today’s to do list and some current priority topics

today is Monday October 20, 2014

that is to say 20/10/2014

the time is 8.22 am.

today’s to do list includes the following:

1. memory training for older adults, seniors and elders

2. start a new file today on what to do and how to reverse the aging process by 10 to 20 years. > invite older adults, senior and elders to participate

3. learn to take quality pictures to post to my blog and to a yet to be “state of the art” website

4. learn to shoot short video clips with quality sound to post to the blog or to the website

5. file the videos by topic so they can easily be found by anyone interested

6. find volunteers and participants willing to track their eating habits and track easy to do carefully selected exercises together with every day to day movement

7. find each participant current and long term support willing to help each participant to get stared right and to maintain their focus over the first year and then long term.

it is 8.33 am, I’ll log out briefly and then be back shortly to continue

8.40 am > just completed my first 25 flights of stairs for the day > will do 75 more

> I’m looking at my copy of Our Towns by David McLennan, 2008, Saskatchewan Communities from Abbey to Zenon Park, and . . .

> I hope my invitation is received by many Saskatchewan Communities and older residents will become a part of a concerted effort to discover what can be done in order to grow 10 to 20 years younger and this would include identifying the early signs of  Alzheimer’s and Dementia and even discovering what all to do and learning how to put the brakes on early mental decline for many who will otherwise suffer the effects of these diseases of older adults. ( > said to affect 1 in 10 adults over the age of 65.)

> I’m offering to spend 6 to 8 weeks in your Community to spearhead a program, if suitable space and support is available.

signing out at 8.58 am be back as soon as I am able to continue . . .

8.59 am

> completed 100 flights by 11.42 am

> for my lunch today, I had 1.5 ozb fresh mushroom, 2 oz raw carrot, 4 large leaves of Romaine at 2.25 oz, 3 oz cooked potato, 6.25 oz cooked “yummy” beets, 2 oz tomato, cole slaw that I didn’t measure as I don’t have the protein or calorie breakdown. I felt satisfied and I did not feel stuffed. I’m told that 16 oz of raw vegetables is a target. I’m open to better information and improved understanding of a good diet and adequate exercise for good to excellent physical health.

> I was told that a young person has written an e-book on mindful eating.

it is currently 2.17 pm.



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