I believe there are too many gaps in our understanding and too many voids in sharing the facts and our true feelings

signing in at 4.50 am, Saturday, 18/10/2014

Yes, there is much quality information which is often very difficult to access and apply,

but there are many missing pieces of “essential” understanding and too many of the individual steps missing clear articulation, illustration, demonstration of exactly what to do and what not to do and a lack of instant quality feedback as the student is doing and learning to do what needs to be done.

I’m asking:

where is our fruit?

where is our christian patience?

it seems to me this is a problem that can be solved

too much hurry hurry and too much rush rush rush rush rush

too much slothful indifference to getting it right the first time from the start

and not helping the new person actually do good work and form correct habits

4.55 am signing out for a moment > I’ll be right back

> it could be done and it should be done

> “how?”

>> what is *your view?

> in my view it happens

> with better communication!

> “what is better communication?”

> proactive, clear, full and complete, correct, accurate, timely,

> delivered in such a way the receiver can easily and fully understand!

< here is where that christian patience is really really really really needed >

> with more and more patience all the correct information and all of the right understanding could and would and should be made easily and readily available from those willing spirits.

and without that undercurrent of contention and strife, without a mindset of division and without any error, fault or flaw.

“In your view is any of this doable?”

“I believe this is about to become reality!”

Who is interested in learning .<    > < *correctly >,  >  >>   >>>  how the process works?

> this *edit 6.12 am, 18/10/2014, Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus.

5.43 am


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