“Good morning Sir, Ma’am!” “and how are you this very fine day?”

5.35 am, Friday, 24/10/2014

> it is my considered opinion

> that our ability to communicate truthfully is usually missing.

> it is usually conspicuous by it’s perpetual and continuous absence

> more often than not, we make up “nice” stories and we tell each other lies

> “why do I bother to bring this topic up?”

> there is a problem we need to face.

> lack of truth and no reality

5.40 am out

5.45, How can we help one another and by love serve, if we are unable to communicate?

> be truthful: “what is on our mind and what is deep deep deep down in our heart??”


> we typically lie when we respond with “I’m fine!” or an enthusiastic “Great!”

> we leave big gaps and HUGE voids

> we assume and we guess

> we don’t know the truth

> nor do we speak the truth

> when will we learn to speak the truth?

> when will we speak the truth in love?

> do we even want to?

> not yet?

> any time soon?

signing out at 5.59 am and again at 6.06 am.


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