent community living” in numerous communities all across Canada a Mari usque ad Mare.

> and then to  share openly all of that information and the correct understanding.

> God willing, I’ll help establish a model “state of the art “website to help make it happen

signing out at 6.47 am, 16.10.2014.


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