Canada, what are our total Canadian health expenditures per capita and how much of this is now wasted but could easily be saved and put to better use?

posted 3.33 am, Sunday, 30-11-2014

> Who wants to hear progressive thinking from seniors, elders and older adults?

> from the conference board of Canada 2012, for our information if we are interested…

In 2012, Canada’s per capita total health care expenditure was an estimated 4,500 US$

“35,500,000 times 4,500 equals how many billions of U S dollars                                                                                          equals how many billions of Canadian dollars …  eh?”

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4.03 am edit: have a coffee with me sometime soon and let us read Deuteronomy 28:2

We can talk about health and wellness and life until we are blue in the face or we can act!


“Father: am I entitled to and am I qualified to attempt to do this for You?”

1.27 am, 30-11-2014.

I’m asking:

“Do Canadians want good physical health and emotional wellness anytime soon?”


??? > “What do people say they want?”

????? > “What is the actual truth of this crucial matter?”

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“Should I attempt to establish this state of the ART Healing Centre in Saskatchewan?”

Father: “Am I entitled to and am I sufficiently qualified at this point to attempt to start this?”

Father: “Do you want me to do this for You, as well and as thoroughly as I am able?”

signing out at  2.12 am., 30-11-2014.

– with the focus put on doing the word, doing the work and doing the will of God as per:

> Galatians 5:13-14 to Galatians 6:9-10 and also Isaiah 58:6-12 and Isaiah 58:13-14.

signing out again at 2.31 am, 30-11-2014.

“Father, I can start tomorrow.”

– out again at 2.39 am.

I’m asking and I’m seeking and hopefully I’m knocking precisely as I should be

> signing in at 9.11 am, Friday, 28-11-2014,

I’m asking and I’m seeking and hopefully I’m knocking precisely/exactly as I should be

– see Matthew 7:8 akjv

*edit , and yes, knocking precisely < and perfectly > exactly as I should be

I’m believing that God our Father is working in me to will and to do of his good pleasure

– see Philippians 2:13 akjv

> signing out at 9.20 am. /after * edit, > out at 9.37 am.

“Saskatchewan, are we ready for this?”

7.32 am, Friday, 28-11-2014,

Who in Saskatchewan, besides yours truly,

God willing, a soon to be elder,

would like to see a case of Parkinson’s disease fully healed?

a few cases of hypertension fully healed, including my own?

and then, who would also desire the arrest of the progression of

numerous new cases of confirmed Alzheimer’s?

out at 7.49 am.

If you are

an adult in your 30’s or 40’s, an older adult in your 50’s or 60’s, a senior in your 70’s or an elder in your 80’s, you are invited to comment and if you so desire to *participate fully!!!!!

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God willing, senior living for this old gent is about to be filled with elder changing exploits and new adventure

5.46 am, Friday, 28-11-2014,

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for making my life interesting and challenging and delightful.

God willing, in ten months and in just a few days, officially, I will become an elder and over the age of 80 years, but still full of vim and vigor and chock full of the Holy Spirit and filling up with the Spirit of Jesus Christ and with generous amounts of God’s agape love and well on the way to much more.

5.57 am, I’ll publish this much for now, sign out and sign back in.

6.06 back in,

At this moment, I can’t find the “great” notes I wrote out last night.

I was looking into adult lifestyle communities and advanced Alzheimer’s care,

which are a very small part of a very BIG and an extra special Canadian opportunity which I see a Mari usque ad Mare.

My hope < and my prayer > is to articulate and illustrate and demonstrate what to do and how to do this, that and the other over here and over there, as we’re led by the Holy Spirit.

– see Galatians 5:13-14 through to Galatians 6:9-10 with me.

I also hope to share Hebrews 10:20-24,25 with adults, older adults, seniors and elders.

I could comment on several relevant topics, but I’ll save that for other special moments.

> but for today and into next week, into next month and then into next year

> Who desires the resolution of the difficulties and problems of their life and lifestyle?

> Who hopes for the healing of their ailments, their illnesses and their diseases?

> who is beginning to see what must be done? < * >

>   …/////.<  >   >,   >>,      >>,    >>>

> do you see what I see?

> do we agree?

> plenty?


> ++/++

out at 7.05 am

in at 7.09 am,

just to add this one very key *edit:

? > who sees what must be done in Spirit? and in done in truth? and done God’s way?

out at 7.15 am.

in again at 7.29 am.

My brain is still working, Yea!

I have not forgotten how to do this!

out again at 7.30 am.

> in at 8.43 am, Saturday, 29-11-2014, > who sees the great complexity of the healing which needs to take place?

1. > ( in the physical ),

2. > [[[[[ in the emotional ]]]]],

3. > [ in the social XXXxx   xxXXX ],

and if all of that is not enough, Sir, Ma’am

> oh, the contention and strife; the debate and the shouts; butting heads and locking horns


>  then comes GREAT divisions, – see Luke 12:51-52

> temptations and that man of sin within all of us and then perhaps more

> soon there are those deep dark tricky interpersonal relationships where                   we must finally choose to put away our handy lying to ourselves and to one another

– see Job 34:4, Job 34:23 and 1 Peter 4:17

>  changes

*change for all of us

> forgiveness at long last

>   we must seek to speak the truth in genuine agape love

the very next step for each of us is for us to by love serve one another.

sign out at 9.38 am, 29-11-2014.

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus!!

Father, I hope to really get to know You and then be taught to do Your will.

7.16 am, Thursday, 27.11.2014.

Father, I hope to really get to know You and then be taught to do Your will.

out at 7.17 am.

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Oooops, in Jesus Holy Name, I pray You consider my request to be a legitimate prayer.

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I’m getting a new understanding about illness and disease, about health and wellness and about divine healing

7.28 am, 26.11.2014,

singing out at 7.29 am.

I have a good reason for doing this

title *edits 7.37 am.

I’ll post this much for now and return later with more content.

back again at 7.42 am and at 7.59 am

I read my Bible a lot and I do my best to figure out what I am to do and not do

….in the Lord’s strength and not in my strength.

Today, if I may, I’d like to share one key point and then two sub points:

>I believe that

after we have a good ear full of God’s word, God wants us to become doers of His Word,

and not hearers only, deceiving our own selves – see James 1:22 a.k.j.v.

How do we do that BEST? > if we don’t get a prompting, we can ask – see James 1:5-8

As for me, Galatians 5:13-14 through to Galatians 6:9-10, pulls at my heart.

> we can learn to serve anyone in need and so let us do good unto *all men ,  .                                                 > especially unto them who are **of the household of faith

> I’m asking you and myself, what’s in our respective hearts?

> got room to love God with all of our heart and to love our neighbors as ourselves?

*** I have some really great ideas for helping others, ready to take the next step with.

it is now 8.21 am.

Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for forever blessing me abundantly.

in again at 8.26 am,

who will read Deuteronomy 28:2, Job 34.23 and Romans Chapters 7, 8 and 9 with me?

out again at 8.29 am.

in again at 8.31 am

> if you have another minute, let us also review Matthew 7:1-7.

out at 8.32 am.

“I do apologize for all of the ins and outs.”

>coming in at 6.39 am, Thursday, 27.11.2014, to be honest with you, Daniel 11.32 and James 1:25 get to me frequently. > out at 6.41 am.

in at 8.11 am, Friday, 28-11-2014 to add this edit:

– please take the time to read Matthew 7:8 thoughtfully with me

> For every one that asketh             >  _________;

> and he that seeketh                       > _______;

> and to him that knocketh               > it shall  __      ______.

out at 8.20 am.