Ladies and gentlemen and spiritual men, please share this <+ ++> moment with me

3.22,3.27,3.29, 3.31,3.34 am

3.42 am, 06/11/2014

I woke up experiencing a change happening to me.

I felt that I was becoming strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might.

I felt confident that I was being changed because I wanted the change and believed I was to receive, to accept and to fully eternalize this particular change as it was happening and as this change was becoming a part of a new me.

it is now 3.49 am, 06/11/2014 and I am signing out to publish this much of today’s post.

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for this GREAT blessing this morning.

> In contrast, yesterday afternoon, just when I got to my bank, an older lady was helping her frail husband get settled into the passenger seat of their car. She was taking care of him. He acted like he needed the help and she was helping him. Could this be a sign of a needed change that is coming.

> Eve was instrumental in getting man away from fellowship with God.

> in so many words, away from a position of great strength to one of profound weakness.

> apparently there is one particular key difference in a man’s make-up from the women’s.

> Could it be that the time has come for man is to bring both the man and the woman back to God by getting this particular step right in his head and in his heart and by doing it righteously and perfectly in the Lord’s strength and in the power of His might?

signing out at 4.20 am, 06/11/2014.


> to me,  It seems so.

> no apology and no apologies > edit 6.10 am, 07/11/2014.


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