“Is it feasible to provide older adults, seniors and elders with a “model” facility to support independent living?”

1.57 pm, Saturday, 18/10/2014,

A model facility which is feasible, affordable and doable?

investigate what is doable? suitable? adequate? ideal? perfect?

promote health and wellness > set up models to share with all of Canada

what are suitable and ideal layouts? floor plans? How much space does each resident want or *actually need?    > this add actually *edit, d.k.h, 8.39 am, 19/10/2014.

> features > benefits > services?

>initial cost > financing

> operating costs >

> space for an all season community garden

> walking paths and a place to do things out of doors

> provide for cross country skiing and snow shoeing in the winter.

> make it feasible for older adults, seniors and elders from nearby communities to arrange for a short term stay while they learn about some better **methods to enable themselves to functionally continue their own independent living after they return to their home community.

please refer to “Making Workouts Work”** from Consumer Reports January 2005.

> why not learn how to stay out of the hospital and how to stay out of nursing homes

> we can learn to grow 10 to 20 years younger and stay active and functional

> if we want, we can learn what to do and how to do it right every time.

> if we choose to, < we can also learn to do it righteously > every time.

> it has been done before

> ‘m logging out now

it is 2.34 pm, Saturday, 18/10/2014.

> I was told this morning about an “ideal” property advertised on kijiji yesterday.

> who knows if other suitable properties are available in Saskatchewan?

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