Sir, Ma’am, do you need help? do you want help? Do you have something on your mind? or perhaps on your heart?

4.43 am, Saturday, 25/10/2014

This post is the 3rd post of 3 and is now first in line

The point I hope to make today is that I am available to help out, in some way***, if you need help and if you want help.  >  add edit***, > 8.33 am, 26/10/2014

Now, if you want help, how open are you to receive help from others and how ready and how willing are you to accept my views and are you willing to receive help from me?

(note **** > I am a 79 year old senior, soon to be, God willing, an 80 year old elder.)

If you really want help, you may be ready to hear me out*****.

> that is to say, read through the next two postings

> in which case, I’ll review two choices

> perfect choices for you and I

> perfect for each one of us

> and perfect for every one

5.06 am, signing out

4.47 am first signing out


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