are you very very very disappointed? and frustrated too?

9.14 am,

Sunday, 19/10/2014,

Are you

disappointed with all

the professional advice you get

and frustrated by the lack of results

are you tired all of the time but don’t know why?

you are trying, but you just can’t lose that weight!

and you have pain here and there and almost everywhere!

plus you have a lengthy list of annoyances and minor complaints.



Are you asking what is the problem?  the answer? the solution? the cure?

9.23 am,sign out.

I’m ready to listen, if you are ready and willing to _________ and ____________

9.37 am, signing out again

10.02, in again

I’m willing to help if you are ready to ask and receive

I’ll listen carefully, make written notes and give you  a copy.

I’ll observe and with your permission make more written notes and take pictures too.

(I’m thinking to myself, do you rely on coffee and coke and candy bars for your energy?”)

[[[[[ I’m looking for slouching, head forward posture, round shoulders, belly fat, and xx? ]]]]]

[do you murmur and complain, point your finger and lay blame here there & everywhere?]

< I’ll ask if you have read Job 34:23 recently and if yes, then what does it speak to you? >

> will you repeat this verbal and visual review again ( ), [[[[[   ]]]]], [   Xx x X     ],  [      ].<   >

10.25 am, out again

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