2nd of 3 posts today is about finding solutions suited to your particular need

4.40 am, 25/10/2014

5.11 am, back to enter content into this post.

> When we have problems, difficulties, snags, snares, obstacles, trials and tribulations or whatever, we have a variety of choices from good choices to bad and from very very bad to excellent and all the way to perfection.

> we can help ourselves or we can seek help from family, from friends and from associates or society at large

> whatever suits your tastes and preferences

> if you have tried your best and are losing hope of finding a solution, don’t give up yet if you have not tested the two solutions being reviewed here today.

> First, join me and I’ll read aloud John 8:31-32

> I’ll listen as you discuss your problems




the point is, have you sought the truth and have you faced reality

> Second, if you are still comfortable with this, I’ll read aloud John 10:10

the point is there is truth and reality and in the world there is speculation and fiction and guessing and assuming and presuming and lies and many stories that are just not true

> will you settle for lukewarm slothful deception?

> or will you make the necessary effort to discover the truth?

> Third, if you are still OK with this conversation, I’ll read aloud John 16:13

…/////.<   >

…/////.<   >.                     this *edit, 7.46 pm, 25/10/2014

> and then if you are ready for the next step up, read the next post

5.43 am




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