Who is up to speed on Alzheimer’s care? Who will share what they know from their own personal experience is true?

5.05 am,
October 22nd, 2014,

Dear Canadian and United States Reader:

Can you help me to gather information and understanding in regards to good, Better and the very BEST care for those affected with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia?

signing out at 5.09 am

it is now 5.27 am and I’m signing in again with a new revelation, “one hot off the press”, if you get my drift.

As I was filling my coffee cup, I was reminded of what 1 Timothy 2:3-4 tells us that God would have all men saved and John 10:16 other sheep I have, not of this fold, them also I must bring > could this refer to older adults, seniors and elders who are still on the path of life and God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ still want them to finish their walk?

I think so.

Thank You Father & Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Love and concern for each one of us

> who knows how to spot the early signs of dementia that most people miss entirely?

> who can counter those many fears imposed by family and friends and by society > well meaning fears and those imposed with malicious intent are still fears and we are not to fear but we are to turn to God and to trust God in faith are we not?

> what do we know to be true about diet and exercise?

> Who knows the truth?

> when to socialize and when to spend time alone?

> Who knows what is right and what is righteous?

> and who is still on the path to eternal spiritual life and God is still calling him or her?

> sir, Ma’am, do you know the right answers?

> and Sir, Ma’am, do you know all of the righteous answers?

it is now 6.00 am.

I’m asking:

> What level of care does society currently provide older adults, seniors and elders?

> What level of care is provided those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia?

AND in contrast

and in full and complete and accurate detail,

> what loving care do professing Christian believers actually provide at this time?

> Any comments?

> Any feedback Canada?

> Any feedback from the United States which I can post to this blog and a new website?

signing out at 6.10 am

> signing in again at 6.25 to offer clarification to those who request deeper understanding

X not to butt heads X not to lock horns X X not to engage in contention and strife

X not to argue

> I’m willing to discuss calmly with you, what I have been shown in scripture to see if we agree <Amos 3:3> <Matthew 18:19-20>

> what do each of us see, when we read < Galatians 610, James 4:17 and James 2:10 >?

> what do each of us see, when we read < Luke 12.51-52, Luke 13:3/5 and Luke 16:11 >?

> what do each of us see, when we read < Job 34:4, Isaiah 26:9 and Isaiah 48:10,18 > ?

> do we see eye to eye …/////.<   >. >     >>       >>>, you and I?

> do you see what I see?

do we agree?




6.39 am.


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