Today’s 5th post of 5 is about changing, changing,changing, changing and then about the chosen enduring to the end

4.13 am, 23/10/2014

signing out, be back when my 79 year old brain can think this through and fully organize today’s message

4.15 am

sign in title edit sign out 8.18-8.19 am.

signing in again at 8.21 am

Today is Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 and if _ _ _ _ and when _____, > then +++++

signing out at 8.31

8.35 am, in again, > who sees what I see?

who agrees?

Who wants to know God?

“who is ready to face *all of the necessary changes to become perfect and holy??”

8.37 am > out

8.43 am *edit all  > in and out


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