1st post of today’s triple post is about all of us finding God’s perfect solution for each one of us

4.39 am, Saturday, 25/10/2014

God willing,

if you are ready,

or you think you are

> let’s cut to the chase

> let us get to that proverbial bottom line

> Join me briefly and after sharing a few expletives or niceties

> take a deep  deep breath, relax, sit back while I read aloud John 8:36.

but please ask:, “what must happen first, at each step along the way?”

are you ready to endure the walk and the path to the end?

do you believe that you have the knowledge of the truth?

do you believe that you are fully informed on what not to do?

> any fears? uncertainty? doubt?

> will you do all that is necessary to stay on track all the way to get there?

6.24 am, signing out for now

6.40 am, update, in again and out again

6.52 am, in again to add something, waiting, not clear so I’ll just wait longer.

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