finding “quality content” and the best name for a new Alzheimer’s and Dementia “best care” website

6.31 am, Friday, 24/10/2014,

> find “quality content” for the proposed Best Alzheimer’s Care website

topic/title: exercise, staying active , moving about and getting out


Sitting Kills Moving Heals by Joan Vernikos

Strong Women Stay Young by  Miriam E. Nelson

The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion by Pete Egoscue


> information on strength training, range of motion, flexibility, posture, alignment, balance, growing years and years younger rather than aging faster and faster,

> *edit 6.43 am, 25/10/2014, remember Ken Cooper and add aerobics to the above list.

taking a break, 6.47 am,

> keep an open mind about all of our options > good, better, best, ideal, perfect

> be aware of what is right but also be acutely aware and mindful of what is righteous

it is now 6.54 am

> be ready and willing to provide client specific attention > one size does not fit all

> keep meticulous and detailed records of any and all care provided.

6.59 am/7.01 am

> make the effort to get to really know the “real person” inside, not just the “pretty face”

7.05 am

7.09 am

learn how to accurately evaluate and assess change over short or lengthy time frames

learn how to video tape movement and posture and relate to the correct cause/causes

> keep detailed and meticulous records of any and all care provided and by who

7.16 am

in at 7.30 am

Just for the record, if and when fully detailed and accurate records are kept, I believe in my head and I believe in my heart that over time it will be clearly demonstrated that righteous care is far superior to the very very very very best right care

out once again at 7.35 am

in at 7.42 am, > with this belief in mind, I believe it is appropriate to be proactive, particular, fussy, detailed and accurate even to the nth degree. > out at 7.45 am.

this edit added > 8.48 am, 26/10/2014 > made aware of the book Dementia Prevention Naturally by Dr. Felix Veloso, written up in the Star Phoenix Oct 22/2014

Another useful resource may be the Alzheimer’s Association and their 70 page report titled the healthy brain report reviewed page 13-15 yesterday.

out at 8.55 am, 26/10/2014

signing in at 6.59 am, Tuesday, 28/10/2014 to add the following spiritual resource option:

> started my review of the book A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, by Henry W. Wright, Whitaker House, 1999, 2005, 2009  < this book looks to be a spiritual winner >

***, if you get this far reviewing this post and you are “up to speed” on the BEST Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, or know someone else who is up to speed,                                 > please advise asap  ***edit 8.06 am, 29/10/2014.


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